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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthe quality or state of being tranquil
Hindi Meaning of Tranquilityअक्षोभ, प्रशांति, शांति, निस्तब्ध, निश्छल, गंभीर, नि:शब्द, आनन्द, स्थिरता
Synonyms of TranquilityBush, Peace, Lull
Antonyms of TranquilityChaos, Turbulence, Wildness

Use of "Tranquility" word in sentences, examples

  • Experience tranquility through this artist's intricate line drawings
  • Feel the Tranquility of Greece's Skopelos Island
  • It's a place of extremes. Extreme frustration and extreme tranquility.
  • Traders Hoping for Tranquility before Holiday
  • Sit back and enjoy the tranquility on offer in Wodonga

Similar words of "Tranquility"

Turbulenceअशांति, उग्रता, हलचल, विद्रोही, विक्षोभ, उत्तेजना, हुल्लड़, हंगामा, बेचैनी
Uprisingबलवा, विद्रोह, उठान, उँचान, बगावत, विप्लव, फसाद, राजद्रोह, विरोध

Tranquility FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tranquility is, अक्षोभ, प्रशांति, शांति, निस्तब्ध, निश्छल, गंभीर, नि:शब्द, आनन्द, स्थिरता.

Similar words for Tranquility are Bush, Peace, Lull.

The Definition of Tranquility is the quality or state of being tranquil.

Chaos, Turbulence, Wildness, are antonyms of the Tranquility word.

Tranquility is a Noun word.

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