In India, security covers are provided to recognized persons having high risk hazards. Different types of security are given to different persons according to the information provided by the intelligence department. In India, the security category has been segregated into 6 categories on the basis of knowledge of danger to a famous person:-

Types of Security Categories in India:-

  • SPG
  • Z+
  • Jade
  • Why
  • Y+
  • X

Who is given security?

If there is a threat to the lives of respected people and politicians of the country, then one of these security is given to them. This security is different from the security available to the ministers. In this, first the government has to give an application for this, after which the government guesses the danger through intelligence agencies. Security is given when the threat is confirmed. The committee of Home Secretary, Director General and Chief Secretary decides in which category security should be given to the concerned people.

1. SPG level protection

The Special Protection Team (SPG) is a special security force of the Union. On these, the Prime Minister of India, his family, and former Prime Ministers, the security of the former President, are responsible for this special security detachment. This elite force is directly under the Cabinet Secretariat of the Central Government, and functions under the Intelligence Bureau (IB) as one of their departments. SPG is one of the most professional and state-of-the-art security guards in the country.

  • SPG is an armed unit given to provide highest security to the Prime Minister of India and former Prime Ministers of India and members of their erstwhile families anywhere in the world.
  • It was formed by an Act of Parliament of India in 1988 after this unfortunate incident of assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
  • The SPG Force Group is administered, directed and controlled under the supervision of the Central Government.
  • The head of the unit force, known as the Director, is designated as the Secretary. Responsible for the command and total supervision of the unit of the SPG.
  • SPG is always reserved with more than 4000 persons in its rank.
  • It is considered to be the most expensive security hair in the unit of all the security forces.
  • Till now only 6 people have the privilege of providing this type of security.

2. Z+ level protection

  • It comes after SPG security unit is known as a high level security in India. Which is given to the Prime Minister of India
  • This category provides a security cover of 55 member workforce, consisting of 10+ NSG Commandos + Policemen to protect the specific person concerned.
  • Each of the commandos is professionally trained in martial arts and unarmed combatting.
  • In India, BJP President Amit Shah, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Union Minister Finance Minister and some other important people have been given this Z+ security category security.

3. Z level protection

  • It comes at the third level in the security category of India.
  • The Z level protection cover consists of a 22-member workforce. In which 4-5 NSG commandos + ITBP or CRPF commandos and local policemen are also involved.
  • Z level security is provided to the people of Delhi Police or Indo-Tibetan Police (ITBP) or CRPF along with an escort car.
  • Baba Ramdev and actor Aamir Khan have been given the security of Z security guards in India.

4. Y level protection

  • It is considered to be the fourth level of security level in India.
    The Y level protection cover consists of an 11-member workforce, consisting of 1-2
  • NSG commandos + police personnel. It also provides two Personal Security Officers (PSOs).

5. Y+ level protection

  • It is considered to be the fifth level of security level in India.
  • It consists of 11 security personnel. These also include 1 or 2 commandos and 2 PSOs.
  • Under this security, Kapil Mishra has got 24 hours as a constable of Delhi Police as a personal security officer.

6. X level protection

  • It is considered to be the fifth level of security level in India.
  • X level protection cover consists of 2 guards. Which consists of armed police personnel.
  • It is provided by 1 person security officer to different people of the country.

SPG (Special Security Group), NSG (National Security Guard), ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) Politicians, High-profile celebrities and sportspersons VVIPs, Securities to VIPs agencies are responsible for providing.

President's Security

The security of the President of India is ensured by the President's Bodyguard (PBG). PBG is not only the most senior unit of the Indian Armed Forces but also the oldest. It is also the only serving equestrian military unit in the world. During peace, the PBG functions as a ceremonial unit, but can also be deployed during war as they are also trained paratroopers.

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