International Organizations: In this chapter, you will read about Important Topics related to the International Organization. Before reading the topics of International organization, you need to know that, what are International organizations? International organizations are those organizations whose members, scope and presence are at the global level. Here you will learn about all the international organizations of the world.

International Organizations (16 LESSONS)

United Nations Organization Institutions and Programmes: Member countries of the United Nations, Functions of the United Nations, Establishment of the United Nations, Names of the organs of the United Nations, Know about the purpose of the United Nations.

UN Secretary General List 2023: Know Current UN Secretary General, What is United Nations? Appointment process of Secretary-General of the UN, Duties of Secretary-General of UN, Powers of Secretary-General of UN and More.

Let us know about what is the International Monetary Fund, its main objectives, functions, total member countries and the main duties of the Managing Director of IMF and the list of Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. The current Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund is Kristalina Georgieva.

Let us know what is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, its history, total member countries and all the Director Generals of UNESCO and their tenure.

Let us know about the history of NATO, the reasons for its establishment, its purpose and the list of other member countries.

Let us know about the history of International Civil Aviation Organization, major functions, regional offices and list of Secretary General of ICAO.

Let us know the history of SAARC, brief description, names of Secretary General, structure and important facts of SAARC and other important information.

Let us know what is ISO, its purpose, history, total member countries, benefits of ISO and list of main standards issued by ISO. ISO is a non-governmental international standardization organization that sets standards for the quality of goods and services in the world.

Let us know what is the Asian Development Bank, its history, total member countries and all the presidents of ADB and their tenure.

Let us know about the names of the presidents of the International Olympic Committee and their tenure from the year 1894 till now. The current President of the IOC is Thomas Bach. History of the International Olympic Committee, Functions of the IOC, President of the International Olympic Committee, Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

List of World Bank President 2023: Know the History of World Bank, Current Presidents of World Bank and their Tenure, Read What is World Bank? Objectives of World Bank and More.

Let us know the list of NAM Summits since 1961, what is Non-Aligned Summit, history of Non-Aligned Summit and India's role in Non-Aligned Summit.

Important Let us see the list of reports published by international organizations. Which report is published by organizations like World Bank, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund etc. Reports from International Organizations are important for IAS Exam.

List of Top 50 World's Biggest Organizations in World: Here is a List of top International organizations their headquarters, head of states and Formation Date.

List of Intelligence Agencies of Different Countries: Read about Name of Intelligence agencies of different countries, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) etc.

G20 Summit 2023 India GK: The G20 Summit 2023 is the eighteenth meeting of the G20 (Group of 20 nations) to be held in 2023 at the Bharat Mandap International Exhibition-Convention Center (IECC), Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.


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