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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsocially awkward
Hindi Meaning of Gaucheफूहड़,भद्दा,घटिया,असभ्य,निर्लज्ज,अशालीन,अशिष्ट
Synonyms of GaucheBrash, Clumsy, Tactless
Antonyms of GaucheElegant, Tactful, Refined

Use of "Gauche" word in sentences, examples

  • There can’t be a more gauche situation than that.
  • Here, having more than you needed was considered gauche.
  • How gauche of me to ask you to hold another woman's flowers.
  • A castle that wasn't taller than it was wide, and wasn't wider at the top than it was at the base, was distinctly gauche.
  • All you need to do is learn the correct and most nonchalant way to lean, and you can shed that bumbling, gauche exterior once and for all.

Similar words of "Gauche"

Aptहाजिरजवाबी, उचित, उघत, उपयुक्त, ठीक, तत्पर, प्रवृत्त, प्रस्तुत योग्य, झुका हुआ
Tactlessअभद्र, सीधा, अकुशल, अनाड़ी, अनुपुयक्त, अमान्य, अयोग्य, असंगत

Gauche FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gauche is, फूहड़,भद्दा,घटिया,असभ्य,निर्लज्ज,अशालीन,अशिष्ट.

Similar words for Gauche are Brash, Clumsy, Tactless.

The Definition of Gauche is socially awkward.

Elegant, Tactful, Refined, are antonyms of the Gauche word.

Gauche is a Adjective word.

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