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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsad and depressed; dispirited.
Hindi Meaning of Dejectedउदास, खिन्न, निरुत्साह, अवसादग्रस्त, दुखी, क्षोभग्रस्त, मायूस
Synonyms of DejectedDepressed, Down, Gloomy
Antonyms of DejectedCheerful, Happy, Joyous

Use of "Dejected" word in sentences, examples

  • He was expecting a grade in science therefore he looks dejected.
  • He is dejected after getting a refusal from her side.
  • The street lamp is dejected for a focused lighting.
  • The dejected husband murderer his wife and five year old kid.
  • He was dejected when he heard the news of his mother’s death.

Similar words of "Dejected"

Crestfallenनिराश, हतोत्साहित, निरुत्साहित, उदास, व्यथित, दुःखी, संतापी, क्षोभपूर्ण
Depressedदुखी, उदास, मायूस, अवनत, दबा हुआ, मंद, पददलित, निराश, खिन्न, विषाद
Wistfulआतुर, उत्सुक, उदास, चिंतित, विषादग्रस्त, विशारमग्न, चिन्तापरायण

Dejected FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dejected is, उदास, खिन्न, निरुत्साह, अवसादग्रस्त, दुखी, क्षोभग्रस्त, मायूस .

Similar words for Dejected are Depressed, Down, Gloomy.

The Definition of Dejected is sad and depressed; dispirited..

Cheerful, Happy, Joyous, are antonyms of the Dejected word.

Dejected is a Adjective word.

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