National Journalism Day Quick Facts

Event NameNational Journalism Day ()
Event Started16 November 1966
Event LevelNational Day
Observed byPress Council of India

National Journalism Day Brief

National Journalism Day is celebrated every year on 17 November in India. During the 1920s, authors Walter Lippman and John Dewey, an American philosopher, published their discussions on the role of journalism in a democratic society.

Journalism plays the role of mediator between the public and policy makers. A journalist plays an important role in this context. These journalists listen and record the messages spoken by the elite. This information is then processed and published for informational purposes for the benefit of the public.

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Who is Journalism?

Journalism is a major business of modern civilization, which includes gathering, writing, collecting and transmitting information, editing and proper presentation of news, etc. In today's era there have been many mediums of journalism too; For example - Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, Web journalism, etc.

Journalism Styles:

Many styles are used in journalism to describe events in written form, which are called "Journalistic styles". Newspapers and periodicals often publish thoughtful articles written by expert journalists, which have been named "Feature story" (metaphor).

Feature articles are mostly longer types of articles where the focus is on style rather than direct news information. Most articles are combined with photographs, illustrations or other forms of "Art". Sometimes they are also illuminated with print effects or colors. Journalism can be of different types, different types of journalism are shown below:-

  • Ambush Journalism
  • Celebrity journalism
  • Convergence journalism
  • Gonzo journalism
  • Investigative journalism
  • New journalism
  • Science journalism
  • Sports journalism

Some important facts related to Journalism:

  1. It is said that journalists often have a tendency to reject objectivity. They focus on maintaining other common standards and ethics in ordinary times.
  2. The federal court in the United States has no authority to protect sources. Protection in this regard is provided by the state courts.
  3. Many styles of news writing are seen under journalism. Newspapers and magazines often refer to information that journalists consider convenient from the author's point of view.
  4. Feature articles are often longer than the actual writing. In this context, the writing style of the news is often given instead of the real events. In which some information is filled with pictures. Apart from this, all the information given is in pictographic form so that maximum attention of the people can be attracted.
  5. Under sudden journalism, suddenly such questions are asked in respect of which no one wants to answer. In fact, this strategy of journalists is how to get the information.
  6. Journalists associated with science news collect information related to the development of science. Along with this, in the context of any information among the scientific community, there is a situation of opposition about which things remain, it covers them. Apart from this, he also includes news related to any disaster and issues related to global warming in his news.
  7. Ambush journalism consists of an aggressive strategy that is followed by a sudden encounter with journalists and questions from people who usually do not want to speak to the journalist.
  8. Science journalists also pick up on the development of science as news coverage and controversies within the scientific community. Science journalism is being criticized for exaggerating the degree of disagreement within the scientific community on various topics such as global warming, and sometimes pandemics.

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National Journalism Day FAQs:

National Journalism Day is observed every year on 17 November.

Yes, National Journalism Day is an National Day that is celebrated every year on November all over the India.

National Journalism Day started on 16 November 1966.

National Journalism Day is observed every year by Press Council of India.

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