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03 February - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

According to Gregory calendar, February 03 is the day number 34 in a given year. February 03 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

February 03 in History - Top Historical Events ⚡

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
1488Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias landed in Mossel Bay, becoming the first known European to have sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and the southern tip of Africa.
1637The contract prices of rare tulip bulbs in the Dutch Republic, which had been steadily climbing for three months, abruptly dropped, marking the decline of tulip mania.
1703An earthquake killed 3,000 people and damaged several buildings in the Italian city of Laquila.
1740King Charles de Bourbon of Naples invited the Jews to return to Sicily.
1743A "" Pesthouse "was established to quarantine Philadelphia immigrants.
1752Dutch states-general prohibited the export of windmills.
1781American Revolutionary War-British forces captured the Dutch island of Sint Eustatius with only two shots fired.
1781The island of Dutch West Indies was occupied by St Ostatia British.
1807Napoleonic Wars: The United Kingdom captured Montevideo, now the capital of Uruguay, from the Spanish Empire.
1809German composer Felix Mandelson Bartoldi was born in the city of Hamburg.
1813Argentine War of Independence-José de San Martín and his Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers gained a largely symbolic victory againsta royalist army in the Battle of San Lorenzo.
1815The first cheese production factory in the world opened in Switzerland.
1830Greece's sovereignty was confirmed in the London Protocol.
1834Wake Forest University was established.
1852The Argentine Confederation were defeated in the Palestine War byan alliance consisting of the Empire of Brazil, Uruguay and the Argentine province of Entre Ríos and Corrientes.
1860Thomas Claasen took over as the first US Superintendent of Agriculture.
1870The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, granting voting rights to citizens regardless of 'race, color,or previous condition of servitude'.
1913The Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, allowing the US Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on census results.
1916High Court was established in Patna, Bihar.
1925The first electric train service started between Kurla (Bombay now Mumbai).
1934For the first time, the process of sending Paracel by airplanes started. Today, this company is known as \ Lufthansa \.
1954Around 800 people died in a stampede during the Kumbh Mela in Prayag.
1954Elizabeth II became the first ruling monarch to visit Australia.
1959American rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson were killed when their plane crashed shortly after taking off from Mason City Municipal Airport inIowa.
1962Announces United States embargo against Cuba.
1963Raghuram Rajan, former Governor of Reserve Bank of India was born.
1967Ronald Ryan became the last person to be legally executed inAustralia, sparking public protests across the country.
1970The foundation stone of the country's first and world's largest coal-based fertilizer plant was laid at Talcher in Odisha.
1972A dangerous blizzard started in Iran, killing 4 thousand.
1978Mahakavi Shankar Kurup died.
1986Pixar Animation Studio opened in California.
1988Indian Navy's first nuclear powered submarine \ INS Chakra was inducted into the military fleet.
1989Alfredo Stroessner, whose rule as President of Paraguay for 35 years was marked by uninterrupted repression in his country, was overthrown in a military coup by Andrés Rodríguez.
1994Jean Claude Van Damme an actor who is 32 years old weds Darcy Lapier of 28 years in Bangkok.
1994Bill Clinton, the President of US lifts US trade embargo against Vietnam.
1994William J. Perry was sworn in as United States Secretary of Defense.
1995End rescuer Eileen Collins became the first woman to operate a space shuttle.
1997Howard Stern Radio show premieres to be in Detroit, Michigan on WKRK 97.1 FM radio.
1998Bob Watson the general manager was replaced by the New York Yankees with Brain Cashman.
1998A United States Air Force EA-6B Prowler inadvertently severed a cable supporting a gondola of an aerial tramway in Cavalese, Italy, sending 20 people plummeting to their deaths.
2000Renowned tabla player Alla Rakha Khan died.
2002New England beats St. Louis Rams by 20-17 runs in Super Bowl XXXVI in Louisiana Superdome at New Orleans.
2007A bomb blast in a market in Baghdad, Iraq's capital, killed 135 people.
2010A North-Korean flagged cargo ship in south of Yemen was seized by the Somalian pirates.
2010A cast of L'Homme qui marche I by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti sold for £65 million (US$103.7 million), setting the record for most expensive sculpture sold at a public auction.
2011The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation reported that world food prices have reached a higher record.
2012The US unemployment rate drops to be 8.3% and it was the lowest in last three years after employers added 240,000 jobs in January.
2013A power outage occurred during the Super bowl XLVII at New Orlean’s Super dome and the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers by 34-31 runs.
2014The 2011 abortion rate was reported to be the lowest in the last 30 years. The rate of 16.9.abortionsper thousand women of child bearing age was 19.4 per thousand in 1981.

Famous Birthdays of February 03 😀:

YearName / Profession / Country
1985Andrei Kostitsyn / Ice Hockey Player / Belarus
1960Marty Jannetty / Wrestler / United States of America
1826Walter Bagehot / Business Man / United Kingdom
1973Ilana Sod / Journalist / Mexico
1925Shelley Berman / Actor / United States of America
1907James A. Michener / Author / United States of America
1889Artur Adson / Poet / Estonia
1969Beau Biden / Lawyer / United States of America
1911Jehan Alain / Composer / France
1991Adrian Quaife-Hobbs / Racing Car Driver / United Kingdom
1982Jessica Harp / Writer / United States of America
1960Kerry Von Erich / Wrestler / United States of America
1874Gertrude Stein / Poet / United States of America
1809Felix Mendelssohn / Pianist / Germany
1992Milo / Producer / United States of America
1988Cho Kyuhyun / Singer / South Korea
1966Danny Morrison / Cricketer / New Zealand
1952Fred Lynn / Baseball Player / United States of America
1951Eugenijus Riabovas / Footballer / Lithuania
1985Angela Fong / Actress / Canada
1961Linda Eder / Actress / United States of America
1967Mixu Paatelainen / Footballer / Finland
1970Óscar Córdoba / Footballer / Colombia
1940Fran Tarkenton / Footballer / United States of America
1935Johnny "Guitar" Watson / Musician / United States of America
1972Jesper Kyd / Pianist / Denmark
1982Becky Bayless / Wrestler / United States of America
1963Raghuram Rajan / Academic / India
1917Shlomo Goren / General / Poland
1892Juan Negrín / Politician / Spain

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