The year 2006 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2006 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2006 in World ⚡

09 MayThe European constitution was approved in the European country Estonia.
14 MayFormer Communist leader Giorgio Napolitans was elected as the new President of Italy.
16 May47-year-old Mark Inglis of New Zealand became the first climber to hoist the flag on the top of Everest using artificial legs.
25 MayNASA launched a weather satellite called GOESN into space. The United States successfully conducted a ship-based interceptor missile.
26 MayThe Java earthquake in Indonesia left more than 5700 dead and nearly two million homeless.
27 MayMore than six thousand people died in a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Java island of Indonesia.
13 JuneNigeria and Cameroon compromise on border dispute.
24 JuneCapital punishment was abolished in Philippus.
09 JulyAt least 122 people died after the crash of the Shibir Airlines A310 on the runway of Siberia's Irkutsk Airport.
11 JulyThere were serial blasts in Mumbai in which 209 people were killed.
17 JulyDiscovery spacecraft landed safely on Earth after completing its 13-day space journey at the Space Center of Cap Canaveral Florida).
27 JulyIntel Corp. introduced Core 2 DU microprocessors.
31 JulyFidel Castro entrusted power to his brother.
06 SeptemberFelipe Calderón of the ruling Conservative Party of Mexico was nominated as the new president.
08 SeptemberSerial blasts took place in Malegaon, Maharashtra, in which around 37 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured.
19 SeptemberThere was a military coup in Thailand, after which General Surayud became Prime Minister.
22 SeptemberThe Atlantis Special Craft, which went on a construction mission of the International Space Station, landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center in the United States.
