World Photography Day Quick Facts

Event NameWorld Photography Day ()
Event Started2009
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byAustralian photographer Korske Ara

World Photography Day Brief

Every year 19 August is celebrated all over the world as 'World Photography Day'. World Photography Day aims to unite photographers from around the world.

World Photography Day History

The word Photography is derived from the Greek words phos (light) and graphene (pulling). The term was First used in 1839 by the scientist Sir John F. W. Huschrell. For the First time in the year 1839, the French scientists Louis Jacques and Mende Daguerre claimed to have discovered the photo element.

ब्रBritish scientist William Henry Foxtail Bott discovered the negative-positive process. In the year 1834, Tailbot invented light sensitive paper, which provided the facility to keep the drawn picture in a permanent form. The French scientist Argo prepared a report on 07 January 1839 for the French Academy of Science. The French government bought this process report and declared it free for the general public on 19 August 1939. This is the reason why World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August.

It is said that America's photo lover Robert Cornelius was the person who clicked the world's First selfie. He did this in the year 1839. Although at that time he did not know that such a photo click would be known as selfie in Future. This photograph is still available in print today at the United States Library of Congress.

More info about World Photography Day

Founder of World Photography Day:

In 2009, Australian photographer Korske Ara started the World Photography Day scheme. The first global online gallery was organized on 19 August 2010 on World Photography Day.

Importance of Photography:

Along with scientific progress, man started increasing his means and along with many inventions, artificial lens was also invented. As time progressed, he tried to permanently save the image obtained from this lens. We now celebrate the success day of this effort as World Photography Day.

While the invention of photography brought the world closer to each other, it has also helped a lot in getting to know each other, understanding their culture and enriching history. Today we get pictorial information about the life of an island located in a remote corner of the world very easily, so the contribution of photography cannot be reduced in this.

Online Gallery:

The First global online gallery was hosted on 19 August 2010. This day was historic for photography enthusiasts or professional photographers, because even though it was the first ever online gallery, on this day more than 250 photographers shared their thoughts through photographs and people from more than 100 countries. visited the website.

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World Photography Day FAQs:

World Photography Day is observed every year on 19 August.

Yes, World Photography Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on August all over the World.

World Photography Day started on 2009.

World Photography Day is observed every year by Australian photographer Korske Ara.

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