07 June In History - What Happened On This Day

According to Gregory calendar, on June 07, the day number in a year is 158 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 159. June 07 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 07 June in the World ⚡

1099Members of the First Crusade reached Jerusalem and began afive-week siege of the city against the Fatimids.
1494Ferdinand II of Aragon and John II of Portugal signed theTreaty of Tordesillas, dividing the Americas and Africa between theirtwo countries.
1539In the Battle of Chausa, Sher Shah defeated the Mughal ruler Humayun.
1628The Petition of Right, a major English constitutional documentthat set out specific liberties of the subject, was granted the RoyalAssent by Charles I.
1654Louis XIV was crowned as king of France. He was a monarch and remained king of France until his death. He was considered as great king because during his reign France became the leader in Europe. He reigned for 72 years.
1654Louis Chaturdash became King of France. His reign was 42 years and 110 days, which is bigger than the reign of any king in the history of Europe.
1692A 7.5 Mw earthquake struck Port Royal, Jamaica, killing about 2,000 people.
1692An estimated 7.5 MW earthquake caused Port Royal, Jamaica, tosink below sea level and killed approximately 5, 000 people.
1692Three thousand people died in the earthquake in the Port of the Caribbean country of Jamaica.
1769Daniel Boon begins his search for the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.
1783Iceland's Laki craters began an eight-month eruption,triggering major famine and massive fluorine poisoning.
1788Citizens of Grenoble threw roof tiles onto royal soldiers, anevent sometimes credited as the beginning of the French Revolution.
1801Portugal and Spain signed the Treaty of Badajoz, which resulted in Portugal losing the city of Olivenza.
1809Shuja Shah of the Durani Empire signed a treaty with the British.
1810Journalist Mariano Moreno published Argentina's firstnewspaper, the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres.
1827Greek defenders surrendered Egyptian forces to Athens under the command of General Rashid Pasha.
1832The Reform Act became law in the United Kingdom.
1839Aerial Rights Declaration was signed.
1862The United States and Britain agreed to end the slave trade.
1862The United States and Britain agreed to suppress the slave trade.
1892Homer Plessy, an 'octoroon' from New Orleans, was arrested forrefusing to leave the 'whites-only' car on a train.
1892The Republican convention began in Minneapolis.
1893MK Gandhi committed his first attempt of civil disobedience. The attempt was done in South Africa. That time South Africa was also under British rule. People were facing racism. Coloured were made deprived of rights by British.
1898The Social Democracy Party of America held the first national conference in Chicago.
1899American Temperance crusader Carrie Nation entered a saloon inKiowa, Kansas, and proceeded to destroy all the alcoholic beverages withrocks.
1906The Canard liner launched RMS Lucetia as the world's largest ship in Glasgow.
1917First World War-The British Army detonated 19 ammonal minesunder the German lines, killing 10,000 in the deadliest non-nuclear man-made explosion in history.
1929Lateran treaty was signed. This treaty became the base for the existence of Vatican City. It was an agreement signed between Italy and Holy See. According to the agreement a new state was built in which sovereignty was given to Holy See. Also the constitutional rights were also provided to them.
1939George VI and Elizabeth became the first kings and queens of Britain to visit America.
1940Daisy Duck's character first appeared in the Disney cartoon Mr. Duck Steps Out.
1941Soviet Armmates Commander Boris Vanikov was arrested.
1942Battle of midway ended. It was a naval battle on the pacific between japan and USA. This battle is listed among the best naval battles of history. USA defeated the Japan causing many irreparable damages. It was a decisive victory of USA.
1944The Battle of Bravil began.
1948Rather than sign the Ninth-of-May Constitution making hisnation a Communist state, Edvard Beneš chose to resign as President of Czechoslovakia.
1948The leftists completely occupied Czechoslovakia.
1949Dock workers launched a strike in the United Kingdom.
1954Early computer scientist Alan Turing committed suicide.
1965The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Griswold v. Connecticut that a Connecticut law that prohibited the use of contraceptives violated the'right to marital privacy'.
1967Israeli soldiers entered in the city of Jerusalem during six days war. This war was fought between 3 Arab countries and Israel. The Arab countries include- Jordan, Egypt and Syria. East Jerusalem was captured by Israeli defence forces along with south river bank.
19751st cricket world cup began in England. It was a 14 days long tournament in which 8 cricketing nations took part. The innings of 60 overs were played by the teams. West Indies became the champion of 1st world cup.
1975The inaugural Cricket World Cup, the premier internationalchampionship of men's One Day International cricket, began in England.
1975The first match of the first World Cup was played between India and England at Lodgers Stadium in London. India lost in this.
1979India's second satellite Bhaskar-1 was launched from Beers Lake in the Soviet Union.
1981Israel air force destroyed Osirak nuclear reactor of Iraq. The attack was done during operation opera. The Israeli air force carried out a surprise attack on Osirak nuclear reactor. This reactor was a purchase of Iraq from France and was under construction.
1981The Israeli Air Force attacked and disabled the Osirak nuclear reactor, assuming it was producing plutonium to further an Iraqi nuclear weapons program.
1982Graceland, Elvis Presley's mansion in Memphis,Tennessee, opened to the public as a museum of Presley's life.
1989India's second satellite Bharskar I was launched with a Soviet rocket.
1995Boeing 777 took its first commercial flight with introduction in US airlines. Boeing 777 is the world’s largest twinjet aero plane. It is a long range large body aircraft. It has an operational radius of about 20000km.
1998Three white supremacists murdered African American James Byrd,Jr., by chaining him behind a pick-up truck and dragging him along anasphalt road in Jasper, Texas.
2000The United Nations declared the boundaries between Israel and Lebanon. The blue line was used to define boundary between these two nations by UN. Both the nations agreed to the decision made by UN.
2001Tony Blair's Labor Party won by an overwhelming majority.
2006Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, was killed when the United States Air Force bombed his safe house near Baqubah.
2006The British Parliament was temporarily closed due to anthrax warnings.
2013In a fire in a bus in Xiamen, China, 42 people died and 30 people were injured.
2014Maria Sharapova won the French Open women's tennis.
2016A car bomb attack on Istanbul's central police killed 11 people.

Important Historical Events of 07 June in India ⚡

1975The first match of the first World Cup was played between India and England at Lodgers Stadium in London. India lost in this.
1979India's second satellite Bhaskar-1 was launched from Beers Lake in the Soviet Union.
1989India's second satellite Bharskar I was launched with a Soviet rocket.
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