World Diabetes Day Quick Facts

Event NameWorld Diabetes Day ()
Event Started1991
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byWorld Health Organization (WHO) and International Diabetes Federation

World Diabetes Day Brief

International Diabetes Day or World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year around the world on 14 November. World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on November 14, the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who together with Bent discovered insulin in 1921 in Toronto, Canada.

World Diabetes Day History

For the First time, World Diabetes Day was organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation on 14 November in 1991. World Diabetes Day is also one of the main reasons for celebrating 14 November, because on this day Frederick, the scientist who discovered insulin, was born. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923 along with John McLeod.

More info about World Diabetes Day

What is Diabetes?

If the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood exceeds the prescribed limit, then such a condition is called diabetes. Actually diabetes or diabetes is a lifestyle or hereditary disease, which affects the patient when the pancreas glands in the body become inactive.

When the pancreas is inactive, it stops making insulin (the hormone that balances the amount of sugar in the blood). Along with this, cholesterol and fats also become abnormal, due to which changes in the vessels and problems related to eyes, kidneys, brain, heart etc.

The normal level of Diabetes

The normal level of sugar (sugar) in the blood is as follows:

  • Hungry stomach (during fasting) should be less than 100 mg.
  • Before eating food should be between 70 and 130 mg.
  • The amount of glucose in the blood after a meal should be less than 180 mg.
  • The normal amount of sugar in the blood at bedtime is 100 to 140 mg.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Fatigue, weakness, pain in legs, because glucose is not converted into energy.
  • Leg sores do not heal or take the form of gangrene.
  • Excessive urination and loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss
  • Change the number of glasses frequently.
  • Itching and infection of genitals.
  • Heart or mental problems.

Important precautions with diet

  • Get your sugar level checked regularly.
  • Do not leave any wound open.
  • Instead of having fruit juice, eat fruit.
  • Exercise and keep your weight under control.
  • Yoga is also good for diabetic patients.

There is no concrete cure for diabetes yet, but to avoid its dangers, careful diet and regular exercise are needed.

Diagnosis of Diabetes Screening:

Several tests are done to check for diabetes, which are as follows:-

  • Benedict Test
  • Glucose oxidase test
  • Empty stomach blood glucose test
  • Glucose tolerance test

Diabetes problem in India:

According to the World Health Organisation, diabetes is one of the biggest health problems in Asia, whose impact has been seen the most in India. According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are 65 million adults with diabetes and 77 million people with pre-diabetes in India.

Looking at the current situation, many health organizations have estimated that the number of people suffering from diabetes in India could reach 100 million by 2030 and 109 million by 2035. Diabetes can lead to life-changing complications. These include blindness, amputation, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. Diabetes was responsible for four million deaths in 2017.

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14 NovemberWorld Diabetes Day - International Day
16 NovemberInternational Tolerance Day - International Day
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25 NovemberInternational Womens Violence Eradication Day - International Day
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26 NovemberNational Milk Day - National Day
नवंबर माह का तीसरा गुरुवार of NovemberWorld Darshan Day - International Day

World Diabetes Day FAQs:

World Diabetes Day is observed every year on 14 November.

Yes, World Diabetes Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the World.

World Diabetes Day started on 1991.

World Diabetes Day is observed every year by World Health Organization (WHO) and International Diabetes Federation.

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