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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncausing one to feel bored or annoyed.
Hindi Meaning of Tiresomeउबाऊ, कष्टकर, दु:खदायी, उक्तानेवाला, दु:खद, तकलीफदेह, खेदकर
Synonyms of TiresomeDreary, Humdrum, Monotonous
Antonyms of TiresomeFacile, Stimulating, Interesting

Use of "Tiresome" word in sentences, examples

  • McGregor's act has grown tiresome in recent months as his star has peaked and he almost seems to have developed
  • Wednesday was a testing day for CBSE Std XII students as the mathematics paper turned out to be quite tiresome.
  • If you suffer from tree pollen allergies, April can be extremely annoying, irritating and even tiresome.
  • Back to Back meetings in a day can be really tiresome.
  • Dev looks tired and dazed, as if sleepwalking through a tiresome nightmare.

Tiresome FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tiresome is, उबाऊ, कष्टकर, दु:खदायी, उक्तानेवाला, दु:खद, तकलीफदेह, खेदकर.

Similar words for Tiresome are Dreary, Humdrum, Monotonous.

The Definition of Tiresome is causing one to feel bored or annoyed..

Facile, Stimulating, Interesting, are antonyms of the Tiresome word.

Tiresome is a Adjective word.

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