29 SeptemberWorld's first female space tourist Anusheh Ansari, a US citizen of Iranian origin, returned to Earth safely.
09 OctoberGoogle announced the acquisition of YouTube.
15 OctoberThe United Nations imposed a ban on North Korea.
05 NovemberFormer Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death.
12 NovemberThe International Treaty 'Protocol on Explosive Remnants of War' came into force.
01 AugustThe world's first earthquake early warning service was launched by Japan.
11 AugustPakistan launched the third Agosta 90B class submarine.
21 AugustFamous Shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan died in Varanasi.
28 AugustMaria Esther D. Capovilla, the world's greatest woman, died in Ecuador.
04 DecemberNearly a thousand people died in a village in the Philippines after a landfall.
04 DecemberNearly a thousand people died after landfall in a village in the Philippines.
16 DecemberSpace constitution was finalized in Nepal. Under this, King Gyanendra was removed as the head of the country.
18 DecemberThe elections were held for the first time in the United Arab Emirates.
26 DecemberAustralia's great leg-spinner Shane Warne made history by taking 700 wickets in international Test cricket.
30 DecemberFormer Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein was hanged.
16 JanuarySocialist leader Michael Bashlet was elected the first female President of Chile.
18 JanuaryIn the United States, the Supreme Court was stamped on willful death.
22 JanuaryEva Morales was sworn in as President of Bolivia.
24 FebruaryEmergency was imposed after the coup attempt in the Philippines.
25 FebruaryDeepa Mehta's film 'Water' won the 'Golden Kinari' award.
08 MarchRussia withdrew its proposal on the Iran case.
10 March26 people were killed in a landmine blast in Quetta city of Pakistan.
16 MarchThe General Assembly of the United Nations voted unanimously to form the United Nations Human Rights Committee.
18 MarchThe United Nations approved the proposal for the formation of the 'Human Rights Council'.
30 MarchHindi prose, novelist, satirist and journalist Manohar Shyam Joshi died.
01 April19 people died in a plane crash in Rio de Janeiro.
03 AprilThe Maoists declared a ceasefire in Nepal.
07 April79 people died in the bombing in Baghdad.
08 AprilLukashenko took the oath of Belarus for the third time.
09 AprilConfirmation of Saturn-like ring around Uranus planet.
14 AprilFirst Buddhist World Conference begins in China.
19 AprilThe first astronaut Neil Armstrong was presented a moon piece brought by him.
24 AprilParliament restored in Nepal.
29 AprilPakistan tested Htf-6.
26 JanuaryWestern Union discontinued ICT wire service.
10 FebruaryThe 20th Winter Olympic Games were started in Turin, Italy.
26 MarchThe 18th Commonwealth Games kick off in Melbourne, Australia.
27 AprilLaunched at the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in New York City.
09 MayEstonia ratified the European Constitution.
07 JuneThe British Parliament was temporarily closed due to anthrax warnings.
01 JulyThe first work of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was started in the People's Republic of China.
25 AugustFormer Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko was sentenced to 9 years in federal prison for money laundering, wire fraud, and extortion.
01 SeptemberRoger Goodell began his tenure as Commissioner of the NFL.
09 OctoberNorth Korea reportedly conducted ICT's first nuclear device test.
10 NovemberSri Lankan Tamil MP Nadarajah Raviraj Colombo was assassinated.
30 DecemberMadrid Barzai International Airport was bombed.
04 JanuaryNancy Pelosi became Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, becoming the highest-ranking woman in the history of the U.S. Government.
19 JanuaryIn the deadliest aviation accident in Slovak history, an Antonov An-24 aircraft operated by the Slovak Air Force crashed in northern Hungary, killing 42 of the 43 people on board.
23 JanuaryStephen Harper wins the election in Canada. He is the first conservative Prime Minister in 12 years.
25 JanuaryThree independent observing campaigns announced the discovery of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, a super-Earth extrasolar planet 21, 500 ±3, 300 light years away from Earth near the center of the Milky Way.
01 FebruaryThe United Airlines 250 Muslim pilgrims were crushed to death during the annual stoning of Satan Rituals in the Mena Valley at Saudi Arabia.
04 FebruaryA stampede at the Phil Sports Stadium in Pasig City, Metro Manila, in the Philippines, killed 78 people and injured about 400.
05 FebruaryIn the super bowl XL, the Steelers defeated the Seahawks by 21-10 runs.
07 FebruaryAL Salam Boccaccio, an Egyptian ferry sank after killing over 1200 people in the Red sea.
11 FebruaryIn a hunting visit Dick Chancy accidently shot his own friend in a hunting accident.
12 FebruaryDick Cheney accidentally shoots friend in a hunting accident.
17 FebruaryA massive landslide in the Philippine province of Southern Leyte killed over 1, 000 people.
19 FebruaryA methane explosion in a coal mine in Nueva Rosita, Mexico, trapped and killed 65 miners.
22 February1 billionth song was sold by Apple’s iTunes Store.
22 FebruaryAt least six men staged Britain's biggest cash robbery ever, stealing £53,116,760 in bank notes from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.
24 FebruaryPhilippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared a stateof emergency in an attempt to subdue a possible military coup.
10 MarchNASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter attained orbit around Mars.
11 MarchMichelle Bachelet was inaugurated as the first female Presidentof Chile.
16 MarchThe United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly toestablish the UN Human Rights Council.
20 MarchCyclone Larry made landfall in far north Queensland, eventually causing nearly $1 billion in total damage to Australia and destroying more than 80 percent of the banana crop.
21 MarchA man using a hammer smashed a statue of Phra Phrom at the Eran Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, and was later beaten to death by onlookers.
22 MarchThe ETA terrorist group declares a ceasefire in Spain.
25 MarchA gunman entered Seattle, Washington, US after a rampage and killed six people and injured two more before committing suicide.
26 MarchSmoking is banned in bars and restaurants in Scotland.
01 AprilAccording to the 2005 Act of the British Parliament, many British police agencies became very serious and organized together.
