National Army Organizations: In this chapter, you will read about Important Topics related to the National Army Organization or Department. Before reading the National Army Organization/ department, you need to know what are National Army? The term national army typically means the lawful army of the state as distinct from rebel armies or private armies that may operate there. Here you will get to know about all the military organizations, associations and bodies of India.

Indian Army Organizations (23 LESSONS)

List of Chairman of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 2023: Know the names of all the Chairman of Union Public Service Commission since 1926, Current Chairman of UPSC, Information about UPSC functions, How many types of UPSC Conduct exams?

List of CBI Directors: Know the history of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and important trivia information related to CBI Directors. How does it work? Know what is CBI investigation?. Current CBI Chairman 2023

In India, security covers are provided to certain individuals for high risk perils. Read this article and know about Security Categories in India, how many types of Security Categories are there in India.

Let us know the list of ranks and badges of Indian police officers like Indian Police Service?

List of Delhi Police Commissioner 2023: Know All Delhi Police Commissioner Name from 1978 to 2023 and their Tenure. Did you Know JN chaturvedi is the first Delhi Police Commissioner in July 1978

List of India's Investigation Commissions & Committees: Read about India's Imporant Investigation Commissions like Nanavati Commission, Librahan commission and Phukan Commission etc.

List of Famous Institutions of India and their Headquarters: Where are the headquarters of important institutions like Aryabhatta Research Laboratory, Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy, Indira Gandhi Center for National Art, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism etc.

Top 10 Missile Training Institutes of India: Functions of 10 Missile Institutes of India and the first test conducted by them, and important facts related to India's major missile.

List of Indian Navy Chief 2023: Know All chiefs of the Indian Navy from 1947 to till date and their Tenure, Read History of Indian Navy, Information about Indian Navy Organization. Did you know Who was the first Chief of the Indian Navy?

Know Names of All Training institutes of Indian Navy, their location and in which state they are located. Do you know, India has the Fifth largest Navy in the world?

List of Indian Army Chief 2023: Know All Indian Army chiefs Name from 1947 to till date, and their Tenure. The first army chief of India was General Rajendra Singh. The first Thal Army President of India was General Maharaj Rajendra Singhji.

Know All Training Institutes of Indian Army and in which state they are located? Do you know, the President of India is the Commander in Chief of the Army. The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun was founded on 13 March 1922

List of Indian Air Force Chiefs 2023: Know All Indian Air Force chiefs since 1947 till date, their Tenure, Current Chief of Air Staff of India. Did you Know Who was the First Air Staff of India?

Major Industrial Organizations of India Name 2023: At which place the important institutes like Hindustan Aircraft Institute, Hindustan Cables Limited, Hindustan Aluminum Corporation, Hindustan Insecticides Limited etc. are located.

List of Training Institutes of Indian Air Force: Know All Indian Air Force Training Institutes and their Locations. Did you know Indian Air Force Academy (AFA) is Oldest and First Training institute?

Major Categories of Commissioned Posts in the Indian Army: Here you will get information about the Commissioned Officer categories in the ranks of the three armies of India, Army, Air Force and Navy.

List of Indian Army Commands and Headquarters: Here is the general knowledge information about Indian Army, Air Force, Indian Navy Commands and their Headquarters.

Top Educational Institute Names of India 2023: Know in 2023 India's Top Leading Educational Institute and Training centers with their Locations The CMS College is the first Western-style college in India

List of Intelligence Agencies of Different Countries: Read about Name of Intelligence agencies of different countries, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) etc.

List of India's Defense system: Here you get infromation related to Indian Defene system like Who is the supreme officer of the army? Where is National Defense Academy located? etc.

List of Nuclear Power Plants and Institutes in India: Here is the List of other nuclear power institutes in India like Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research and Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology.

India's Joint Military Exercise 2022: Know about the important joint and multilateral exercises between India and various countries of the world.

Read the list of major emergency helpline numbers in India. Government agencies of the central government and many private departments provide many such helpline numbers to the people of the country.


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