Miscellaneous General Knowledge of India: In this chapter you will read various topics related to India, including First Men of India and their Achievements, First Women of India and their Achievements, List of Famous Actors of India, List of Famous Writers of India, India Will read in detail the important various topics related to India like famous books of India, state animals of India, birds, flowers, monuments, symbols etc.

Miscellaneous GK of India (34 LESSONS)

List of Lok Nirtya of All Indian States: Know Indian State-wise Folk Dances List, Like Folk dances all Indian States Also You Read What is Folk Dance? and Classification of Folk Dances in India.

List of State Trees of Indian States 2023: Know All Indias State's State Trees, State wise State Trees Name, like Neem tree in Andhra Pradesh, Hollong in Arunachal Pradesh, Mango tree in Gujarat etc.

List of 28 States of India and their Languages: Know 22 Languages Names and Indian State Names. we have curated a list of Official Languages of Indian States and Union Territories.

List of State Birds in India, State-wise Full List 2023: This chapter contains the names of all the states of India and important general knowledge facts about their state birds.

List of State Flowers of the States of India: Know more about the state flowers of all the states of India. What are the names of the state flowers? And what are the scientific names of all the state flowers?

List of State Animals of Indian States 2023: Know All Indian State's of State Animals Name, States Wise state animals Name and Read all the states and union territories of India

List of National Symbols and Emblems of India: Let us know who is the national animal of India, what is the name of the national bird of India, what is the national fruit of India, what is the name of the national flower of India etc.

List of Major National Symbols of India: The National Symbol and Emblems of India i.e. the basis of national identity of India, such as Red Triangle, Red Cross, Inverted Indian Flag, Yellow Flag, Chakra etc. are the national symbols of Indian.

List of International Airports of India: Know the names of all 34 international airports in India and how many International Airports are there in which state, State Wise International Airports list.

Read about domestic airport and list of all important domestic airports in India and their locations.

First Men in India: Know who were the First Men of India in different fields in the History of India and at present, you have been given the List of First men of India, such as: Who was the first Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, Foreign Minister, Defense Minister of India etc.

List of First Women in the India: In this chapter you will learn about 166 famous first women in the India and their achievements. These women have made valuable contributions in various fields of the India: History, Sociology, Literature, Sports, Politics, Science, Awards and Entertainment etc.

Here you will read about the names of the first lady of India and the world and the list of her achievements in various fields who have established their dominance in India and other countries first.

Let us know what was the name of the main person of Indian history and the names of their wives like Akbar's wife? What was the name of the wife of King Ashoka? And what was the name of Kabir's wife?

Let us know about the male actors of India and the world, who is an actor and how old is the history of the actor.

Read what does politician mean? And about how the word a politician originated in the history of the world and a list of famous politicians of India and the world.

Read about famous writers of India and their books: Let's know who is a writer? About which person we can call a writer, and the list of famous writers of India and the world.

List of famous Indian writers and famous books: In this chapter, the famous writers of India and their famous books have been told, which were discussed a lot in Indian history.

Popular Surnames of Famous People of India: Here is important information about the real names and popular surnames of famous personalities of Indian history.

Know about those famous 8 Indian persons in whose name stamps were issued during their lifetime.

Read 10 Most Famous Temples of Delhi: Know important trivia information about the names, history and location of 10 most famous and old temples located in Delhi, the capital of India.

Top 50 Famous Temples of India in 2023: Know India's Top 50 Most Famous Temples. The most famous temples of India include Vaishnodevi Temple, Badrinath Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Akshardham Temple and Jagannath Temple etc.

List of Tombs in India: What is a Tomb? India's main Tombs and their Location, India's Famous Gate and its Location, what is called Minaret? Major minarets of India and their location etc.

List of Names and Locations of Famous Palaces, Bridges, Stupas, Statues in India. India is the 7th largest country by area in the continent of Asia. The History of India is Very old and people of all religions reside here.

Read Museums of India: This chapter contains important general knowledge information about the names and locations of major museums in India.

Read What is a cathedral or a church? Meaning of the name of the cathedral and their location: A cathedral or church is called a building where the people of the Christian faith worship or worship God together. St. Francis Church in Kochi is the first European Church in India.

List of major historical places and cities of India: Mathura city of Uttar Pradesh is famous all over the world for being the birth place of Lord Krishna. Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu is also known for the Ramanatha Swamy Temple.

List of World Heritage Sites in India: Know the names, locations and the year in which all the World Heritage Sites of India declared by UNESCO were added to the World Heritage List of India.

Railway Zones and Headquarters of India: Know India's All Railway Zones Name, their Headquarters and Formation or Establishment. Also Read Important Facts related to Indian Railway

Read about the names, places and important facts of major newspapers published in different cities of India. The history of newspapers in India begins with the entry of Europeans into India.

Let's know the history of commemorative postage stamp, what is commemorative postage stamp? And about the list of all Indian commemorative postage stamps issued in the year 2022.

Let us know which Chinese apps have been banned in India by the Government of India. Here is a list of all 118 Chinese apps banned in India.

India's Ranking 2017 in Various Indices: In this chapter, you will find what is the ranking of India in the indices released by various organizations like Global Youth Development Index 2016, Global Connectivity Index 2016, World Happiness Index 2016, Global Corruption Index 2016 etc.


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