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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionreserved or uncommunicative in speech
Hindi Meaning of Taciturnअल्पभाषी, चुप, गंभीर, धीर, संकोच, संयमी, एकान्तवासी, आरक्षित, औपचारिक
Synonyms of TaciturnIncommunicative, Reserved, Reticent
Antonyms of TaciturnCommunicative, Talkative, Wordy

Use of "Taciturn" word in sentences, examples

  • Some will know him as the taciturn Eurosport commentator from County Tipperary
  • His Teddy is a little more taciturn than the statesman was, but Clarke carries himself 
  • I'll find myself sitting cross-legged next to a taciturn Swedish engineer
  • Instead of being tuned out, the taciturn are given a pulpit, their words imbued with importance.
  • There's a distant echo of Robert De Niro in Hosseini's Gholam, a nocturnal minicab driver whose variously testing passengers fail to crack his taciturn shell.

Similar words of "Taciturn"

Garrulousगप्पी, झक्की, बातूनी, भुभासी, उन्मुक्त, अनौचारिक, वाचाल
Reticentचुप रहनेवाला, काम बोलणे वाला, मोन रहने वाला, शर्मीला, संकोची, संयत, शांत

Taciturn FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Taciturn is, अल्पभाषी, चुप, गंभीर, धीर, संकोच, संयमी, एकान्तवासी, आरक्षित, औपचारिक.

Similar words for Taciturn are Incommunicative, Reserved, Reticent.

The Definition of Taciturn is reserved or uncommunicative in speech.

Communicative, Talkative, Wordy, are antonyms of the Taciturn word.

Taciturn is a Adjective word.

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