01 AprilMany British policing agencies became very serious and organized together.
02 AprilIn Central America, more than 60 touches touched, killing 27 people and lost about $ 1.1 billion.
06 AprilThe Lithuanian President Rollandus Pakkas became the first European state to be removed from the post by impeachment.
03 MayArmavia Flight 967 crashed in the Black Sea on 3 May 2006. The number of deadly accidents in this accident was 113, which meant that no passenger, including all the crew members, was survived and this uneven data it was the third largest death in any accident after the Gulf Air Flight 072 accident in 2000. Creates and Tam Airlines Flight 304 Accident 2007.
12 MayA cartoon in which the Iranian Aeseris was allegedly compared to the cockroach was published in an Iranian magazine, which stretched riots across the country.
18 MayThe 18 May Act was passed by the Jan-Ac-movement in 2006 by the government which is described as Nepali Magna Carta. This bill reduced the power of the king and established the nation as a secular country.
18 MayThe Parliament of Nepal unanimously voted for the removal of King Gyanendra of many of its powers.
20 MayDhaka wildcat strikes took place on May 20, 2006 and lasted for 18 days in and around the capital of Bangladesh. More than 1.8 million workers from 4000 garment factories demonstrated and were engaged in a series of massive strikes.
24 MayAn uncomfortable truth, a documentary film about El Gore, vice -president of former Unitedstates, was released to citizens to educate aglodal warming.
27 MayYagyakarta, Indonesia, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude in the southern part of Java Island, at least 5, 700 people killed, at least 36, 000 injured and at least 1.5 million homeless.
03 JunePakistan Da Vinci Code banns the film as it includes blasphemous material about Jesus. Da Vinci Code is a 2006 American mystery-thriller film, produced by John Kelly and Brian Grees and directed by Ron Howard. The screenplay was written by Akiva Goldsman and adapted to Dan Brown's best -selling novel in 2003. The film stars Tom Hax, Audrey Tutau, Ian McClen, Alfred Molina, Jurgen Prancho, Jean Reno and Paul Bettni.
04 JuneThe Islamic Court militia occupies the Major city of Balad, a coalition of chieftains, ARPCT, located near Somalian capital Mogadishu. Reports states that at least 15 people have been killed in the fight.
05 JuneSerbia announced its freedom from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. It is located in Carfor, Central and Southeast Europe. The Belgrade capital is the name of the city of Serbia. The official language is Serbian. Its population was around 7.2 crore.
07 JuneIn Iraq, al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarakavi was killed when the United States Air Force bombed his safe house near Babah.
14 JuneThe United Nations violated a ceasefire in Lebanon Warbaton Lebanon and Israel.
18 JuneThe first Kazakh space satellite, Kazsat was launched. Kazsat was a communication satellite that planned to occupy a geostative orbit of about 36,000 km above the Earth. The this was built by the Khulakhev Space Center in collaboration with the Thales Ellenia Space. The partial control of the satellite was lost in July 2008 and completely in October 2008.
19 JuneThe formal Cer of the Swalbard Global Seed Vault 'first stone', a feature that was established to preserve a wide variety of seeds of plants spread worldwide in an underground cave in Spitsbergen, Norway.
21 JunePluto's newly discovered Moon was officially named Niches and Hydra. There are five known moon in the dwarf planet Pluto. In order to distance from Pluto, they are Charon, Stylex, Niches, Cerberos and Hydra.
25 JuneIsraeli soldier Geelad Shalit was abducted from across a border from Carem Shalom from Gaza Strip, and was held by Hamas until 2011.
26 JuneThe first Prime Minister of Eastern Timor, Mari Alakatiri resigned weeks after political unrest.
29 JuneUS Supreme Court Hamdan V. The military commissions established by Bushdimation violated both the US and international laws to try to try prisoners at Gwantanamo Bay, deciding that Rumsfeld gave his verdict.
01 JulyThe Kinhai-Tibet Railway, the world's highest railway and the only railway line in Tibet Autonomous Region were inaugurated.
