Hiroshima Day Quick Facts

Event NameHiroshima Day ()
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byJapan

Hiroshima Day Brief

Hiroshima Day is celebrated every year on 06 August. At the time of World War II, on 6 August 1945, the US dropped the Atomic bomb 'Little Boy' on Hiroshima, Japan. In memory of that day, August 6 is celebrated as Hiroshima Day.

Hiroshima Day History

Hiroshima was known as an industrial city of Japan until August 06, 1945. During the Second World War, the 5th Division of the Japanese Army was headquartered here. There was also a military cantonment and it was an important stop on the military supply route.

During World War II, the city was not bombed by the US before August 6, so that the damage caused by the atomic bomb could be accurately assessed. When the atomic bomb named 'Little Boy' was dropped on this city for the first time in the world on 6 August 1945, the total population of the city was 2,55,000 according to the ration supply figures of the Japanese Government. But soldiers and auxiliary laborers were constantly coming and going in this city. According to unofficial figures, the population of the city at that time was around 3,81,000.

The effect of the bomb can be seen in these cities even today. There are still physically handicapped children being born there and even today most people die there from cancer and leukemia. The Parliament of Japan declared Hiroshima a city of peace in 1949.

Hiroshima Day Objective

This Day is remembered for promoting peace and spreading awareness about the danger of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

More info about Hiroshima Day

Information about Hiroshima Day

On August 06, 1945, the US dropped a uranium bomb named 'Little Boy' on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. With the impact of this bomb, 13 sq. km. There was devastation in me. Of Hiroshima's 3.5 million population, 140,000 were killed in a single stroke.


These were not all soldiers. Most of them were ordinary citizens, children, old people and women. Even after this, countless people continued to die from the effects of radiation for many years. America did not stop there. He still had to try out the effects of another type of bomb.

Therefore, three days after this inhuman destruction, on August 9, a plutonium bomb named 'Fat Man' was dropped on Nagasaki, in which an estimated 74,000 people died due to explosion and heat. Most of them too were innocent civilians.

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Hiroshima Day FAQs:

Hiroshima Day is observed every year on 06 August.

Yes, Hiroshima Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on August all over the World.

Hiroshima Day is observed every year by Japan.

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