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10 November - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

According to Gregory calendar, on November 10, the day number in a year is 314 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 315. November 10 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

November 10 in History - Top Historical Events ⚡

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
1202The first major action of the Fourth Crusade and the firstattack against a Catholic city by Catholic crusaders, the Siege of Zara,began in Zadar, Croatia.
1483Martin Luther was born who started a new stream of Christianity.
1766William Franklin, the last Royal Governor of New Jersey, signedthe charter establishing Queen's College, now known as RutgersUniversity.
1775The United States Marine Corps was founded as the ContinentalMarines by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress during theAmerican Revolutionary War.
1793The rule of forced worship of God was abolished in France.
1793France ended the worship of God by force.
1871Journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley located missingmissionary and explorer David Livingstone in Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyikain present-day Tanzania.
1885Gottlieb Demeler introduced the world's first motorcycle.
1891The first women's Christian Temperance Association meeting was held in Boston.
1894Fred Lugard signed a contract with "Obsalamu " of King Lafia Nikki.
1909American musician and lyricist Johnny Marks was born.
1919The first national conference of the American Legion was held in the city of Minneapolis.
1940A magnitude 7.7 ML earthquake struck the Vrancea region ofRomania, the country's strongest earthquake in the 20th century.
1940The 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Bucharest, Romania killed more than 1000 people.
1945Indonesian National Revolution-Following the killing of theBritish officer Brigadier A. W. S. Mallaby a few weeks prior, Britishforces began their retaliation by attacking Surabaya, Indonesia.
1946Slimbridge Wetland Reserve opened in England.
1951Direct dial coast-to-coast telephone service was introduced in the United States.
1958Merchant Harry Winston donated the Hope Diamond, the 'mostfamous diamond in the world', to the Smithsonian Institution.
1964Leonid Brezhnef was elected general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1969Sesame Street aired its first episode on the network.
1970The Great Wall of China was opened for tourism.
1975The SS Edmund Fitzgerald the largest boat on NorthAmerica's Great Lakes, sank in Lake Superior with the loss of 29 lives.
1975The SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the largest ship on North America'sGreat Lakes, sank in Lake Superior with the loss of 29 lives.
1978Rohini Khandilkar became the first woman to win the National Chess Championship.
1982Leonid Brezhnev, the leader of the Soviet Union, died. Brezhnev ruled the Soviet Union for 20 years.
1986The Constitution was re-enacted in Bangladesh.
1989The demolition of the Berlin Wall began in Germany.
2001Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed the United Nations General Assembly.
2005United States House of Representatives Republican leadership drops a provision from budget plans that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling due to opposition from moderate Republicans and expected opposition in the Senate.
2006Scientists at Rice University have learned that tiny particles of iron oxide, when placed under a strong magnet, bind with arsenic, through the use nanotechnology. This is possibly very beneficial for countries afflicted with arsenic contamination of groundwater.
2006Prominent Sri Lankan Tamil politician and human rights lawyerNadarajah Raviraj was assassinated in Colombo.
2006Sri Lankan Tamil MP Nadarajah Raviraj Colombo was assassinated.
2007Police in Iran have convicted around 180 Sufi Muslims who were responsible for the attacks at a Shia mosque in Borujerd after a cleric claimed their religion as "illegitimate".
2007At the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile, King JuanCarlos I of Spain asked President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez 'Why don'tyou shut up?' after Chávez repeatedly interrupted a speech by SpanishPrime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
2008Reports surface that a United States nuclear weapon was lost somewhere in the ice after the January 21, 1968 crash of a B-52 Stratofortress outside Thule Air Base, Greenland.
2008Five months after landing on Mars, NASA terminated the Phoenix mission when communications with the lander ceased.
2009A power failure at Itaipu leads to a massive blackout. This gravely affected 15 states of Brazil and the entire country of Paraguay for a short period of time leading to commotion n major cities such as São Paulo.
2010A fire broke out at a juvenile jail in the town of Ilobasco in El Salvador. This led to the death of 16 people and wounded many.
2011According to opposition activists approximately 38 people, which comprises of six children, have been killed by security forces in Syria: 16 in the city of Homs, 10 in Idlib, six in Hama, three in the suburbs of Damascus and three in Daraa.
2012François Bozizé, the president of the Central African Republic François Bozizé asks for his son to detain after he refuses to pay a hotel bill.
2013In motor sports, Marc Márquez of Spain achieves the title of being youngest motorcyclist to attain victory in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship at the age of 20.
2013Famous Rajasthani litterateur Vijayadan Detha died.
2014After two years of antagonistic relations between Japan and China concerning the control of certain islands in the East China Sea, Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister and Xi Linping, Chinese President end the dispute through the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

Famous Birthdays of November 10 😀:

YearName / Profession / Country
1992Rafał Wolski / Footballer / Poland
1908Charles Merritt / Politician / Canada
1961Rudolf Grimm / Academic / Germany
1978Drew McConnell / Bass Player / Ireland
1924Bobby Limb / Actor / Australia
1959Mackenzie Phillips / Actress / United States of America
1873Henri Rabaud / Composer / France
1963Mike McCarthy / Footballer / United States of America
1999Kiernan Shipka / Actress / United States of America
1992Teddy Bridgewater / Footballer / United States of America
1982Chris Canty / Footballer / United States of America
1942Hans-Rudolf Merz / Politician / Switzerland
1935Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov / Astronomer / Russia
1974Nick Gore / Bass Player / Finland
1992Wilfried Zaha / Footballer / United Kingdom
1939Allan Moffat / Racing Car Driver / Australia
1887Arnold Zweig / Author / Germany
1919George Fenneman / Radio / United States of America
1969Ellen Pompeo / Actress / United States of America
1965Eddie Irvine / Racing Car Driver / Ireland
1886Edward Joseph Collins / Composer / United States of America
1941John Geoghegan / Lieutenant / United States of America
1848Sir Surendranath Banerjee / Politician / India
1916Billy May / Composer / United States of America
1973Patrik Berger / Footballer / Czech Republic
1977Brittany Murphy / Actress / United States of America
1980Troy Bell / Basketball Player / United States of America
1577Jacob Cats / Poet / Netherlands
1932Necmettin Hacıeminoğlu / Author / Turkey
1909Johnny Marks / Writer / United States of America

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