World Savings Day Quick Facts

Event NameWorld Savings Day ()
Event Started30 October 1924
Event LevelInternational Day

World Savings Day Brief

World Savings Day is celebrated on 30 October every year. This day was established on October 30, 1924, in Italy. It is also called World Savings Day.

World Savings Day History

The First International Savings Congress was held in Milan. Italy had announced in the year 1924 to celebrate 31 October as World Savings Day. World Savings Day was established to inform people around the world about the idea of saving their money, depositing it in a bank instead of at home or under your mattress.

World Savings Day Objective

World Savings Day is celebrated every year on 31 October across the world to promote the savings and financial security of all individuals and all nations. The purpose of celebrating this day is to change our behavior towards saving and constantly remind us of the importance of money. Because after the first world war people were not aware of saving.

"Savings Banks" also worked in collaboration with schools, offices, sports, and women's associations to promote savings. Which after World War II, World Savings Day became popular. And since then, World Savings Day is being celebrated in many countries.

More info about World Savings Day

Why is celebrate World Savings Day?

Due to the death of the then Prime Minister Mrs. CK on 31 October 1984, World Savings Day is celebrated every year on 30 October all over India. Saving money acts as a security guard when facing financial crisis. It also helps us to start a business, get good education and avail good health treatment. The habit of saving provides freedom to both the individual as well as the country.

What is the importance of saving in our life?

Saving is very important in a person's life. Whenever a man works somewhere, he gets a salary in return, which he uses to buy the things that he uses for himself and some of that money he keeps as savings.

Saving has a lot of importance in the life of any human being because sometimes some such leaves come which we have to use our savings to fight. If we do not have savings then we have to borrow money from other people to fight the adversities.

If a person has savings, then he can earn more money by investing his money in different places, but if someone does not have savings then he has to face many problems at every step. . That is why it is said that it is very important to have that savings in the life of a human being because it has a lot of importance in our life.

How does health become wealth?

  • Healthy lifestyle can promote wealth.
  • Improve health, can reduce health expenses.
  • By increasing savings, debt avoidance and stress can be removed.
  • It prepares you for a health emergency.
  • Savings provide mental security as well as social security.
  • Savings also lead to a positive attitude to lead a longer life.
  • A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of many life-threatening diseases Such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and other diseases.
  • Always go for medical insurance.

How can we save money?

  • We can start saving by controlling our expenses.
  • make a budget.
  • Spend wisely.
  • Buy only essential and essential things. Distinguish between 'need' and 'greed'.
  • Be independent.
  • Cut the budget of your electricity, water and other bills.
  • Set your savings goal.
  • Invest.

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World Savings Day FAQs:

World Savings Day is observed every year on 30 October.

Yes, World Savings Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on October all over the World.

World Savings Day started on 30 October 1924.

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