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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot permanent
Hindi Meaning of Transitoryअनित्य, आसार, अस्थायी, क्षणभंगुर, क्षणिक, नाशवान, सामयिक, कालिक
Synonyms of TransitoryEvanescent, Fleeting, Fugacious
Antonyms of TransitoryPermanent, Enduring, Everlasting

Use of "Transitory" word in sentences, examples

  • Tom Haney, has put out another Transitory Symphony record.
  • Pope Francis, speaking on this subject, said three words to me: condom, transitory, irreversible.
  • Overall, the decline in activity during February proved to be transitory as India's overall economy returned to expansion territory in March
  • This should be a transitory technical driver — just as money market reforms caused a temporary jump in 2016
  • Much of a big 7% drop in oil sands production was reportedly the result of transitorymaintenance shutdowns that will be unwound in coming months.

Similar words of "Transitory"

Momentaryक्षणिक, अस्थिर, अस्थायी, अवर, क्षणभंगुर, त्वरित, सरसरी

Transitory FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Transitory is, अनित्य, आसार, अस्थायी, क्षणभंगुर, क्षणिक, नाशवान, सामयिक, कालिक.

Similar words for Transitory are Evanescent, Fleeting, Fugacious.

The Definition of Transitory is not permanent.

Permanent, Enduring, Everlasting, are antonyms of the Transitory word.

Transitory is a Adjective word.

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