List of Indian Army Commands and their Headquarters:

Indian Army: Army is mostly considered as the Army, this is also right because the Army has the first and main place in the defense line. At present, about 1.3 million soldiers-civilians are employed in different positions in the Army, whereas in 1948 there were about 2,00,000 soldiers in the Army. The Headquarters of the Army is in New Delhi. The Chief of the Army Staff controls the administrative and tactical operations of the Indian Army.

The Chief of the Army Staff is assisted by the Vice Chief of the Army Staff, and the Chief Staff Officer. These include the Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Adjutant-General, Quartermaster-General, Master-General of Ordnance and the Army Secretary and Engineer-in-Chief.

List of Indian Army Commands and their Headquarters:

Command The headquarters
Eastern command Kolkata
Western command Shimla
Northern command Udhampur
Southern command Pune
Middle command Lucknow
South west command Jaipur

Indian Air Force: The Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932 and on 1 April 1954, Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee, a founding member of the Indian Navy, took over as the first Indian Air Force Chief. With the passage of time the Indian Air Force has greatly upgraded its aircrafts and equipment and as part of this process has inducted 20 new types of aircraft.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the Indian Air Force's initiative to induct women led to extraordinary changes in the structure, which were taken for short-service commissions.

List of Indian Air Force Commands and their Headquarters:

Command The headquarters
Eastern Command Shillong
Western Command New Delhi
Southern Command Thiruvananthapuram
Central command allahabad
Training Command Bangalore
Maintenance Command Nagpur
South-West Command Jodhpur

Indian Navy (Jal Force): The foundation of the modern Indian Navy was laid in the 17th century, when the East India Company established the East India Company as a maritime force and thus the Royal Indian Navy was established in 1934. The Headquarters of the Indian Navy is located in New Delhi and is under the control of a Chief Naval Officer – an Admiral. The Indian Navy is deployed under 3 field commands, each controlled by a flag officer.

  • The headquarters of the Western Naval Command is located in Mumbai in the Arabian Sea.
  • The Southern Naval Command is located at Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala and is also located in the Arabian Sea.
  • The Eastern Naval Command is based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, in the Bay of Bengal.

List of Indian Navy Commands and their Headquarters:

Command The headquarters
Eastern Command Visakhapatnam
Western command Mumbai
Southern Command Kochi

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