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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionbehaviour of a person brave
Hindi Meaning of Gallantसाहसिक, साहसी, बहादुर, रंगीला, भड़कीला, शानदार, जांबाज, रसिक, मनुष्य, छेला
Synonyms of GallantAudacious, Dauntless, Heroic
Antonyms of GallantCowardly, Timid, Afraid

Use of "Gallant" word in sentences, examples

  • Canberra praised after gallant semi final defeat. 
  • How gallant Black Maidens stunned USA. 
  • She is very gallant, I think.
  • You should win her to your side with gallant compliments.
  • None of the ones he’d known had been especially gallant.

Similar words of "Gallant"

Chivalrousउदात्त, उदारचेता, उदारमन, क्षात्रधर्मी, महानुभाव, दुर्बल रक्षक, विशाल ह्रदय
Doughtyनिर्भीक, हिम्मती, पराक्रमी, निडर, साहसी
Intrepidनिडर, निर्भर, बहादुर, साहसी, मजबूत, शूरवीर
Undauntedअविचलित, अडिग, निडर, साहसी, बहादुर, निर्भिक, जांबाज, अभित
Valiantसाहसी, निडर, सुरवीर, दलेर, बहादुर, पराक्रमी

Gallant FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gallant is, साहसिक, साहसी, बहादुर, रंगीला, भड़कीला, शानदार, जांबाज, रसिक, मनुष्य, छेला.

Similar words for Gallant are Audacious, Dauntless, Heroic.

The Definition of Gallant is behaviour of a person brave.

Cowardly, Timid, Afraid, are antonyms of the Gallant word.

Gallant is a Adjective word.

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