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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionstubbornly refusing to change one's opinion
Hindi Meaning of Obstinateहठी, अविवेकी, अविनीत, अड़ियल, सख्त, प्रतिकूल
Synonyms of ObstinateDogged, Tenacious, Mulisn
Antonyms of ObstinateCooperative, Flexible, Yielding

Use of "Obstinate" word in sentences, examples

  • The competing camps are too obstinate.
  • The obstinate Trump is going to bring the country down.
  • Government is being obstinate and sticking to a rule which only suits them. 
  • Statkevich has lost the support of much of the Belarusian opposition over his obstinate stance regarding the holding of a BPR rally.
  • Were they just being obstinate lawmakers reflexively opposed to doing anything that might reduce their own power?

Similar words of "Obstinate"

Adamantमणि, वज्र, हीरा, अटल, हठी, हठीला, अड़ियल, जिददी, सख्त, जकड़ा हुआ
Docileदब्बू, विनम्र, नेक, सरल, विनयी, विनीत, शिक्षणीय, सीधा, भद्र, शान्त, सुशील, सौम्य
Doggedहठी, जिद्दी, अटल, अडिग, स्थायी, अनवरत, निरन्तर, संलग्नशील, इच्छुक
Irresoluteअनिश्चित, ढुल-मुल, संकोची, निलम्ब, लटकता हुआ
Mulishअड़ियल, जिद्दी, हठीला, कठोर, पथभृष्ट, विकृत
Tenaciousआग्रही, कठिन, कठोर, चपचिपा, संलगनशील, हठी, अटल, अडिग

Obstinate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Obstinate is, हठी, अविवेकी, अविनीत, अड़ियल, सख्त, प्रतिकूल.

Similar words for Obstinate are Dogged, Tenacious, Mulisn.

The Definition of Obstinate is stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion.

Cooperative, Flexible, Yielding, are antonyms of the Obstinate word.

Obstinate is a adjective word.

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