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Find Hindi meaning of Delicate. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Delicate" in sentences with examples. "Delicate" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Delicate"

adjectivevery fine in texture or structure

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Delicate"

Hindi Meaning of Delicateकोमल, सुकुमार, मृदु, उत्कृष्ट, उत्तम, बढ़िया, सूक्ष्म, बारीक, नाजुक, संवेदनशील
Synonyms of DelicateElegant, Exquisite, Fine
Antonyms of DelicateCoarse, Harsh, Robust

Related Synonyms of "Delicate" with Hindi meaning

Daintyसुरुचिकर, सुकुमार, स्वादिष्ट, प्रसाद, मृदु, सुहावना, रुचिर, मधुर
Elegantमनोहर, शिष्ट, सहज, सुडौल, सुन्दर, सजीला, खूबसूरत, सभ्य, सुसंस्कृत
Exquisiteपूरा, सूक्ष्म, बहुत, अत्युत्तम, उत्कृष्ट, तीव्र, स्वादिष्ट, सुरुचिक्र, मृदु, सुहावना
Fragileभंगुर, भुरभुरा, मुलायम, सुकुमार, कमजोर, कोमल, दुर्बल, फुसफुसा, नाजुक
Gentleसभ्य, सीधा, सुकुमार, सुशील, सौम्य, दयालु, कुलीन, विन्रम, भद्र, शांत, सरल, अच्छा
Subtleतीव्र, धूर्त, परिष्कृत, संवेदी, सूक्ष्म, हल्का, तीव्र बुद्धि, कठिन, कपटी, तीक्ष्ण

Related Antonyms of "Delicate" with Hindi meaning

Crassअनाड़ी, घना मुर्ख, मूर्खतापूर्ण, मुद, मोटा, अशिष्ट, असभ्य, बेवकूफ

Use of "Delicate" word in sentences, examples

  • This china-bone dinner set is too delicate to use regularly.
  • The marble temple is adorned with delicate carvings.
  • He has been awarded with national award for his delicate performance in a Bengali movie.
  • We hung delicate lace curtains in the windows and side doors.
  • She had a different cabinet for her delicates.

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