History of Modern World: In this Chapter you will Read about Important Topics related to the Modern History of World. Will read History of Modern Period of the world is made by adding the History of the Modern Period of all Countries of the world, Here you will know the Modern Period Hhuman History of World. The beginning of the Modern History of the world is known from the end of the 15th century. Globally, Modern History is also divided into Three parts, including Early modern (Renaissance), Late modern (Industrial Revolution) and Contemporary (Digital Revolution).

Modern World History (9 LESSONS)

List of Wars of the world: In this chapter, information has been given about the name, when and between whom of the major wars in the history of the world. For example: In 490 AD, there was a war of Marathon between the Iranians and the Greeks.

History of Cold War: Read about When Cold War, Why did Cold War happen?, What is Reason of Cold War and what were the Results of the Cold War All this has been explained in detail.

The difference between any two concepts, subjects, groups of people, sections, etc. has always been a matter of curiosity for many inquisitive minds. Keeping such an aspect in mind, this article has been talked about in different types of articles related to history.

History of World War II: Read about When Second World War, Why did World War 2 happen?, What is Reason of World War II and what were the Results of the Second World War All this has been explained in detail.

Important persons of history and their works: In this chapter, information has been given about the names of prominent persons of India and world history and their main works.

Industrial Revolution History & Impact: When did the Industrial Revolution take place, what were the results of its Industrial Revolution and what was the impact of this revolution on the life of human society. And about the major inventions made during the Industrial Revolution.

List of the First important Events in the History of the world, History, Sociology, Literature, Sports, Politics, Awards and Honors, Entertainment, have made valuable contributions in the fields.

List of Countries and its Independence Date or Days: Discover which countries obtained independence earliest and which are the youngest, or latest to gain independence, with this comprehensive list.

Republic Day 2023 of Famous Countries of the world: In this chapter, information about the names of famous countries of the world and their Republic Day has been given. Republic Day is celebrated in the country of Slovakia on 1 January.


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