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Jhalkari Bai Jayanti Brief

Every year on 21st November, the birth anniversary of Veerangana Jhalkari Bai is celebrated. In the revolt of 1857, Jhalkari Bai along with the Rani of Jhansi thwarted many attacks of the British army while fighting with amazing valor against the British army.

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History or Biography of Jhalkari Bai:

Jhalkari Bai was born on 22 November in a village in Bundelkhand in a poor Koli family. His father's name was Sadova (aka Moolchand Koli) and mother Jamunabai (aka Dhaniya). Jhalkari was a courageous and determined girl since childhood.

Since childhood, Jhalkari used to do household chores besides taking care of animals and collecting wood from the forest. Once in the forest Jhalkari had an encounter with a tiger and he killed that animal with his axe.

She was a brave courageous woman. Jhalkari was married to a young man named Puran Koli, who was a soldier in the army of Jhansi. The entire villagers gave full cooperation in the marriage of Jhalkari Bai. After marriage, she came to Jhansi with Puran.

Contribution of Jhalkari Bai in the First Freedom Struggle:

In the regular army of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, she was the commander of the women's wing Durga Dal. She was also a lookalike of Lakshmibai, so she used to fight in the guise of a queen to deceive the enemy.

In the First freedom struggle of 1857, when Rani Lakshmibai was surrounded by the British army, Jhalkari Bai showed great understanding, devotion and nationalism. While fighting in the guise of a queen, she was caught by the British for her last time and the queen got an opportunity to escape from the fort. During that war Jhalkari also got hit by a bullet and while saying 'Jai Bhavani' she fell on the ground. Jhalkari Bai was such a great heroine. The saga of Jhalkari Bai is still in the folklore of Bundelkhand.

Respect to Jhalkari Bai:

The Government of India has issued a postage stamp in honor of Jhalkari Bai on 22 July 2001. His statue and a memorial are under construction in Ajmer, Rajasthan. A statue of him has been installed in Agra by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, as well as a charitable hospital has been started in his name in Lucknow. National poet Maithilisharan Gupta has lined up the bravery of Jhalkari as follows:-

Ja kar ran mein Lalkare thi, vah to Jhansi kee jhalakaaree thee. goron se ladana sikh gaee, hai itihaas mein jhalak rahee, vah bhaarat kee hee naaree thee.

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Jhalkari Bai Jayanti FAQs:

Jhalkari Bai Jayanti is observed every year on 22 November.

Yes, Jhalkari Bai Jayanti is an National Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the India.

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