What is the National Commission for Women?

The National Commission for Women is a constitutional body constituted in January 1992 under an act passed by the Parliament of India in 1990. It is a body that enforces the constitutional interests of women and legal safeguards for them on the basis of complaint or suo motu. The first head of the commission was Ms. Jayanti Patnaik. On August 7, 2021, after the completion of Lalitha Kumaramangalam's tenure, Rekha Sharma has been made the chairman of the commission.

Brief info about the National Commission for Women:

Year of establishment 1992
The headquarters New Delhi
First National Commission for Women President Mrs. Jayanthi Patnaik
Current National Commission for Women President 2023 Rekha Sharma
Key objectives To protect and promote the interests of women in India
Jurisdiction Indian government

Objectives of National Commission for Women:

The objective of the National Commission for Women is to represent the rights of women in India and to provide a voice for their issues and concerns. The commission has prominently covered dowry, representation for women in politics, religion and jobs and exploitation of women for labour, as well as police repression and abuse against women.

The National Commission for Women has played an important role in the legislation for the relief and rehabilitation of rape victims. The commission's role in providing legal support to women who are victims of atrocities and cheating by NRI husbands or abandoned has also been highly commendable.

Functions and powers of the National Commission for Women:

The Commission's functions include examining and examining the safeguards provided for women under the Constitution and other laws. Also to make recommendations to the government on measures for their effective implementation and to review the existing provisions of the Constitution and other laws affecting women. Apart from this, it is to recommend amendments and take remedial measures to remove any deficiency, inadequacy, or shortcoming in such laws.

This includes attending to complaints as well as taking up matters relating to deprivation of rights of women and taking up the matter with the appropriate authorities. Identification of barriers, participation and advice in the process of planning for the socio-economic development of women, and evaluation of the progress made, to recommend recommendations for specific problems or situations arising out of discrimination and atrocities against women. There are tasks.

It also includes the powers to inspect prisons, remand homes where women are kept in custody, etc. and to demand remedial action wherever necessary. The Commission has been vested with the powers of a civil court to inquire into matters relating to safeguards for women under the Constitution and other laws.

List of Chairpersons of National Commission for Women from 1992 to 2023:

Name of the Chairman Start of term End of term
Jayanthi Patnaik 03 February 1992 30 January 1995
V Mohini Giri 21 July 1995 20 July 1998
Vibha Parthasarathy 18 January 1999 17 January 2002
Poornima Advani 25 January 2002 24 January 2005
Girija Vyas 16 February 2005 15 February 2008
Girija Vyas 09 April 2008 08 April 2011
Mamta Sharma 02 August 2011 01 August 2014
Lalitha Kumaramangalam 17 September 2014 8 August 2018
Rekha Sharma From August 7, 2021 So far

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