The year 1809 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1809 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1809 in World ⚡

04 JanuaryLouis Braille, the famous person who invented the Braille script for the blind, was born.
21 JanuaryThe first book of Geology in American was published by 'William' McLure.
03 FebruaryGerman composer Felix Mandelson Bartoldi was born in the city of Hamburg.
12 FebruaryThe 16th President of America, Abraham Lincoln, was born.
28 MarchSpain was defeated at the hands of France in the Madeline war.
05 JanuaryThe Treaty of Dardanelle was signed between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Ottoman Empire.
11 FebruaryRobert Fulton invented the stepboat in the United States.
04 MarchJames Madison was elected as the fourth President of the United States.
18 AprilThe 2000 Guinness Deck horse race first took place in England.
05 MayMary Kiss is the first American woman to be awarded a patent for the technique of weaving straw hats with silk and thread).
07 JuneShuja Shah of the Durani Empire signed a treaty with the British.
08 JulyIn the Finnish War the Swedish Islands Fleet defeated the Russians in the naval battle of Porkala.
10 AugustEcuador declared independence from Spain.
17 SeptemberHamina's peace treaty was signed between Russia and Sweden in the Finnish War.
08 OctoberPrince Clemens von Metertich became the Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire.
19 NovemberThe Spanish Army weakened in the Battle of Okana and 4000 soldiers of the Spanish Army were killed and others were wounded by the French Army.
26 DecemberA British invasion lent the city of Vallasingen.
16 JanuaryPeninsular War: French forces under Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult attacked the amphibious evacuation of the British under Sir John Moore in Corunna, Galicia, Spain.
24 FebruaryAfter standing only 15 years, London's Drury Lane theatre, the third building of that name, burned down , leaving owner Richard Brinsley Sheridan destitute.
10 AprilThe battle of Napoleon's wars-Fifth alliance began when Astera invaded Bavaria.
19 AprilThe fifth alliance war-French won a severe victory over Austria in Lower Bavaria when their opponents withdrew from the battlefield that evening.
05 MayMary Dixon Kiece became the first American woman to receive a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
06 JulyThe French forces of Napoleon defeated the Austronism of Arganduk Charles in the battle of Wagrams in a decisive conflict of the fifth alliance of the war of war.
18 SeptemberThe second theater of the Royal Opera House in London destroyed the original theater a year ago.
11 OctoberAmerican explorer Marivartha Lewis died in a clear suicide with a danced Treasin Tennessee.
25 DecemberAmerican Physician Empram McDowell performed the world's last last last of an ovarian tumor.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1809 in India ⚡


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