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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiontending to keep a firm hold of something
Hindi Meaning of Tenaciousआग्रही, कठिन, कठोर, चपचिपा, संलगनशील, हठी, अटल, अडिग
Synonyms of TenaciousDogged, Mulish, Obstinate
Antonyms of TenaciousWeak, Yielding, Surrendering

Use of "Tenacious" word in sentences, examples

  • Mixed ability crew sails with Tenacious spirit
  • The Tenacious is a modern British wooden sail training ship, specially designed in the 1990s to accommodate anyone over 16
  • Who is Daniel Ek, Spotify's tenacious but reserved CEO?
  • She is Tenacious
  • Tenacious Noble Indy a Work in Progress on the Derby Trail

Similar words of "Tenacious"

Obstinateहठी, अविवेकी, अविनीत, अड़ियल, सख्त, प्रतिकूल
Unabatedनिरंतर, प्रचण्ड, अक्षुण्ण, बिना कमी के, अनवरत, लगातार, बराबर

Tenacious FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tenacious is, आग्रही, कठिन, कठोर, चपचिपा, संलगनशील, हठी, अटल, अडिग.

Similar words for Tenacious are Dogged, Mulish, Obstinate.

The Definition of Tenacious is tending to keep a firm hold of something.

Weak, Yielding, Surrendering, are antonyms of the Tenacious word.

Tenacious is a Adjective word.

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