The year 2005 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2005 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2005 in World ⚡

05 MayLabor Party leader Tony Blair became the Prime Minister of Britain for the third time.
24 MayNB Inkbair was elected President of Mongolia.
13 JunePop singer Michael Jackson was acquitted in a sexual assault case of a 13-year-old child.
15 JuneAsafa Powell of Jamaica set a new world record in the 100 meters Ferrata race with a time of 8.77 seconds in Athens.
20 JuneRussian cargo vehicle M-53 reached the International Space Station.
30 JuneGay marriage was legalized in Spain.
04 JulyIn Australia, a new species of dolphin snubfins was discovered.
06 JulyA forty thousand year old footprint was found in Mexico.
07 JulyFive Islamic extremists in London blew four bombs at different places in the city. In which more than 50 people were killed.
20 JulyGay marriage was legalized in Canada and became the fourth country to do so.
23 JulyNearly 100 people were killed in bombings in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh and some hotels in Nama Bay.
26 JulyNASA launched spacecraft Discovery.
28 JulyClaimed to have discovered the tenth planet of the solar system.
02 SeptemberHurricane Katrina hit the United States causing great devastation.
05 SeptemberMandala Airlines plane 091 crashed in a residential area in Sumatra in Indonesia, killing 104 people in addition to 39 people in the residential area.
07 SeptemberThe first presidential election was held in Egypt.
21 SeptemberJunichiro Koizumi was re-elected Prime Minister of Japan.
08 OctoberA severe earthquake in South Asia took thousands of lives.
09 OctoberThe launch of the European satellite 'Cryoset' failed.
10 OctoberAngela Merkel became Germany's first female chancellor.
21 OctoberMukhtaran Mai 'Woman of the Year ' was elected Pakistan's victim of gang rape.
28 OctoberCzechoslovakia, a country located in Central Europe, gained independence.
29 OctoberTwo days before Deepawali in Delhi, 62 people died in the serial blasts in busy areas Paharganj and Sarojini Nagar.
21 NovemberSri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed former Prime Minister Ratnasiri Vikramanayake as the new Prime Minister of the country.
22 NovemberAngela Merkel of Germany's CDU Party became the first woman Chancellor of Germany.
01 AugustSaudi King Emperor Fahd bin Abdul Aziz died and the late emperor's brother Shahzada Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz was appointed the new ruler of the country.
31 AugustMore than 1000 people died in a stampede on the Al-Immmah Bridge in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.
17 DecemberKing Jig Sigme Wanchuk of Bhutan was removed from power.
20 JanuaryFamous Bollywood actress Parveen Bobby of the 70s and 80s passed away.
14 FebruaryThe video-sharing website YouTube was launched.
16 FebruaryThe Kyoto Treaty to protect the environment came into existence seven years after several major countries of the world agreed.
19 MarchPakistan successfully test-fired the Shaheen-II missile.
28 MarchAn earthquake in the island of Sumatra shook the whole of Indonesia. This earthquake was the fourth largest earthquake after 1965.
30 MarchFamous cartoonist and author O.V. Vijayan died.
01 AprilIn Nepal, 285 political prisoners were released along with the captive Girija Prasad Koirala after the Emergency was imposed.
06 AprilKurdish leader Jalal Talabani was elected the new President of Iraq.
08 AprilIn Vatican City, the last farewell was given to Marhoom Pope.
09 AprilThe Crown Prince of Britain was married to Camilla.
19 AprilCardinal Yosif Ransinger of Germany was elected the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
22 AprilSecond Asian-African Conference begins after 50 years in Bandung Indonesia).
23 AprilVideo uploaded for the first time on YouTube.
25 April107 people died in a train accident in Amagasaki, Japan.
27 AprilIn Toulouse France) the world's largest Airbus-built A-380 took the first test flight.
30 AprilEmergency ended in Nepal, retaining the extraordinary authority of the King.
18 JanuaryThe world's largest commercial jet, the Airbus A380, was unveiled in France.
06 FebruaryTony Blair remained Prime Minister of Britain for 2,838 days.
23 MarchAn explosion at a refinery in Texas City killed 15 workers.
05 MayTony Blair's Labor Party won re-election in the UK general elections for a third consecutive term.
30 JuneSpain legalized gay marriage.
03 JulyNational law legalized gay marriage in Spain.
23 AugustThun Peru Flight Pukalpa Peru had 204 crashes in which 41 people died.
07 SeptemberThe first presidential election was held in Egypt.
01 OctoberThe bombings in Bali killed 23 people.
29 NovemberThe new Croatian Communist Party was founded in Vukovar.
15 December2005 Atlantic power outage initiated.
05 JanuaryEris, the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System, was discovered by a team led by Michael E. Brown using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, California.
