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Irani Cup:

The Irani Cup (formerly known as the Irani Trophy) is a domestic cricket competition of India. The tournament was organized during the 1959–60 season to mark the completion of 25 years of the Ranji Trophy Championship, with Z. R. Irani being named. Jade. R Irani was associated with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) from 1928 until his death in 1970. This cricket competition is played annually between the current Ranji Trophy winners and the rest of the Indian team. Rest of India defeated Gujarat by 6 wickets to win the title of the year 2016-17. Rest of India has participated in this cup 18 times and won 14.

Quick Info About Irani Cup:-

Administrator Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Tournament format First class
First tournament 1959-60
Present Winner none
Most successful team Rest of India (28 times)
Country India

History of Irani Cup:

The first match of this competition was played in 1959–60 between Ranji Trophy champions and Rest of India. For the first few years, it was played at the end of the season. Realizing the importance of the competition, the BCCI decided to introduce it as the 2012–13 season from the 1965–66 season, traditionally with the start of the new domestic season. In 2013, it was decided to do so immediately after the Ranji Trophy final, resulting in two matches of the Irani Cup in 2012/13, the Irani Cup played since then at the end of the home game season and immediately after the Ranji Trophy final.

Irani Cup 2017-18:

Vidarbha's team, which won the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy title, defeated Rest of India to win the Irani Cup. However, the match ended in a draw and Vidarbha won the cup on the basis of the first innings. The Irani Cup 2017-18 was the 56th season of the Irani Cup. Vidarbha's team had declared their first innings record finished by scoring 800 runs for 7 wickets. Rest of India were bundled out for 390 runs on the 5th and final day of the game and Vidarbha had a first innings lead of 410 runs. Veteran opener Wasim Jaffer was adjudged "Man of the Match" for his scintillating 286-run knock.

Irani Cup 2018-19:

The 2018–19 Irani Cup was the 57th season of the Irani Cup, a first-class cricket competition in India. It was played as a singles match between Vidarbha (winner of the 2018–19 Ranji Trophy) and Rest of India cricket team. This match was played from 12 February 2019 to 16 February 2019. In April 2018, ESPNcricinfo reported that the Irani Cup was proposed not to be a part of the domestic season but was included in the final schedule released by the BCCI in July. Vidarbha successfully defended their title and defeated Rest of India on a first innings basis to win the tournament. Vidarbha became the third team after Bombay and Karnataka to defend both the Ranji Trophy and the Irani Cup. Hanuma Vihari became the first player to score 3 consecutive centuries in the Irani Cup.

Irani Cup 2018-20:

The 2019-20 Irani Cup was scheduled to be the 58th edition of the Irani Cup, a first-class cricket competition in India, at the end of the domestic season. It was to be played as a one-off match between Saurashtra, the winners of the 2019–20 Ranji Trophy and the Rest of India cricket team, from 18 to 22 March 2020. Vidarbha won the previous tournament. On 13 March 2020, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that the match was to be held in secret due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the next day, the BCCI confirmed that all domestic cricket in India, including the Irani Cup, was suspended due to the coronavirus.

List of Irani Cup winners since 1959 till date:
Year Winner's name Rrunner-up name
2019–20 Suspended due to coronavirus -
2018–19 Vidarbha Rest of India
2017–18 Vidarbha Rest of India
2016–17 Rest of India Gujarat
2015–16 Rest of India Mumbai
2014-15 Karnataka Rest of India
2013 Rest of India Mumbai
2013-14 Karnataka Rest of India
2012-13 Rest of India Rajasthan
2011-12 Rest of India Rajasthan
2010-11 Rest of India Mumbai
2009-10 Rest of India Mumbai
2008-09 Rest of India Delhi
2007-08 Rest of India Mumbai
2006-07 Rest of India Uttar Pradesh
2005-06 Railway Cricket Team Rest of India
2004-05 Rest of India Mumbai
2003-04 Rest of India Mumbai
2002-03 Railway Cricket Team Rest of India
2001-02 Rest of India Baroda
2000-01 Rest of India Bombay
1999-00 Rest of India Karnataka
1998-99 Karnataka Rest of India
1997-98 Bombay Rest of India
1996-97 Karnataka Rest of India
1995-96 Bombay Rest of India
1994-95 Bombay Rest of India
1993-94 Rest of India Punjab
1992-93 Rest of India Delhi
1991-92 Haryana Rest of India
1990-91 Rest of India Bengal
1989-90 Delhi Rest of India
1988-89 Tamil Nadu Rest of India
1987-88 Hyderabad Rest of India
1986-87 Rest of India Delhi
1985-86 Bombay Rest of India
1984-85 Rest of India Bombay
1983-84 Karnataka Rest of India
1982-83 Rest of India Delhi
1981-82 Bombay Rest of India
1980-81 Delhi Rest of India
1979-80 Did not play -
1978-79 Rest of India Karnataka
1977-78 Rest of India Bombay
1976-77 Bombay Rest of India
1975-76 Bombay Rest of India
1974-75 Karnataka Rest of India
1973-74 Rest of India Bombay
1972-73 Bombay Rest of India
1971-72 Rest of India Bombay
1970-71 Bombay Rest of India
1969-70 Bombay Rest of India
1968-69 Rest of India Bombay
1967-68 Bombay Rest of India
1966-67 Rest of India Bombay
1965-66 Bombay / Rest of India -
1964-65 Didn't play -
1963-64 Bombay Rest of India
1962-63 Bombay Delhi
1961-62 Didn't play -
1960-61 Didn't play -
1959-60 Bombay Rest of India

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