International Child Rights Day Quick Facts

Event NameInternational Child Rights Day ()
Event Started1954
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byUnited Nations

International Child Rights Day Brief

International Children's Rights Day or 'Universal Children's Day' is celebrated every year by the United Nations on 20 November. This day is also called "Childhood Day", 191 countries of the world have gladly accepted the criteria set by the United Nations General Assembly and expressed their awareness about the rights of children.

International Child Rights Day History

International Child Rights Day was established in 1954. This International Children's Day was conceptualized by V.K. Krishna Menon. This day is celebrated to promote international solidarity, awareness of children and welfare of children.

November 20, is known as a very important day because on this day the General Assembly of the United Nations declared the rights of the child in 1959. This day becomes even more important because in 1989 the United Nations adopted the suggestions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 1990, the day of World Child Rights Day is also significant because both the declarations were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on the same day.

International Child Rights Day Objective

The main objectives of the International Day of the Rights of the Child: (i) To establish mutual cooperation and harmony among children around the world. (ii) Various welfare works can be conducted for the welfare of all the children of the world.

More info about International Child Rights Day

In the year 1989, Convention on the Rights of the Child:

It is the world's most widely ratified human rights treaty in history. On November 20, many countries came together and promised to protect the rights of children. The conference focused on who children are, their rights and the responsibilities of governments. It also states that all rights are interlinked and cannot be taken away from children.

By convention, children are not merely objects that belong to their parents and for which decisions are made, or adults in training. Rather, they are human beings and individuals who have their own rights. In addition, it is mentioned that childhood is distinct from adulthood and lasts till 18.

It is a special time in which children are allowed to grow, learn, play and develop. No doubt, the convention became the most accepted human rights treaty across the world and also helped in transforming the lives of children.

The convention prompted governments to change laws and policies and invest in caring for the health of children and the nutrition children need to survive and develop. Also, it is necessary to protect children from violence and exploitation. This enabled the children to make their voices heard and participate in their societies.

Children's Rights

The human rights of children are called child rights. Child rights can be divided into four parts:-

  • Right to live life: The first right of children is to live, to eat well, be it a boy or a girl, everyone should have good health.
  • Right to Protection: Then there is the right to protection, labor is to protect from exploitation, trade or child marriage, do not destroy childhood.
  • Right to Participation: Talk about the third right of the children, ask them with participation, if there are issues related to them, listen to the children too.
  • Right to development: The fourth right of children is development, light in life, quality education, fun but free from fear.

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International Child Rights Day FAQs:

International Child Rights Day is observed every year on 20 November.

Yes, International Child Rights Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the World.

International Child Rights Day started on 1954.

International Child Rights Day is observed every year by United Nations.

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