06 JanuaryAbout 60 tons of chlorine gas were released when two Norfolk Southern trains collided in Graniteville, South Carolina, USA.
12 JanuaryCape Canaveral decided to launch a spacecraft known as Deep Impact spacecraft.
16 JanuaryGeorge W. Bush became the president of USA for the second time.
30 JanuaryAfter a long gap of several years the parliamentary elections of Iraq took place in 2005 after 1958.
06 FebruaryThe New England Patriots won over the Philadelphia Eagles with 24-21 runs in super bowl XXXIX.
14 FebruaryFormer Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri was assassinatedwhen explosives were detonated as his motorcade drove past the St.George Hotel in Beirut, sparking the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon.
15 FebruaryThree former PayPal employees launched the popular website YouTube, where individuals and companies can upload, view and share videos.
16 FebruaryThe Kyoto Protocol, an amendment to the international treaty onclimate change, entered into force.
23 FebruaryThe controversial French law on colonialism, requiring lycéeteachers to teach their students 'the positive role' of Frenchcolonialism, was passed, creating so much public uproar and opposition that it was repealed less than one year later.
25 FebruaryRadio Canada International has completed it 60th year and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2005.
03 MarchSteve Fossett flies the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer to a world record. He has completed the first non-stop, non-refuelled, solo flight around the world.
03 MarchGarry Kasparov has declared his retirement professionally from chess.
10 MarchTung Chee Hwa, the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong,announced his resignation following widespread dissatisfaction with hisleadership.
18 MarchAs per a court order, the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo, anAmerican woman who suffered brain damage, was removed at the request ofher husband, fueling a worldwide debate on euthanasia.
20 MarchA magnitude 7 earthquake struck west of Japan's Kyushu island.
23 MarchA fire and explosion at the third largest oil refinery in thirty states killed 15 workers and set off a worldwide process safety program.
28 MarchThe Sunaratan earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 on the Richter scale was the second largest after 1965.
04 AprilNCAA Men's basketball championships defeated Illinois 75–70 at the men's basketball championship.
09 AprilThe prince of Charles, Wales married his long -time mistress Parking Bols.
25 AprilIn Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan, a commuter train came on its tracks and entered an apartment building, killing the driver and 106 crossing passengers and injuring 555 others in the Amagasaki railway accident.
26 AprilThe soldiers from Lebanon were abolished their 29 -year military occupation.
27 AprilThe world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 took its first flight from tooluz, France.
09 MayThe Huffington Post, an American online news aggregator, was launched on 9 May 2005. It was established by Ariana Hafington to offer news related to each category, blog, original material etc. It is the first digital media enterprise in the United States. Won Pulitzer Award in 2012.
09 MayPope Benedict Sixteenth began the process of assault for his preacher Pope John Paul II, waiting for the standard five years after the death of the nominee.
13 MayUzbekistan's Internal Ministry and National Security Service killed 187 in the crowd of protesters in Andizan, Uzbekistan, in the official count of the government, allegedly 5,000 people.
16 MayKuwait introduced the franchise of women with 35-23 National Assembly votes on 16 May 2005, which means that women of Kuwait had the right to vote, but the right was removed in later years. In 2005, he was again given the right to vote by the Kuwait Parliament.
18 MayAnother picture of the Hubble Space Telescope confirms the theadestipation of Pluto-Nix and two new Hydra Moon.
21 MayThe world's tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, opened on May 21, 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, United States. It was also the fastest roller coaster until Formula Rossa opened in November 2010.
30 MayAmerican students Natalhe Holowe disappeared during a graduate visit to Aruba, and caused media sensation in immigrant states.
31 MayAn article in the magazine Vanity Fair has revealed that the detective, known as 'Deep Throat', who gave information about the watergate scandal, was former FBI Associate Director Mark Felt.
