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21 June - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

According to Gregory calendar, on June 21, the day number in a year is 172 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 173. June 21 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

June 21 in History - Top Historical Events ⚡

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
217Second Punic War-The Carthaginians under Hannibal executedone of the largest military ambushes in history when they overwhelminglydefeated the Romans.
1529War of the League of Cognac-The French army under Francis deBourbon was destroyed in Lombardy, present-day Italy, by the Spanisharmy.
1734A black slave known as Marie-Joseph Angélique, after havingbeen convicted of setting the fire that destroyed much of Montreal, wastortured and then hanged in New France.
1749Peter Stein was established as a pension advisor to the Netherlands.
1756The British army led by John Z. Hallwell surrendered to Nabav Siraj-ud-Daula of Bengal. In a brutal incident that same night, 123 British prisoners died.
1768John Archer became the first American to pursue a bachelor's degree in medicine.
1796British explorer Mungo Park became the first European to reach the Niger River.
1826Greek War of Independence-A combined Egyptian and Ottoman army began their invasion of the Mani Peninsula, but they were initially held off by the Maniots at the fortifications of h
1834American inventor and businessman Cyrus Hall patented the McCormick harvesting machine.
1841Fordham University was founded by The Bronx by the Society of Jesus, hence the name St. John's College.
1848In the Wallachian Revolution, Ion Heliade Radulescu andChristian Tell proclaimed a new republican government.
1849Battle over Vaghausel: Prussian troops defeated the Baden rebels.
1854The first Victoria Cross was awarded during the bombardment of Bomarsund in the Åland Islands. The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces of various Commonwealth countries, and previous British Empire territories.
1862Gyanendra Mohan Tagore became the first Indian to receive a law degree from Lincoln's Inn.
1898The Capture of Guam was a bloodless event between the United States and the Kingdom of Spain during the Spanish–American War. However, the Spanish garrison on the island had no knowledge of the war and no real defences. They surrendered without resistance and the island passed into American control. The event was the only conflict of the Spanish–American War on Guam.
1898In a bloodless event during the Spanish–American War, theUnited States captured Guam from Spain.
1900China formally declares war on the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan. It was an anti-imperialist uprising which took place in China towards the end of the Qing dynasty between 1899 and 1901. It was initiated by the Militia United in Righteousness (Yihetuan), known in English as the "Boxers," and was motivated by proto-nationalist sentiments and opposition to foreign imperialism and associated Christian missionary activity. The Great Powers intervened and defeated Chinese forces.
1911The ship RMS Olympics completed its first transatlantic voyage to New York after traveling for 5 days, 16 hours and 42 minutes.
1919Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttled the German High Seas Fleetin Scapa Flow to prevent the ships from being seized and divided amongstthe Allied Powers.
1919During the Winnipeg general strike in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, members of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police charged into thecrowd of strikers on horseback, beating them with clubs and firingweapons.
1948The Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine, the world'sfirst stored-program computer, ran its first computer program.
1948C. Rajagopalachari became the last Governor General of India.
1953The only Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was elected twice consecutively in the history of Pakistan, was born. She was also the first Prime Minister of any Islamic country.
1957Ellen Fairclough was sworn in as Canada's first female cabinet minister.
1957John Diefenbaker became the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.
1963Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was elected as Pope Paul VI. He reigned from 21 June 1963 to his death in 1978. Succeeding Pope John XXIII, he continued the Second Vatican Council which he closed in 1965, implementing its numerous reforms and fostered improved ecumenical relations with Eastern Orthodox and Protestants, which resulted in many historic meetings and agreements.
1963Italian cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was elected as Pope Paul VI.
1963Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was elected Pope Paul VI.
1964Three civil rights workers were lynched by members of the KuKlux Klan near Philadelphia, Mississippi, US.
1975The West Indies team had the feat of winning the first Cricket World Cup.
1977Mustafa Bullent Svit formed the government in Turkey.
1981The South African Police arrested eight leaders of the South African Youth Revolutionary Council.
1991PV Narasimha Rao became the ninth Prime Minister of India.
1999Leander Paes was seeded number one in double's ranking. This was his highest double ranking. Leander Adrian Paes is an Indian professional tennis player who typically plays in doubles events on the ATP Tour and Davis Cup. Having won eight doubles and seven mixed doubles Grand Slam titles and finishing as runner up in numerous other Grand Slam finals, he is considered to be one of the greatest and most respected contemporary doubles and mixed doubles players in the world.
2004Spaceship One became the first privately funded space plane to achieve spaceflight. The Spaceship One is a suborbital air-launched spaceplane that completed the first manned private spaceflight . It was developed and flown by Mojave Aerospace Ventures, which was a joint venture between Paul Allen and Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan's aviation company. Allen provided the funding of approximately US$25 million.
2004SpaceShipOne completed the first privately funded humanspaceflight.
2005World Hydrography Day, 21 June, was adopted by the International Hydrographic Organization as an annual celebration to publicise the work of Hydrographers and the importance of Hydrography. The International Hydrographic Bureau was established in 1921 for the purpose of providing a mechanism for consultation between governments on such matters as technical standards, safe navigation and the protection of the marine environment.
2006Pluto's newly discovered moons were officially named Nix & Hydra. The dwarf planet Pluto has five known moons. In order of distance from Pluto they are Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.
2009Greenland gained self-rule with provisions for assuming responsibility for self-government of judicial affairs, policing, and natural resources. Also, Greenlanders were recognized as a separate people under international law. Denmark maintains control of foreign affairs and defence matters. Greenlandic became the sole official language of Greenland at the historic ceremony.
2009India's badminton star player Saina Nehwal became the first Indian woman to win the title of Super Series Badminton Tournament.
201290 refugees killed by boat sinking to Australia.
2013A large number of people died in a bomb blast in a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan.
2015June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in India. In suggesting June 21, which is the Summer Solstice, as the International Day of Yoga, Narendra Modi had said that the date is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world.

Famous Birthdays of June 21 😀:

YearName / Profession / Country
1951Alan Hudson / Footballer / United Kingdom
1938Don Black / Writer / United Kingdom
1921William Edwin Self / Actor / United States of America
1918Tibor Szele / Academic / Hungary
1958Reema Lagoo / Actress / India
1889Ralph Craig / Sprinter / United States of America
1955Tim Bray / Business Man / Canada
1967Derrick Coleman / Basketball Player / United States of America
1991Gaël Kakuta / Footballer / France
1786Charles Edward Horn / Writer / United Kingdom
1966Gretchen Carlson / Journalist / United States of America
1985Joosep Toome / Basketball Player / Estonia
1864Heinrich Wölfflin / Historian / Switzerland
1977Michael Gomez / Boxer / Ireland
1959Marcella Detroit / Writer / United States of America
1923Jacques Hébert / Politician / Canada
1997Derrius Guice / Footballer / United States of America
1750Pierre-Nicolas Beauvallet / Sculptor / France
1986Hideaki Wakui / Baseball Player / Japan
1959John Baron / Politician / United Kingdom
1964Dimitris Papaioannou / Director / Greece
1949Derek Emslie / Lawyer / Scotland
1978Matt Kuchar / Golfer / United States of America
1946Brenda Holloway / Writer / United States of America
1980Sendy Rleal / Baseball Player / Dominican Republic
1930Gerald Kaufman / Politician / United Kingdom
1943Eumir Deodato / Pianist / Brazil
1983Edward Snowden / Activist / United States of America
1977Jochen Hecht / Ice Hockey Player / Germany
1905Jacques Goddet / Journalist / France

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