According to Gregory calendar, on October 11, the day number in a year is 285 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 286. October 11 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 11 October in the World ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1142The Treaty of Schoxing ending the Jurken campaigns against the Song Dynasty was formally confirmed when a messenger visited the Southern Song Court.
1492The members of the first visit to Christopher Columbus reported the sighting of unknown light on the path of Guyani.
1521Pope Leo Dassam named King Henry VIII of England as the 'defender of the faith'.
1531The Swiss Reformation Leader Halldrich Zingley was killed in the battle when Catholic Kenton attacked in response to the food blockade being implemented by his coalition.
1634The tide of a storm on the coast of the northern Frisia caused massive floods, killing at least 8,000 people killed and divided the Strand Island into small islands.
1737About three lakh people died in the cyclone that struck Calcutta (now Kolkata).
1767Unable to go ahead in any way, Charles Mason and Jeremia Dixon will know their final comments as the Mason-Dixon Line.
1776The American Revolutionary War-The British Royal Navy defeated American ships in the War of Volcaur Island on Lake Champalan to give enough time to prepare his defense for the Charloga campaign, but gave enough time to American forces.
1809American explorer Marivartha Lewis died in a clear suicide with a danced Treasin Tennessee.
1852Sydney University, the first university on the continent of Australia, was established.
1852The University of Sydney, Australia's oldest university, was inaugurated in Sydney.
1862The scientist Thomas Alva Edition obtained a patent for his first discovery, the electric voice machine.
1869American explorer Thomas Edison applied for a patent on his first invention. This electric machine was used to count votes.
1869Red River Rebellion was launched against the British Army in Canada.
1881David Houston produced film rolls for cameras.
1881American inventor David Henderson Houston patented the first roll of cameras.
1899South Africa Boer declares attack on Great Britain.
1915Metamora Township High School opened to public students in the city of Illinois.
1921A plague that is beyond the interpretation of medical science is taking many lives each year. This plague of sleeping disease affects young, old, rich and poor.
1930Jawaharlal Nehru was released from Naini Central Jail.
1932For the first time, the political program was broadcast by CBS in New York.
1941Armed rebels of Macedonia's People's Liberation Army, while beginning the National Liberation War of Macedonia, attacked the Axis occupied areas in the city of Pilp.
1942Second World War- In the Battle of Cape Agruses on the northwest coast of Guadalcanal, American ships stopped and defeated a Japanese fleet on their way to destroy the Henderson Field.
1942Bollywood emperor and century superstar Amitabh Bachchan was born in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh.
1950Hungary-American Penguiner, an area-common color system developed by Peter Goldmark, became the first colorful television system for beaded for commercial use, but was left a year later.
1957The Jodrell Bank radio telescope opened in Cheshire England.
1962Pope John XXIII convened the second Vatican Council, the first Roman Catholic Ecological Council in 92 years.
1968NASA's first three-man space operation, Apollo 7, has been launched from Cape Canaveral.
1968The Apollo 7 (lift-off portrait), the first manned mission NNASA's Apollo program, and the first three-man American space mission, the current 34-day Cape canveral, Florida.
1968The launch of America's first manned Opolo mission 'Apollo 7' was first televised from orbit.
1975The Saturday Night Live, an American weekly sketch Comedy-Varietyshow, was first aired.
1984Kathy Sulivan Space Shuttle Challenger Mission set an example by being the first American woman to run in space during a test to fill the orbital fuel on STS-41-G.
1984American space scientist Catherine de Sullivan became the first female astronaut to travel in space.
1994The Colorado Supreme Court in the US declared anti-gay rights in the state unconstitutional.
1998After a week's currency speculation, the dollar settles with a dollar trading at the lowest level at $ 116 against the Japanese yen.
2000A large environmental disaster occurs when more than 300 gallons of black mud are found in the Mississippi river near Ingage, Kentuki, resulting in a dam of an energy company to die and the collapse of the dam of an energy company dies and costs about $ 78 million for cleaning. Are. ,
2002Seven people died in Finland from a bomb attack in a shopping mall in Wanta.
2006According to a report released by the United Nations, the misuse of children at many places around the world is "comprehensive and tolerant". According to a separate charity report, The Save the Children is capturing more than a million children worldwide.
2007John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia offers a valid referendum, which identifies the original Australians in the Australian Constitution, only when it is revised.
2008A Belgian blind driver set a new world record for driving at the fastest speed on earth.
2011Oil leakage from the ship MV Rain on the coast of Taranga in New Zealand becomes the worst environmental disaster in the country.
2012The US court, which banned Samsung's Galaxy Nexus sale, retaliated, won a round for Google's Android against Apple.

Important Historical Events of 11 October in India ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1737The earthquake killed 300,000 people, and destroyed half of India's Calcutta city.
1987Sri Lankan Civil War-Indian Peace Sena began Pawan to control Jaffna with Tamil Tigers, which implements its disarmament as a part of the Indo-Sri-Srilanki Agreement.
1987India's Peace Army launched Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka. The campaign was waged to liberate Jaffna by ending LTTE occupation.
2013About 500,000 people were evacuated from the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India in preparation for cyclone Phani.

Important Days of 11 October National & International Days 🏁

Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan JayantiNational Day
International Day of the Girl ChildInternational Day

Famous People's Birthdays on 11 October 😀

Birth YearName/Category/Country
1902Jayaprakash Narayan / Freedom Fighter / India
1902Jai Prakash Narayan / Freedom Fighter / India
1902Jayaprakash Narayan / Politician / India
1904Kazi Lhendup Dorjee / Politician / India
1916Nanaji Deshmukh / Activist / India
1923Harishchandra / Scientist / India
1929B. B. Gurung / Politician / India
1934Tarun Gogoi / Politician / India
1942Amitabh Bachchan / Actor / India
1946Vijay P. Bhatkar / Scientist / India
1968Chandrachur Singh / Actor / India

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