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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionlacking originality or freshness
Hindi Meaning of Triteघिसा-पिटा-जीर्ण, पुराना, तुच्छ मामूली, साधारण, सामान्य
Synonyms of TriteBanal, Corny, Hackneyed
Antonyms of TriteOriginal, Relevant, Pertinent

Use of "Trite" word in sentences, examples

  • The Leisure Seeker takes a trite view of old age
  • It's a time warp of the trivial and trite.
  • Everything we do is clumsy and trite and human and everything we do is the best that we can
  • There is too much trite dialogue and stereotypical situations for the film to throw any surprises your way
  • It seems almost trite, though, to talk about the impact gun violence can have on a local community.

Trite FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Trite is, घिसा-पिटा-जीर्ण, पुराना, तुच्छ मामूली, साधारण, सामान्य.

Similar words for Trite are Banal, Corny, Hackneyed.

The Definition of Trite is lacking originality or freshness.

Original, Relevant, Pertinent, are antonyms of the Trite word.

Trite is a Adjective word.

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