History of Medieval India: In this Chapter you will Read about Important Topics related to the Medieval History of India. Medieval/Middle ages History of India is believed to be from 8th century to 16th century. It is divided into Two parts, First part the early Medieval History of India (from 8th to 11th century), which is considered to be the beginning of the Chalukya Dynasty. Decond part deals with the late Medieval Period of India (12th to 16th century), beginning with the arrival of the Muslims in India.

Medieval Indian History (25 LESSONS)

History of British Raj in India: Here is a List of history of British Raj in India, Names of Governor Generals/Viceroys and Important Movements, Years of reforms. The first Governor General of India was Warren Hastings.

Let us know about the Vedas, what is the Veda?, the meaning of the Veda, the origin of the Veda and the types of Vedas.

List of Indus Valley Civilization Sites, Places and their Discoverers: Know All Site Name of Indus Valley Civilization and their Discoverers, Years and Nearest River of Indus Valley Civilization Sites.

List of Wars of the world: In this chapter, information has been given about the name, when and between whom of the major wars in the history of the world. For example: In 490 AD, there was a war of Marathon between the Iranians and the Greeks.

List of Mughal Emperors/Rulers: Know History of Mughal Empire, Founder of Mughal Empire, Mughal Rulers Birth Dates, Death Dates and Most imporant their Period of reign etc.

The difference between any two concepts, subjects, groups of people, sections, etc. has always been a matter of curiosity for many inquisitive minds. Keeping such an aspect in mind, this article has been talked about in different types of articles related to history.

Arrival of European companies in India: Here is general knowledge information about arrival of European companies in India and important facts related to them. The first Portuguese viceroy of India was Francisco de Almora in 1505.

Major Battles and History of Rajasthan: Here you can know about when and between whom the major battles of the history of Rajasthan took place. Like the first war of Tarain was fought between Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan in which Prithviraj Chauhan won.

Important persons of history and their works: In this chapter, information has been given about the names of prominent persons of India and world history and their main works.

List of Major Movements in Indian History: In this chapter, Information has been given about the Imporant Social and Religious reform Movements in Indian history and Causes of Religious reform Movement in India.

Read Who is called a Sufi saint? How did the word Sufi originate? Names of famous Sufi Saints of Sultanate period and architecture and architecture of Sultanate period.

List of India's Governor Generals and Viceroys: Know Viceroys of India, Governor Generals of Indian History, their Tenure and Major Events Did you Know Lord Clive was the First governor to be appointed by the East India Company in 1757?

Mughal period construction work: In this chapter, information has been given about the important construction works of architecture and architecture during the Mughal rule.

List of Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History: List of Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History. Wars and battles fought in India have long influenced.

Know the Major Wars of India: When and between whom did the Major wars of History take place, Important information about the name, time and between whom the major wars took place in Indian history.

List of names and important facts of major foreign travelers visiting India, History of Ancient India – Major foreign travelers, writers and their introduction.

Read List of major rebellions in India and the world e.g. 12 May 1588 An apparently spontaneous mass revolt against Henry's liberal policies, radicalized in Paris.

Read the list of major historical treaties in India and world history. India and World History Many famous wars were fought sometimes for property, sometimes for the throne and sometimes among themselves. After these wars, many war treaties have also taken place from time to time. Major Historical Treaties of the World in Hindi.

List of Prominent People of Indian History and their Places of Fame: In which General Dyer got fame from Jallianwala Bagh massacre, similarly Mahatma Buddha got fame from Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar.

Read What is a historian? And what are the objectives of a historian and about the list of famous historians in Indian history.

Let us know what is the history of Delhi Sultanate, about the major dynasties, names of rulers and important facts.

Major Sikh Gurus and their Work in Sikhism: Know Name of Major Sikh Gurus and Important works done by them. Did you Know Guru Nanak Dev was the first Guru of the Sikhs.

List of Gurus of famous personalities of India and the world: Here are Gurus of Aristotle, Gurus of Kabir, Gurus of Tulsidas, Gurus of Mirabai and Gurus of Mahatma Gandhi as well as Gurus of other great personalities.

Let us know the books and their authors related to the freedom movement. Know about the names, publication years and authors of famous books written during the Indian independence movement. Like, interesting information about the authors of Hind Swaraj, Bharat Ek Khoj, Anand Math and Neel Darpan.

Let us know about the names of 18 famous books written by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and their publication year. Bhimrao Ambedkar was the first law minister of independent India and the architect of the Indian Constitution. He was awarded the 'Bharat Ratna' award in the year 1990.


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