Indian Army Training Institutes:

Indian Army: The Indian Army is the land-based wing of the Army and is the largest part of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, and it is commanded by the Chief of the Indian Army, a four-star general-level officer. The rank of field marshal, along with a five-star rank, is the highest ceremonial position of honor in the Indian Army, with only two officers being awarded it till date.

Objectives of Indian Army:

  • To safeguard the national interests, sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of India by balancing power against external threats or in the event of war.
  • To help the government machinery in shadow wars and internal threats and to assist in civil rights when needed.
  • To help the civil administration on the occasion of divine calamities like earthquake, flood, cyclone, fire, explosion etc.
  • To help the civil administration when it is paralyzed.

List of Training Institutes of Indian Army:

Name of Training Institute Location
National Security Academy Khadakwasla
Indian Military Academy Dehradun
Rashtriya Indian Sainik College Dehradun
National Defense College New Delhi
Defense Services Staff College Wellington
Army Medical College Pune
Officers Training School Chennai
War educational institute Mau
Central Armored Corps and School Ahmednagar
Infantry school Mau and Belgaum
Cannon school Deolali
Military engineering college Kikri
Sainik College of Telecommunication Engineering Mau
College of defense management Secunderabad
Army Cadet College Dehradun
Army Arms School Jabalpur
High Level Arms School Gulmarg
Army Services School Bareilly
E.M.E.School Vadodara
Sainik College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Secunderabad
Central School of Remount and Veterinary Team Meerut
Army Educational Training Colleges and Centers Panchmani
Army physical training school Pune
Army/Air Traffic Auxiliary School Agra
Army Clerk Training School Aurangabad
Military Intelligence Training School and Depot Pune
Army mechanic traffic school Bangalore
Counter Insurgency and Jungle Armed Arts School Wairangte
National Integrated Institute Pune
Army Hospital Center and School Lucknow

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