05 JulyNorth Korea tested four short range missiles, a medium range missile and a long range Topodong -2. Japan reported a long -term Tapodong -2 failure in the middle air above the sea. Topodong -2 was a designation that was used to pointing to the North Korean two or three -phase ballistic missiles. Its design is the successor of Topodong -1 technology performance. After the launch, the missile was tested once in less than 40 seconds and failed.
05 JulyThe United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting after North Korea allegedly tested at least seven different ballistic missiles.
12 JulyOperation True Promise was started by Hizbullah against Israel. Hizbullah attacked a military patrol convoy of the Israeli army on the Israeli border. A total of 8 Israeli soldiers were killed and two were caught by Hezbollah terrorists. Israel immediately responded and declared a war situation against Lebanon's Hezbollah.
12 JulyHizbullah forces crossed the Israeli-Leban border and attacked the Israeli military posts, firing rockets and mortars in the Israeli towns, provoking a five-week war.
30 JulyLebanon War-Israeli Air Force carried out a three-storey attack near South Lebanani village in Kana, killing at least 28 soldiers, including 16 children.
30 JulyLebanon War: Israeli Air Force carried out a three -storey attack near South Lebanani village in Kana, killing at least 28 civilians, including 16 children.
31 JulyFollowing intestinal surgery, Fidel Castro provided the duties of Cuba's President's President's presidency to his brother Raul.
01 AugustThe United Kingdom and the California states coincide to reduce their impacts on the environment. Prime Minister Tony Blair and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the agreement after the long -beach visit to California.
03 AugustThe dispute between the Sri Lankan army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is the worst violence for the time when they agreed to ceasefire in 2002.
04 AugustPolice of Arizona, USA arrested 2 people accused of 35 murders.
04 AugustThe Sri Lankan civilian war-seven employees of French Ingacf International were massacred in Muttur.
05 AugustSince the Human Rights Organization was not authorized by the Interior Ministry, Iran banned Shirin Abadi, author of the Nobel Peace Prize.
07 AugustIn the Bichol region of the Philippines, Meyon moves thousands away from the volcano, as local volcanoes forecast a closer explosion.
09 AugustThe British police arrested 24 people for conspiring to explode liquid explosives on at least 10 airlines traveling from the United Kingdom and Canada to United Kingdom.
10 AugustThe Scotland Yard says that militants have disrupted plans to destroy aircraft from Britain to America. Pakistan's intelligence service reports that his work with the British Intelligence Department helped reveal the conspiracy. CNN says that sources have informed that it was the latest arrests in Pakistan, which persuaded Britain to take fast action.
13 AugustTokyo faced an unknown blackout which was a few hours long on this day. Electricity failure occurred in the morning crowds and the normal flow of trade was interrupted as workers were delayed and companies could not start their days.
14 AugustThe United Nations violated a ceasefire in Lebanon Warbaton Lebanon and Israel.
16 AugustThe word 'International Astronomical Association' suggests a new meaning of the word 'which is to be voted on 24 August. It will include Charon, Eris and Ceres as planets.
17 AugustAn active volcano in the ecuador explodes of the flowing flow of Pyrocklastic, which removes the harmful ash about six kilometers in the air, and removes thousands of people.
18 AugustThe Ford Motor Company will make 10 plants meaningless for time in North America, as it reduces production by 21%.
19 AugustA Turkish-Irani natural gas pipeline is running in the Agri province. Turkish officials said the separatists were responsible.
21 AugustThe channel tunnel connecting the UK and France has been seen coming out smoke from a freight train.
22 AugustNASA announced that its new manned space exploration vessel is going to succeed STS (or Space Shuttle) by 2014, and would be called Orion.
22 AugustPulkovo Airlines flight 612 crashed near the Russian border East Ukraine, killing all 170 people.
23 AugustNatasha Company, abducted at the age of 10, survived his prisoner Volfgang prince after eight years of imprisonment.