14 JuneHelios Airways Flight 522 crashed on a mountain in North Marathon and Varano in Greece, killing all 121 people.
21 JuneWorld Hydrography Day, 21 June, was adopted by the International Hydrographic Organization to promote the importance of hydrography and the importance of hydrography. The International Hydrographic Bureau was established in 1921 with the aim of providing a mechanism for consultation between governments on matters such as technical standards, safe navigation and marine environment protection.
28 JuneIn Afghanistan, the war-3 US Navy Navy Seal and 16 American Special Campaign forces soldiers were killed during a failed retaliation in Kunar province of Afghanistan.
03 JulyEqual-sex marriage in Spain became legal.
04 JulyNASA Space Investigation Deep Impact affected the nucleus of comet Temple 1, digging the debris from its inner part to study its condition.
07 JulySuicide assailants killed 52 people in a range of public transport system of London of four explosives (portrait of emergency respondents).
12 JulyPrince Albert II was excited as Emperor Monco.
19 JulyJohn G. Roberts, Junior has been nominated in the United States Supreme Court.
20 JulyCanada became the 4th country allowing similar sex marriage.
20 JulyThe Civil Marriage Act received a legitimate-marriage marriage in its Royal Assent, Canada.
22 JulyThe London Metropolitan police killed the gene Charles de Mannezes, Brazilian immigrants, incorrectly involving it, was involved in the failed bombing efforts of the city in the city.
24 JulyLance Armstrong retired after winning his 7th straight Tour D France.
26 JulyThe first flight of shuttle discovery STS -111 after Colombia's disaster.
28 JulyThe provisional Irish Republican Army announced to end its campaign to create autocratic Ireland to end British rule in Northern Ireland.
03 AugustThe BBC stumbled on documents, stating that in 1958 the British government helped Israel to get nuclear weapons.
03 AugustFormer Tehran Mayor Mahmud Ahmadinejad began his term as the sixth President of Iran.
05 AugustThe People's Republic of China formally accused Hong Kong reporter Ching Cheyong of spying. He is a journalist for The Straits Times.
08 AugustIran continues with its nuclear program in uranium facility near Isfahan city.
09 AugustRomulus, a chemical plant explosion in Michigan. No injured were reported, although people were asked to vacate the nearby houses.
10 AugustIn addition to the transfer of its own China operations, Yahoo Inc. is a deal to pay around US $ 1 billion, in turn to 35% for equity stake;
11 AugustMalaysia has declared an emergency situation in two cities due to air pollution reaching a high level. In Indonesia, pollution is blamed on the fire lit to clean the land, causing harmful effects on air quality and visibility in the strait of multica.
12 AugustIn an attempt of immigration in the United States, 104 ecuadors are killed when their ship sinks into the Pacific Ocean. However, 9 people have been rescued after staying in the sea for two days.
14 AugustHelios Airways Flight 522 crashed on a mountain in North Marathon and Varano in Greece, killing all 121 people.
17 AugustZotob Computer Worm is the reason behind various computer crash around the world. The worm only affects the PC using the early versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP, causing them to close and reboot repeatedly.
18 August100 million living in Java and Bali is left without electricity due to a major failure in a significant transmission line, at least seven hours without electricity, currently ranked as the worst power cut in history.
18 AugustA police shot and killed a person, Saleh Mohammad al-Aofi, who is considered the leader of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.
19 AugustIn the southern Ontario of Canada, thunderstorms created a minimum tornado, which occurred in loss of over $ 500 million.
20 AugustThe original letter by Albert Einstein, whose title is located in the archives of Lauretz Institute for Theoratical Physics, Leden University, Dated 19 December, Dated 19 December.
21 AugustAt the conclusion of World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany, about 800,000 people came together for the Pope Benedict Sixteenth.
22 AugustMaria Sharapova has become the first Russian woman to achieve the world number one as she replaces the injured American Lindsay Devanport.
24 AugustHeavy floods in Switzerland, Austria and Germany evacuated thousands of people.
25 AugustHurricane makes landfalls in Florida between Katrina Hollandel Beach and Awaantura, a category 1st as Florida mid morning is about 1 storm 125 mph wind speed, hurricane growth is about 5FT. The storm leaves 1 million and 12 dead without electricity.
27 AugustHamas leader Muhammad Def, who led Israel's most wanted list, released a video while taunting Israel.
29 AugustHurricane Katrina's storm gave rise to several violations around New Orleans, causing floods about 80% of the city and drowned surrounding areas for a week.
