According to Gregory calendar, on May 24, the day number in a year is 145 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 146. May 24 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 24 May in the World ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1653The German Parliament declared Ferdinand II as King of Austria.
1689The British Parliament guaranteed religious freedom to Protestant Christians.
1689The Act of tolerance in England became law, under certain conditions to worship non-reformists, but except Catholics.
1738At an Morevian meeting in Eldersgate, London, John Veslexperiant experienced a spiritual rebirth, inspiring him to launch a methodistmoment.
1824The British captured Rangoon and Burma in the First Anglo-Burmese War.
1830Passenger railroad service was introduced for the first time in the US.
1830Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the first common carrier and class I railroad in the United States, opened for scheduled service.
1830Nursery poem 'Mary Head a Little Lamb' was first published by Sara Joseph Hale.
1832The first Empire of Greece was declared at the London conference. The Greece's Empire was a state established at the London conference by the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire in 1832. It was internationally recognized by the Treaty of Constantinopal, where it also gained complete freedom from the Ottoman Empire.
1854Anthony Burns arrested by US Deputy Marshal in Boston.
1875Syed Ahmad Khan established the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental School in Aligarh which is presently known as Aligarh Muslim University.
1883The Brooklyn Bridge opened to traffic 13 years after construction.
1883New York City opened Brooklyn Bridge (Picture) - the world's longest suspension bridge at that time.
1903The Madrid race for automobiles began in Paris, killing eight people.
1913Princess Victoria Louis of Prisoner married Hanover's Prince Ernest Augustus, who was one of the last great social events of the European royal family, fourteen months after the First World War.
1915Thomas Alva Edition invented Telescribe.
1915First World War: Italy announced war against Austria-Hungary, joining the struggle on behalf of the Allies. Antante Power or the Allies were countries involved in the war with central powers during World War I. Members of the Triple Entant were the French Republic, the British Empire and the Russian Empire.
1921The first general election was held for the new Parliament of Northern Ireland.
1922Russian and Italy signed trade agreements.
1930English Aviatrics Amy Johnson, Darwin, landed in Northern Territory, who became the first woman to successfully fly from England to Australia.
1940Igor Sikorsky performed the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight. The Igor Ivanovich Sikorky helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft were a Russian American aviation. He designed and blows up the world's first multi-engine fixed wing aircraft, Ruski Whitez and the first Airlander, Ilya Muromates in 1914.
1948After the Arab-Israeli war-five days of battle, the Egyptians finally captured the Israeli community of Yed Mordaqai, as the Theadfender left it.
1955The French Open tennis tournament opened at Stade Roland-Garros in Paris.
1956The first version of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lalugano, Switzerland.
1957Anti-American riots broke out in Taipei city of Taiwan.
1959British Empire Day was named Commonwealth Day.
1960Cordon Quul, explosion began in Andes in Chile, exploded in the region a few days after the Waldivia earthquake.
1962Project Merkari: American astronaut Scott Carpenter revolved the Earth thrice in the Aurora 7 Space Capsule. The Malcolm Scott Carpenter was an American naval officer and aviator, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, astronaut and aquanet. He was one of the original seven astronauts selected for NASA's project mercury. The carpenter was the second American and fourth in space to revolve around the Earth.
1963The United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy met with unsuccessful attempt to thwart breed relations with American -origin author James Baldwin.
1970Drilling of Cola Super Deep Borhole began in the Soviet Union. Cola Superdeep Borhole is the result of a scientific drilling project of the Soviet Union. The project tried to drill as deeply as possible in the earth's crust. Several borhole drills were drilled from a central hole. The deepest, reached 12,262 meters in 1989 and still has the deepest artificial point on Earth.
1970On the Cola Peninsula in Russia, drilling began on the Cola Superdeep Borhole, eventually reached 12,262 meters (40,230 ft), making it the deepest hole ever and is the Earth's deepest artificial point.
1976Concord service began from London to Washington DC. Concord is a turbojet-operated supersonic passenger jet aircraft in service from 1976 to 2003. It is one of only two supersonic transport to enter commercial service. This much crosses the maximum speed at the speed of sound at 2.04, with 92 to 128 passengers seating spaces.
1976In a liquor competition in Paris, the French judges shocked the liquor industry, more than the French wine compared to the California wine.
1981An explosion in a grain elevator in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, killed 9 and injured 30.
1986Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first Prime Minister to visit Israel.
1991Operation Solomon commissioned by Israeli Prime Minister Itzhac Shamir.
1991Israel defense forces started Operation Solomon, which was a cover to bring the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel.
1993Eritrea gained her freedom from Ethiopia. After the United Nations supervision referendum in Eritrea, in which the people of Eritrea voted heavy for independence, Eritrea declared her independence and gained international recognition.
1994More than 250 Hajis died due to stampede during a Haj ceremony in Meena, Saudi Arabia).
1999Former Sarbia President Slobodan Milosivich Kosovo was convicted for war crime and crimes against humanity.
2000World Turtle Day is sponsored by American turtle rescue, drawing attention to turtles and turtles, and encouraging human action to increase respect and respect for them, and help them alive and flourish. From getting ready as a turtle or wearing green summer clothes, to save turtles caught on highways, for research activities, Turtle Day is celebrated worldwide.
200115-year-old Sherpa Tenba Sheri of Nepal became the youngest climber to conquer Mount Everest.
2002Russia and the US signed the Treaty of Moscow.
2002Russia and the United States signed the Moscow Treaty.
2004North Korea banned mobile phones.
2005NB Inkbair was elected President of Mongolia.
2006An uncomfortable truth, a documentary film about El Gore, vice -president of former Unitedstates, was released to citizens to educate aglodal warming.
2013Rafael Correa sworn in Ecuador's presidency for the third time.
2014Former Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra was arrested after a military coup.
2015The Republic of Ireland voted to legalize the same-linga marriage, became the first country to legalize the same-lingo marriage by popular vote. The marriage is recognized despite the sexual relations of the partners. The result requires objective support in Oireachtas before going into a legal impact, although it is estimated that autumn 2015 will take place in the first similar-linga marriages.

Important Historical Events of 24 May in India ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1557An army of 80,000 horses met Alexander Shah Suri and the army himself met the army in Sirhind. He lost to the Mughal army and was forced to withdraw from the Shivalik hills in North Punjab. The victorious Mughals marched to Delhi and captured it. Alexander Shah Suri was the sixth ruler of Sur dynasty, a late medieval Pashtun dynasty of North India. He became the Sultan of Delhi after overthrowing Ibrahim Shah Suri.

Important Days of 24 May National & International Days 🏁

Commonwealth DayInternational Day
Commonwealth Day - India (Second Monday in March)National Day
Eritrea Independence DayNational Day

Famous People's Birthdays on 24 May 😀

Birth YearName/Category/Country
1956Bachendri Pal / Mountaineer / India
1920Nilamani Routray / Politician / India
1954Bachendri Pal / Mountaineer / India
1955Rajesh Roshan / Composer / India
1973Shirish Kunder / Producer / India

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