24 AugustThe International Astronomical Union (IAU) first determined the term 'planet' and announced that Pluto was not more part of our solar system, it was declared as 'dwarf planet'. In a meeting in Prague, 2,500 scientists decided by votes that Pluto would no longer be considered a planet in the scientific community.
24 AugustThe International Astronomical Union re -defined 'Planet', re -classified Pluto as a dwarf planet as it did not see the neighborhood around its orbit.
25 AugustThe first legal abortion in Colombia took place today. After the legal dispute for months, the courts thought that abortion could be legal in situations in the country where the mother's health is in danger, pregnancy is the result of rape, or the fetus is severely deformed.
26 AugustNASA on Friday postponed the launch pad of Space Shuttle for 24-hour Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-115), although there was no damage.
29 AugustThree more people have been accused of terrorism acts on the alleged transatalantic aircraft plot of 2006, including a total of eleven suspects.
30 AugustThe Mars Recinance Orbiter has effectively eliminated aero-breaking, and an Sun on Mars is getting ready to enter the synchronized science orbit.
04 SeptemberFamous wildlife enthusiastic, 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin dies during shooting in Australia's Great Barrier Reef when a stingre's toxic barb pierced his chest.
05 SeptemberOne of the four existing Aerocars (flying car) is kept for sale in US $ 3.5 million.
06 SeptemberAccording to a survey conducted by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, the economy of Singapore tops the list of 175 economies as the world's most trade-friendly economy.
07 SeptemberUkrainian archaeologists say they have found underground pyramids near Luhansk which are present before the pyramids in Giza.
08 SeptemberAn suicide car bomb explosion near the United States Embassy in Kabul, at least 10 people died.
09 SeptemberThe Sri Lankan army reports that 28 soldiers were killed and 119 injured in a conflict with Tamil Tiger rebels in Jaffna. About 150 Tamil tigers were also said to be dead.
13 SeptemberKimvir Gill shot and killed 19 people at Dawson College in Montreal for unknown reasons.
14 SeptemberThe African Union has supported an Igad peace installation campaign in Somalia, known as Igasom.
17 SeptemberA large -scale protests began across Hungary, when Prime Minister Giecherni's personal speech was publicly leaked, which was admitted that the Socialist Party of Hungary lied to win the 2006 election. .
19 SeptemberThe spacecraft is a delay of one day in the return of Atlantis as the unknown object is seen floating near the shuttle.
19 SeptemberThe Royal Thai Army overthrew the elected government of the Thayprime Minister Thacasin Shinavatra, when she was in New York City for the UN General Assembly election.
22 SeptemberAccording to reports, the number of people falling ill after consuming tainted spinach in 25 American states has reached 166.
23 SeptemberA car bomb was released as an attack on a kerosene tanker in Baghdad. 35 people were killed and many were injured in this. This attack is part of the violence that is causing tension between Shia and Sunni Muslims through Iraq during the holy month of Ramadan.
29 SeptemberThe Hirise camera takes its first low-sap of the Mars reconnaissance orbiter. It has managed to get high-resolution of Mars.
29 SeptemberGol Transports Aresose Flight 1907 Paizoto de Azedo, Mato Groso, an ambrear collided with Ligi Business Jet near Brazil, collided in mid-hwa, killing 154 people, and Brazilian Aviation crisis.
02 OctoberFour Russian officials arrested as intruders in Georgia have been released.
05 OctoberGerman experts have discovered 51 skeletons from a collective grave of Menden-Berge in the Sauraland region of the country, who are believed to have the remains of victims of Nazi massacres during World War II.
06 OctoberNASA releases close-up photos of Mars which reveals the hidden, sea past. These pictures were taken by Mars Honor Orbiter.
