International Friendship Day Quick Facts

Event NameInternational Friendship Day ()
Event Started1958
Event LevelInternational Day

International Friendship Day Brief

International Friendship Day or Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. The first friendship day was organized on 1958. Although this festival of friendship is celebrated on different dates all over the world, the spirit behind it is the same everywhere – “Respecting Friendship”.

This festival started from South American countries on July 20 in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, on July 30 in Paraguay, while in other countries of the world including India, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc. South Asian countries, it is celebrated on the First Sunday of August.

International Friendship Day History

Known as a symbol of friendship, the day originated in 1919, thanks to Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark cards. People used to send Friendship Day cards to their friends in those days. This process which started from those days continues till today.

The reason behind celebrating this special day on the first Sunday of August was that in American countries, this time is such that there is no holiday for a long distance. International Friendship Day (World Friendship Day) was formally declared on 30 July of 1958.

It is said that Dr Artermio had dinner with his friend Bracho near the Paraguay River. For the first time this day was celebrated in Paraguay itself. In South American countries, this day was first started to be celebrated as a festival.

Friendship Day is celebrated in India on the First Sunday of August, but in South American countries, the month of July is considered very sacred, so this day is celebrated only at the end of July. This day has become more popular under digital communications in Bangladesh and Malaysia. The United Nations had also put its stamp on this day.

International Friendship Day Objective

On this day friends give gifts, cards to each other. Friendship bands bind each other. By spending the whole day with friends, they promise to take their friendship forward and support each other in any trouble.

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International Friendship Day FAQs:

International Friendship Day is observed every year on अगस्त माह का पहला रविवार August.

Yes, International Friendship Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on August all over the World.

International Friendship Day started on 1958.

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