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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshowing willingness to allow the existence of opinions
Hindi Meaning of Tolerantउदार, सहिष्णु, सहनशील, क्षमादान, सीधा, दयालु, कृपालु, विन्रम, मेहरबान
Synonyms of TolerantLiberal, Progressive, Broad-Minded
Antonyms of TolerantPrejudiced, Biased, Disapproving

Use of "Tolerant" word in sentences, examples

  • Conservatives who enter progressive domains like the academy or elite media are quite familiar with the idea of tolerance.
  • RI invites 50 ulemas to promote tolerant Islam
  • Marigold flowers are naturally drought tolerant and can withstand vagaries of weather quite well. 
  • Older adults becoming more tolerant of medical pot
  • How tolerant are you?

Similar words of "Tolerant"

Bigotedहठी, कटटर, धर्मांध, पक्षपाती, हठधर्मी, जिद्दी
Headstrongकष्टदायी, हठी, हठीला, जिद्दी, अड़ियल, दुराग्रही, सुविचारित उदण्ड, स्वेछाचारी
Laxढीलापन, शिथिलता, आचार भ्र्ष्टता, उदास, विन्रम, धर्मभृष्ट, निर्बल, मंद
Liberalउदार, प्रगतिशील, सहिष्णु, आधुनिक, दानी
Sternसख्त, कड़ा, निर्गम, कर्कश, पृष्ठ भाग जहाज या नाव का

Tolerant FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tolerant is, उदार, सहिष्णु, सहनशील, क्षमादान, सीधा, दयालु, कृपालु, विन्रम, मेहरबान.

Similar words for Tolerant are Liberal, Progressive, Broad-Minded.

The Definition of Tolerant is showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions.

Prejudiced, Biased, Disapproving, are antonyms of the Tolerant word.

Tolerant is a Adjective word.

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