07 OctoberRussian journalist and human rights activist Ana Politkovskaya murdered her apartment block in CentralMoscos.
10 OctoberA naval base and oil facility in the state of Belasa, Nigeria, have been taken by equipped attackers. It is believed that they are holding 60 people hostage.
11 OctoberAccording to a report released by the United Nations, the misuse of children at many places around the world is "comprehensive and tolerant". According to a separate charity report, The Save the Children is capturing more than a million children worldwide.
13 OctoberVeterinarians are said to use Vesocomis to control elephant's over -simulation in Africa. In the Krurgar National Park, there has been a huge increase in their number in the last decade.
14 October1718 has been adopted by the United Nations Security Council, implementing sanctions in response to recent nuclear tests conducted on North Korea.
15 OctoberThe Israeli police advised President Moshe Katsav to be accused of sexual abuse, rape and fraud. However, the final decision on bringing the allegations depends on the Attorney General Meni Majuj.
16 OctoberRussian and American scientists revealed the discovery of a new chemical element with atomic number 118, temporarily called unique.
17 OctoberAt least 2 people die and about 120 others are injured by the collision of two metro trains in Rome.
19 OctoberSouth Korea's Foreign Minister Ban Ki Moon, also UN Secretary -General, has warned that another atomic tests conducted by North Korea will "be serious consequences."
22 OctoberAt the Gaza Strip Bureauz refugee camp, a terrorist organization called Mohammad Shahadeh, a terrorist organization Al-Aksa Brigade leader, has been shot dead outside his own house. Hamas members are accused, but Fatah officials are criminals of murder.
24 OctoberTo help Kazakhstan, the European Union announced that it would help them develop nuclear power for "peaceful objectives".
25 OctoberAmid the possibility of war across the country, the Islamic Court Union of Somalia started recruitment of thousands of people who responded to military action by Ethiopia.
26 OctoberDuring the creation of general elections, the National Assembly of Nicaragua has passed a law, which prohibits any kind of abortion.
27 OctoberChina's industrial and commercial bank shares went on sale in stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong, making it the world's largest IPO (initial public offering).
28 OctoberNATO apologizes to the death of Afghan citizens in an air strike in Kandahar province on Tuesday 24 October, blaming the Taliban for using common villagers as villagers.
30 OctoberSuper Typhoon Simon, the strongest storm to kill the Philippines in eight years, kills at least three people because it makes landfalls in Luzon.
01 NovemberThe International Union of the World Confederation of Labor and the International Union of International Trade Association is covered to create a Sangh, the International Trade Association of Sangh. It is the largest known trade union federation.
02 NovemberB. in Science, Science. A study has been released by Warm et al. It estimates the decline of commercial fisheries by 2048 due to pollution, excess rainfall and other environmental effects.
03 NovemberTed Hagird, an American Minister of America, has been accused of consuming and engaging in gay acts.
04 NovemberAccording to reports, the number of deaths due to fire at the historic Mizapa Hotel in Reno, Nevada has increased to nine, all of which have not yet been investigated.
05 NovemberFailure of 2 high voltage transmission lines in Germany leads to power cuts in a large area of ​​Western Europe, including France and surrounding countries.
06 NovemberThe bomb blast occurs in the Federal Electoral Tribunal in Mexico, the headquarters of an opposition party and also in a bank in the capital.
07 NovemberVietnam has been invited by the World Trade Organization to become an official 150th member of the World Trade Organization.
09 NovemberAccording to the head of the Mi5 (Security Service), a large number of young British Muslims are being improved and trained to choose the path of mass murder.
10 NovemberScientists at Rice University have learned that small particles of iron oxide, when placed under a strong magnet, are tied with arsenic through nano technique. It is probably very beneficial for countries suffering from arsenic pollution of ground water.
