International Tolerance Day Quick Facts

Event NameInternational Tolerance Day ()
Event Started1996
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byUnited Nations General Assembly

International Tolerance Day Brief

International Day of Tolerance is celebrated all over the world. This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the Dangers of intolerance. Every year on the occasion of International Day for Tolerance, various conferences and celebrations are organized.

This day is celebrated in Bangladesh along with the Peace Summit. The Peace Conference was organized by Prenoor Lab and E.M.K. carried out by the Centre. The conference is a platform to talk about and share the challenges facing the country on issues like Peace, Tolerance, Fake news, Online security, and hate.

International Tolerance Day History

Noteworthy that the United Nations General Assembly had announced to celebrate this day in the year 1996. The year 1995 was declared by the United Nations General Assembly as the United Nations Year of Intolerance. UNESCO established the 'Madanjit Singh Award' in 1995 to promote tolerance and non-violence on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Full name of the award is UNESCO-Madanjit Singh Award. It is awarded for significant activities in the scientific, artistic, cultural or communication fields. Not only this, but such institutions, organizations or individuals can also be honored, which have effectively contributed to tolerance and non-violence. The prize is presented every two years on the International Day for Tolerance on 16 November. Along with the award ceremony, the winner is presented with a sum of US$100,000.

This award is given for work done with the aim of promoting tolerance and non-violence in the field of science, art, culture or communication.

International Tolerance Day Objective

The objective of the International Day of Tolerance is to make people aware of the need to be tolerant in order to maintain harmonious coexistence and to maintain peace and harmony in the world. This day tells people the importance of global tolerance and the ill effects of intolerance.

On this day debates and discussions are organized all over the world on injustice, partisan discrimination and atrocities and their ill effects on society.

How to celebrate International Tolerance Day

We can Celebrate Tolerance Day as a celebration in many ways, we can organize a function in which we can share the following ideas:-

  • On this day, you can learn more about the people around you and focus on listening and solving their problems.
  • Create a conducive environment in educational institutions, offices, playgrounds and public places.
  • Have a party with the communities around you.

More info about International Tolerance Day

Tolerance Day Speech

International Day of Tolerance is a precious time for people to reduce hatred and discrimination between societies. Injustice, discrimination and violence are common forms of intolerance.

Tolerance Day highlights the harmful effects of intolerance and discrimination in the society. Tolerance is respect for the rights and freedoms of other people. To be tolerant is not only a moral duty of a civilized human being and society, but also a need of a peaceful and friendly environment. The element of tolerance, from the basic to the international level, is a sign of peace and prosperity for humans and states.

States should legislate for equality and basic human rights to promote tolerance and non-violence. Education is an important tool to pave the way for these desired outcomes. A calm and peaceful society is the aim of this day. We must also play our part through print and social media to promote tolerance and respect and adoption of the basic human rights of other people.

Tolerance is a wonderful tool that can help people of different religions and cultures to live together in harmony and peace. Tolerance in its sense is an obligation that provokes social acceptance not only in terms of rituals and traditions but also in the spiritual hierarchy of every religion. What ultimately happens when there are long-lasting and sometimes ongoing consequences, when it comes to extremism and more explicitly religious extremism, the one thing it lacks is simply tolerance.

Tolerance has taken an individual out of the nut-shell of racialism and thus humanism has been used for centuries on a utilitarian basis, where every individual is responsible for the welfare of the other and if implemented properly. So a human bond of trust and dependence throws away thoughts of rivalry.

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International Tolerance Day FAQs:

International Tolerance Day is observed every year on 16 November.

Yes, International Tolerance Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the World.

International Tolerance Day started on 1996.

International Tolerance Day is observed every year by United Nations General Assembly.

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