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Event NameNational Law Day ()
Event Started1979
Event LevelNational Day
Observed byIndia

National Law Day Brief

Every year 26 November is celebrated in India as National Law Day or National Law Day. The Constitution of India was adopted on this day. The tradition of celebrating 'Law Day' was First started in the year 1979 by the efforts of the eminent jurist of India, Dr. Laxmimal Singhvi, and the Supreme Court Bar Association. This day is also known as Indian Constitution Day.

National Law Day History

After about 30 years after 26 November 1949, the Bar Association of the Supreme Court of India declared 26 November as National Law Day. Since then every year this day is celebrated as National Law Day all over India. Especially the importance of this day is to promote legal fraternity or to spread such ideology. In fact, this day is organized to honor and honor the incomparable contribution of those 207 members of the Constituent Assembly who made the Constitution.

National Law Day Objective

According to the National President of the Bar Association of the Supreme Court of India, the Supreme Court of India is the protector of human rights and the Constitution in maintaining peace. It always plays its part in the positive changes taking place in society. At the same time, it also participates in furthering the fundamental duties of society and gives momentum to its objectives.

Along with establishing the rule of law, it is also the protector of democracy and also protects human rights. A lot of information has been given in this context under Article 21 of the Constitution. In addition, the aims and objectives of the law have also been defined.

More info about National Law Day

Important facts related to Indian law:

  • The Constitution of India is the largest written constitution in the world.
  • The Indian Penal Code was laid down by the British in 1860 which is the basis of criminal law in India. The Code of Criminal Procedure, laid down in 1973, regulates and guides each aspect of criminal law in its own way.
  • Indian Companies Act is currently updated hence its name has been changed to Companies Act 2013.
  • During the writing of the Indian Constitution, the laws of Ireland, the United States of America, Britain and France were synthesized in it. Indian law conforms to the United Nations Human Rights and Environment Guidelines. In this, some international laws, such as intellectual rights etc., have been implemented in India.

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National Law Day FAQs:

National Law Day is observed every year on 26 November.

Yes, National Law Day is an National Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the India.

National Law Day started on 1979.

National Law Day is observed every year by India.

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