Indian Air Force Training Institute

History of the Indian Air Force: The Indian Air Force is a part of the Indian Armed Forces, which performs important tasks of air warfare, air security, and air surveillance for the country. The headquarters of the Indian Air Force is located in New Delhi. It was established on 08 October 1932. Prior to independence (declared a full republic in 1950), it was known as the Royal Indian Air Force and played an important role in World War II in 1945.

After independence (declared a full republic in 1950), the word "Royal" was removed from it and just "Indian Air Force". The President of India serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Air Force. The Chief of the Air Staff, the Air Chief Marshal, is a four-star commander and heads the Air Force. in Indian air force there is never more than one air chief Marshal on duty.

List of Indian Air Force Training Institutes:

Name of Training Institute Place
Air force administrative college Coimbatore
Air force academy Hyderabad
Air force technical college Jalahli
Air force school Sambra (Belgaum)
Flight instructor school Tabaram
Air force station Bidar
Air force station Hakimpet
Air force station Yelahanka
Helicopter training school Aawdi
Surface Training School Aawdi
Surface Training Institute Vadodara and Barrackpore
Aviation Medical Institute Bangalore
Chhatri Sainik Training School Agra
Navigation and Signal School Hyderabad
College of Air Warfare Secunderabad
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