Politics in the World: In this Chapter you will read about Important topics related to world politics. World politics is the inclusion of the subjects of politics of different countries. In which all the political subjects of the world level have been added. Global politics, also known as world politics, names both the discipline that studies the political and economic patterns of the world and the field that is being studied. At the centre of that field are the different processes of Political Gglobalization in relation to questions of Social power.

World Politics (17 LESSONS)

Read the meaning, history, duration and condition of issuing the ordinance and what is the ordinance called? Duration (time limit) of the ordinance, who issues the ordinance? Who is the President who issued maximum number of ordinances?

Read what is the collegium called? Know what is the collegium system? What is the process of appointing judges in India? In this post you will know why the collegium system is not good for the judicial system of India.

United Nations Organization Institutions and Programmes: Member countries of the United Nations, Functions of the United Nations, Establishment of the United Nations, Names of the organs of the United Nations, Know about the purpose of the United Nations.

UN Secretary General List 2023: Know Current UN Secretary General, What is United Nations? Appointment process of Secretary-General of the UN, Duties of Secretary-General of UN, Powers of Secretary-General of UN and More.

Let us know what is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, its history, total member countries and all the Director Generals of UNESCO and their tenure.

Let us know about the history of NATO, the reasons for its establishment, its purpose and the list of other member countries.

Let us know about the history of International Civil Aviation Organization, major functions, regional offices and list of Secretary General of ICAO.

Let us know the history of SAARC, brief description, names of Secretary General, structure and important facts of SAARC and other important information.

Let us know what is ISO, its purpose, history, total member countries, benefits of ISO and list of main standards issued by ISO. ISO is a non-governmental international standardization organization that sets standards for the quality of goods and services in the world.

Let us know the list of NAM Summits since 1961, what is Non-Aligned Summit, history of Non-Aligned Summit and India's role in Non-Aligned Summit.

Let us know what is Commonwealth or what is it called? When was the Commonwealth established, what is the function of the Commonwealth and a list of all Commonwealth member states. The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organization of 53 independent countries.

Let us know the names of countries and their parliaments around the world. Let us know what are the names of the parliaments of Australia, India, Pakistan, China, America, Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka?

Read what is impeachment or what is called? Who is impeached according to the Indian Constitution? History of impeachment motion, difference between impeachment process in England and America, process of impeachment in India, process of impeachment of judge etc.

Let us know about the G20 Osaka Summit, important information related to the conference and the list of all the members involved in the G20 Osaka Summit 2019.

Let us know about the names of all Pakistani Prime Ministers, their tenure and political parties (party) from the year 1947 till now.

List of Parliaments of Major Countries of the World: Read About What is Parliament? What is the meaning of Parliament? The Parliament is the Supreme Legislative body of India.

List of important government documents of major countries of the world: Other important government documents like White Paper (White Paper), Yellow Book, Blue Book, Green Book, Gray Book and Joint Paper have been explained.


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