The year 2015 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2015 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2015 in World ⚡

30 MayEnglish batsman Alastair Cook became the highest run-scorer for England in Test cricket.
04 JuneA fire at a petrol pump in Ghana killed more than 200 people.
17 JuneThe gunman killed nine people in a church in South Carolina, USA.
02 JulyIn the Philippines, 62 people died when a boat carrying 220 passengers drowned.
10 July23 people died in a stampede while taking clothes being distributed for free in Mamansingh district of Bangladesh.
14 JulyNASA's New Horizon became the first spacecraft to visit Pluto.
16 JulyScientists released close-up photographs of the planet Plutte.
01 October280 people died due to heavy rains and landslides in Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala.
26 OctoberA 7.5-magnitude earthquake in the Hindukush mountain range of northeastern Afghanistan killed 398 people and injured 2536.
29 OctoberChina announced the abolition of a child policy.
31 OctoberAll 224 people on board the plane were killed after Russian airline Koglimavia crashed in plane 9268 in Northern Sinai
04 NovemberA building collapsed in Lahore, Pakistan, killing 45 and injuring about 100 people.
20 NovemberAt least 19 people were taken hostage in Bamako, the capital of the African country of Mali.
13 AugustIn Baghdad, Iraq, a bomb explosion killed 76 people and injured 212 others.
24 AugustAmerican football player and coach Charlie Coffee passed away.
18 DecemberBritain's coal mine Kellingley Callery was closed.
07 JanuaryIn Paris, two gunmen attacked the office of 'Charlie Abdo' magazine, killing 12 people and injuring 11 others.
12 January143 militants of the terrorist organization Boko Haram were killed in an encounter with security forces in Cameroon.
22 JanuaryThe explosion in Donetsk, Ukraine killed 13 people.
25 JanuaryMiss Colombia Polina Vega became Miss Universe 2014.
20 February49 people died in two train collisions in the city of Rafz, Switzerland.
07 MarchFive suicide bombings of terrorist organization Boko Haram in Maiduguri city of Nigeria killed 54 people and injured 143 people.
02 April140 people were killed in a gun attack at Garissa University in Kenya.
05 AprilAmerican actress Julia Wilson died.
07 AprilAmerican actor Geoffrey Lewis passed away.
11 JanuaryKolinda Gruber Kitarovic was elected as the first female Prime Minister of Croatia.
27 FebruaryRussian politician Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in Moscow.
07 March54 people were killed and 143 injured in a suicide bombing in the town of Maiduguri, Igeria.
02 April140 people died in a gun attack on Garissa College in Kenya.
04 MayStuart Bingham won the 2015 World Snooker Championship.
26 JuneA suicide bomber at a mosque in Saudi Arabia, carrying a Shia Imam al Sadiq in Kuwait, killed 27 and injured 227.
05 July7th Women's "Football World Cup: United States defeated Japan 5–2 in Vancouver.
13 August76 people were killed and 212 injured by ISIL truck bomb in Baghdad, Iraq.
12 SeptemberJeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labor Party in Britain.
10 OctoberAt least 95 people were killed and 200 injured in a bomb blast at a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey.
12 NovemberA suicide bombing killed 43 in Lebanon.
12 DecemberFirst woman member elected in municipal council election in Saudi Arabia.
27 FebruaryRussian statesman and politician Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in central Moscow while returning from a meal out.
24 MarchThe co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 intentionally piloted the plane into a mass murder-suicide over the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board.
13 AprilCzech politician Vet Zedli's announced Microniation Liberaland on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia which was unclaimed on both sides due to a regional dispute.
24 MayThe Republic of Ireland voted to legalize the same-linga marriage, became the first country to legalize the same-lingo marriage by popular vote. The marriage is recognized despite the sexual relations of the partners. The result requires objective support in Oireachtas before going into a legal impact, although it is estimated that autumn 2015 will take place in the first similar-linga marriages.
03 JuneThe United States presidential election of 2016 is expected to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This will be the 58th US presidential election. Voters will select the presidential elections in the election who in turn will elect a new President and Vice President of the United States. Due to the range of tenure in the Twenty-Second Amendment in the Constitution of the United States, President Barack Obama is ineligible to be selected for the third term.
04 JuneThe St. Bennett Hall at the University of Oxford decides to accept women, making it the last of the institutions of the university doing so.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2015 in India ⚡

27 JulyThe 11th President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam died in Shillong.
04 OctoberIndian film director and producer Idida Nageswara Rao passed away.
07 NovemberIndian director and poet Bappaditya Bandopadhyay died.
08 AprilIndian journalist and famous writer Jayakantan passed away.
21 JuneOn June 21, the United Nations General Assembly was declared as International Yoga Day on December 11, 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in India. On 21 June, which is the Summer Sankranti, as the International Day of Yoga, suggesting, Narendra Modi said that the date is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world.

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