10 NovemberProminent Sri Lankan Tamil politician and human rights lawyer Nadraja Raviraj was murdered in Colombo.
11 NovemberSomalia's Islamist leaders have agreed to interact with the transitional government to avoid conflict.
12 NovemberIsrael has threatened Iran to carry out airstrikes on Iran's nuclear amenities "as the" last solution ". Iran's Foreign Ministry retaliates that if Iran proceeds with this decision, it will "retaliate the crushing attack".
12 NovemberAlthough the Georgian government declared it illegal, South Oseshia held a referendum on independence, with about 99 percent of the voters supported, to preserve the situation in the region as a real fact.
16 NovemberAfter being banned for a full year, the Wikipedia website has been unblocked by the Chinese government.
17 NovemberPlay Station 3, Sony's new console has been released in North America with 14 launch titles.
18 NovemberIt turns out that the Leonid Meteor Boocure, which takes place every year, may possibly be a strong outbreak at the end of this week for the residents of New York and New England in the United States and Maritime in Canada and Western Europe.
20 NovemberThe US Stock Exchange Nasdac has formally launched a bid of £ 2.7 billion to take the London Stock Exchange.
21 NovemberA passenger train and a freight train collided with the Arnhem station in the Netherlands, injuring 31 people. The police arrested the driver of the goods train, who clearly ignored a red signal.
21 NovemberAfter the death of Anastasius II, both Simmachus and Laurentius were elected Pope, which led to a scholar who would last up to 506.
22 November7 foreign oil workers have been taken hostage in Nigeria. In an attempt to save people, 4 people, including a hostage, a soldier and two kidnappers, were killed.
23 NovemberAlexander Litwinnco, who was poisoned in London at the end of last week, died. He had to suffer a heart failure on a ventilator earlier.
24 NovemberThe European Union (EU) hosts the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a conference. Poland has launched the European Union-Russia Partnership Dialogue.
26 NovemberThe ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian fighters began in the Gaza Strip. It held talks between Palestinian President Mahmood Abbasand Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
27 NovemberThe Islamic Court Union, which controls southern Somalia, has revealed that they will attack Ethiopia's army in Galakayo in Mudug province of Central Somalia.
28 NovemberA French Army spokesman said that in the Central African Republic of the French forces, government troops have launched an aggressive campaign to rebuild the northeastern city of the rebels.
29 NovemberLast Saturday, in the first round of Bahrain's parliamentary elections, Islamists won a large number of seats, through rumors that Shia opposition party, al -Wafak leader, would join the government in the cabinet reshuffle.
30 NovemberScience magazine Nature publishes a new reconstruction of the antiquethera mechanism based on high resolution X-ray tomography. The antiquethra mechanism is an ancient Greek mechanical analog computer designed to calculate astronomical conditions.
01 DecemberThe United States has warned of a possible cyber attack by al-Qaeda to disturb the stock market and other financial installations.
02 DecemberPolice are investigating in London whether the killers of Alexander Litinenko also tried to poison Italian security expert Mario Scarmela.
03 DecemberMark Ravlomanana, the current leader is expected to be elected as the President of Madagascar in the Madagascar elections.
04 DecemberWhatever NASA revealed his intention to make on the basis; The North Pole or Southern Pole of the Moon.
04 DecemberSix black youths attacked a white man in Jena, Louisiana, USA; Later the court case will become a reason.
05 DecemberE. The coli bacteria epidemic have affected around 12 people on Long Island, with many who ate Taco Bell. Authorities have ordered the closure of eight Taco Bell Restaurants.
06 DecemberPictures revealed by NASA prove that in the last 7 years, water has been flowing from 2 gulls on Mars.
07 DecemberNigerian gunmen set fire to an oil terminal in the delta of the Niger River and took three Italians captive.
08 DecemberAccording to officials, the 2006 ASEAN Summit, which is going to be held in the Philippines, has been delayed due to severe tropical storm, uterore. Officials also refused that the delay was due to the terrorist threat.
09 DecemberThe "The World of Turkmenbashi Tales" the theme park in Turkmenistan is built 2 months after being opened. More children are now expected to be fascinated in the park that the ride works.
