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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexcessively greedy.
Hindi Meaning of Gluttonousभुक्कड़, पेटू, अति लोलुप, खाऊ, लालची, औदरिक, अतृप्त, क्षुधातुर
Synonyms of GluttonousGreedy, Hoggish, Piggish
Antonyms of GluttonousQuenched, Satisfied, Full

Use of "Gluttonous" word in sentences, examples

  • It's a gluttonous feast for the mind and the eye, not to mention a few other organs. 
  • "If someone is overweight, all it means is that at some point in their lives they have been gluttonous.
  • Always insisting on having her own way, Sophie can be described as gluttonous, lazy, and even dishonest.
  • This seems selfish and gluttonous, and not at all grounded in a concern for life, nature, or the common good,” Patenaude said.
  • There were lots of snotty children, gluttonous assholes, entitled women, and all-round general jerks. 

Similar words of "Gluttonous"

Abstemiousमिताहारी, अस्थिर मति, परहेजगार, परिहारी, सहिष्णु, धैर्यमान
Edaciousपेटू, भुक्खड़, लालची, लोलुप, खौ, अतिभोजिता, स्वार्थी, अतिभक्षक

Gluttonous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gluttonous is, भुक्कड़, पेटू, अति लोलुप, खाऊ, लालची, औदरिक, अतृप्त, क्षुधातुर.

Similar words for Gluttonous are Greedy, Hoggish, Piggish.

The Definition of Gluttonous is excessively greedy..

Quenched, Satisfied, Full, are antonyms of the Gluttonous word.

Gluttonous is a Adjective word.

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