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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncausing a mood of gloom or depression.
Hindi Meaning of Dismalशोकमय, अँधेरा, उदास, खराब, घोर, दारुण, निराशाजनक, भयानक
Synonyms of DismalGloomy, Depressing, Sad
Antonyms of DismalBright, Sunny, Pleasant

Use of "Dismal" word in sentences, examples

  • Legend has it that people have disappeared in the Great Dismal Swamp during its storied history, but is it haunted? 
  • The popularity of Pokémon Go failed to stop gaming company Nintendo from issuing a profit warning after dismal demand affected its sales.
  • The assertion of unnamed “advocates” that Duke has a “dismal overall environmental record” does not fit the Company we know.
  • Wolves axe Zenga after dismal Championship run
  • Southgate's prospects not helped by dismal England display

Similar words of "Dismal"

Abjectअधम, घ्रणित, दयनीय, दिन, नीच, भयानक, निन्दनीय
Bleakखुला हुआ, उदास, ठण्डा, निराशाजनक, रुखा, शीतल, सुना, उजाड़
Drearyनिराशाजनक, निर्जन, नीरस, सुनसान, उदास, निष्प्रभ, अन्धकार, धुंधला, मलिन, फीका
Gloomyअँधेरा, उदास, दुखी, धुंधला, मन्द, निरुत्साही, खिन्न, घटाया या दबाया हुआ

Dismal FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dismal is, शोकमय, अँधेरा, उदास, खराब, घोर, दारुण, निराशाजनक, भयानक.

Similar words for Dismal are Gloomy, Depressing, Sad.

The Definition of Dismal is causing a mood of gloom or depression..

Bright, Sunny, Pleasant, are antonyms of the Dismal word.

Dismal is a Adjective word.

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