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In history, year 1849 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1849.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1849 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
23 januaryElizabeth Blackwell received her M.D. from Geneva Medical College in New York, making her the first female physician in the United States and the first openly identified woman to graduate from medical school.
25 aprilAfter Lord Elgin, the Governor General of Canada, signed the Rebellion Losses Bill into law to compensate the residents of Lower Canada for losses incurred in Rebellions of 1837, protestors rioted andburned down the Parliament building in Montreal.
10 mayA personal dispute between actors Edwin Forrest and WilliamMacready in New York City devolved into a riot that left at least 25dead and more than 120 injured.
22 mayAbraham Lincoln was issued a patent for an invention to liftboats over obstacles in a river, making him the only U.S. President toever hold a patent.
05 juneA new constitution was introduced in Denmark, establishing aconstitutional monarchy and the Riksdag, a bicameral parliament consisting of the Land Sting and the Folketing.
17 septemberAmerican slave Harriet Tubman escaped; she would become famousfor orchestrating the rescues of more than 70 other slaves via the'Underground Railroad'.
07 octoberAmerican writer Edgar Allan Poe died under mysteriouscircumstances at Washington Medical College four days after being foundon the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, in a delirious and incoherentstate.
13 NovemberPeter Burnett was appointed the first Governor of California.
18 DecemberWilliam Bond took the first photograph of the moon through the telescope.
11 JanuaryElizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in the US to pursue a medical degree.
23 JanuaryElizabeth Blackwell became the first American woman to obtain a medical degree.
01 JanuaryFrance released the country's first postage stamp under the name Serus.
04 FebruaryThe University of Wisconsin starts in 1 room with 20 students.
03 MarchThe United States Congress passed the Gold Coinage Act to allow the structure of gold coins.
14 AprilThe Hungarian Revolution of 1848: Independence in the Hungarian Revolutionary Parliament Debrecen declared the Habsburg Empire.
31 MayThe final edition of the Orange Sheet "Journal de la Hay" was published.
21 JuneBattle over Vaghausel: Prussian troops defeated the Baden rebels.
06 JulyBattle of Fredericia: The Danish army razed the Prussian army at Fredericia, Jutland, ending the Prussian / Danish War by 1864.
22 AugustFirst air raid in history: Austria launches pilotless balloon against the Italian city of Venice.
01 SeptemberThe California Constitutional Convention was held in Monterey.
16 OctoberAvery College was founded in Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
13 NovemberThe California Constitution was approved in a general election.
21 December1 US Skating Club was formed in Philadelphia).

Famous birthdays in the year 1849:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
02 MayJacob Riis / Journalist / United States of America
02 MayBernhard von Bülow / Politician / Germany
02 February Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav / Poet / Slovakia
02 March Robert Means Thompson / Lawyer / United States of America
03 SeptemberSarah Orne Jewett / Poet / United States of America
04 February Jean Richepin / Poet / France
12 DecemberWilliam Kissam Vanderbilt / Business Man / United States of America
12 January Jean Béraud / Painter / Russia
17 AprilWilliam R. Day / Politician / United States of America
19 March Alfred von Tirpitz / Politician / Poland
19 DecemberHenry Clay Frick / Business Man / United States of America
21 SeptemberMaurice Barrymore / Actor / United States of America
22 JulyEmma Lazarus / Poet / United States of America
22 NovemberChristian Rohlfs / Painter / Germany
24 NovemberFrances Hodgson Burnett / Novelist / United Kingdom
25 AprilFelix Klein / Academic / Germany
29 JunePedro Montt / Politician / Chile
29 JulyMax Nordau / Author / Hungary
29 JuneJohn Hunn / Politician / United States of America
30 DecemberJohn Milne / Seismologist / United Kingdom

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1849:

YearName / Profession / Country
NA NALal Mohan Ghosh / Lawyer / India
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