11 DecemberDiscovery Docks successfully with NASA's Space Shuttle International Space Station. The crew is expected to spend a week to run the space station again.
11 DecemberThe International Conference to review the global vision of Theholocaust to provide a suitable scientific environment for scholars, which presents their opinion in freedom', but worldwide', but worldwide Criticized as 'Hellochecon Daniers' meeting.
11 DecemberThe first action in the Mexican Drug War took place as President Felip Calderone, in which the Mexican Army and the federal police unions were ordered in the Egyptian state.
12 DecemberVietnam was reported to be involved in the World Trade Organization on 11 January 2007, making him the 150th member. This step confirms a good 12 -year wait to join Hanoi's WTO.
13 DecemberAccording to a survey conducted by the Social Opinion Center of Uzbekistan, 93.7% of the respondents opposed religious fundamentalism and 3.9% said that religious freedom is limited, although only 39.4% said that they have situations that have situations which are "their religious religious Satisfies the requirements. "
14 DecemberAccording to a research excursion, human action has had a direct impact on the Chinese river dolphin, which is probably extinct now.
30 DecemberMV commander Nusantara, an Indonesian boat, drowned in Java during a storm, killing at least 400 people.
30 DecemberFormer Iraq President Saddam Hussain was executed by the Iraqi Specialbunal after being found guilty of crimes against humanity.
30 DecemberBasque Nationalist Group ETA carried out a van bomb at the Madrid Barajs Airport in Spain, ending a nine-month ceasefire.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2006 in India ⚡

19 MayMalaysian industrialist T. Ravichandran of Indian origin conquered Mount Everest.
06 July44 years later, the closed Nathula Pass since the 1962 war in India-China was opened. From here there was trade between India and China.
03 AugustThe United States said that it would not aid uranium enrichment in India.
27 AugustRenowned Indian director, producer and screenwriter Hrishikesh Mukherjee passed away.
29 JanuaryIndia's fast bowler Irfan Pathan became the first bowler to take a hat-trick in the first over in Test cricket.
17 MarchThe United States declared India a dependable partner.
30 AprilThe 2011 Cricket World Cup was hosted by the Indian subcontinent.
22 JanuaryAymaran Evo Morales was inaugurated as President of Bolivia,the country's first democratically elected, fully Amerindian leader.
29 JanuaryIndia's Irfan Pathan became the first bowler to take a Testcricket hat-trick in the opening over of a match.
06 JulyNathu La, a hill pass to the Himalayas connecting India and China, was sealing during the China-Indian War, re-opened to trade after more than 40 years.
09 AugustThe Indian state Kerala has banned the manufacture and consumption of soft drinks by the Pepsi Company and the Coca-Cola Company as high levels of insecticide residues present in water are used to make these beverages.
22 AugustThe United Kingdom promised to help reduce the mortality rate of children and mothers in India. The suggested plan was the estimated cost of 252 million pounds and was directed to improve the healthcare of the poor.
30 SeptemberThe Indian police accused Pakistan's security and intelligence service, saying that the Mumbai train was the mastermind ISI in the train bomb blasts in July. This terrorist attack was carried out by the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, in which about 200 people were killed.
20 OctoberThe Indian corporation decides to buy the Tata Group Anglo-Dutch Steel Company, Chorus. This is the largest acquisition of a foreign company by an Indian company so far.
15 NovemberDuring the first peace talks between countries, India and Pakistan have decided to set up a team to fight terrorism. Nevertheless, there is no improvement in the main dispute over Kashmir.
19 NovemberIndia's Earth missile, which is capable of carrying nuclear weapons, is fired.
26 DecemberThe Hengchun Earthquake came to Taiwan on the south-west coast of the continental earthquakes and the regions of southeastern Iran in the coastal communities of South-East Asia and South Asia in the 2004 Indian Ocean.

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