31 AugustAbout 1,200 people were killed on Wednesday in a stampede in Baghdad. The reason was that when thousands of Shia Muslims started marching towards a shrine.
01 SeptemberCalifornia's Senate passes the first bill of California to allow equal-lingu marriage in the United States. In favor of the bill, 21 and 15 votes against it are face to face in the State Legislature, who rejected a similar bill in June last year by a thin margin of two votes.
03 SeptemberThe Qatar oil rich nation has been offered $ 100 million aid to $ 100 million with the devastating loss done by Katrina of the storm.
04 SeptemberScientists at the Vistar Institute say they will reveal the details of their research on the creation of 'miracle mice' next week at a conference on regeneration at Cambridge University. Experimental animals have shown the ability to reproduce disintegrated appendages or other body organs of the body.
07 SeptemberAfter kidnapping and held hostage in November 2004, American man Roy Hallmes was rescued in Iraq.
11 SeptemberThe eleven -minute video tape from al Qaeda is transported to the American network ABC in Pakistan and shown on Good Morning America, which warns of future attacks on Los Angeles, California and Melbourne, Australia. Adam Yayi Gadhan.
12 SeptemberIn Colombia, an airplane kidnapper and his son surrendered peacefully after a five -hour conversation. The officials discovered him that what he later learned was a useless bank investigation.
16 SeptemberPakistan President Pervez Musharraf has expressed displeasure among the people, describing the rape victims in Pakistan as part of the 'worry of earning money'.
18 SeptemberVice Admiral Taad Alan warned that New Orleans tap water is still unfit for drinking. He warned that the encouragement of residents outside the French quarters to return to Mayor Ray Naagin is currently 'extremely problematic'.
19 SeptemberAl-Qaeda's deputy Ayman al-Jawahari said that Al-Qaeda implemented the group's plan and the public transport system of London at 7 am in July.
22 SeptemberAustralia agrees to fund Indonesia's response to avian influenza by providing anti-viral drugs to save health workers in the event of an epidemic. A team of the World Health Organization is being sent to Jakarta.
24 SeptemberInformal reports from Hong Kong say the second Chinese human spacecraft Shanejho is expected to be launched on October 13. It will take two astronauts on a five -day mission.
27 SeptemberTwo Japanese scientists snaps more than 500 photos of a living huge squid. They also recover one of its two longest tents, which separated during a conflict.
29 SeptemberJohn Roberts became the 17th Chief Justice of Unitedstates.
30 SeptemberA United Nations Health Specialist, who has recently been coordinating the outbreak of the outbreak of the South-East Asian bird flu, also known as Avian Influenza, warns that the disease up to 150 million people ' Can kill Bird Flu has killed a large number of birds and more than 60 humans in Asia since 2003.
30 SeptemberDenmark newspaper Galends-Posten published controversial cartoons, portraying Muhammad, which was seen by many Muslims as Islamophobic and Ishaninda.
01 OctoberTerrorist suicide bombings occurred at two places in Bali, Indonesia, killing twenty people and 120 others were injured.
02 OctoberAstronomers who discovered Aris, that NASA refers to the "tenth planet, stated that it has a moon, diasonomia.
05 OctoberEngland's international football player Wen Roney has been nominated as the FIFA SOS Ambassador for England in the encouragement of the official FIFA World Cup Charity.
06 OctoberNew York City increases police patrolling in New York City Subway System after receiving a terrorist threat.
07 OctoberThe United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency has been awarded the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize for his continuous conflict to control the spread of dangerous nuclear weapons with its Director General Mohammad Al Bardai.
09 OctoberTogether, Anglican and Catholic leaders have revealed their concerns about euthanasia as the House of Lords form arguments for the legislature.
12 OctoberThe People's Republic of China launched the human spacecraft, Shanejho 6 spacecraft with Fee Junlong and Nih Hiseng spent five days in it.
13 OctoberThe dangerous appearance of the H5N1 avian influenza virus is confirmed in the dead birds found in Turkey.
15 OctoberA riot broke out by members of the National Socialist Movement, a new-Nazi group, toledo, Ohio, America, among the protesters.
16 OctoberIn the rebellion of South Thailand, a Buddhist temple caught fire, killing Buddhist monks and five other people.
19 OctoberAccording to reports, 2600 birds Hohot, Inner Mongolia, have been killed by the H5N1 virus.
19 OctoberHurricane Wilma became the most acute Atlantic storm with a minimum atmospheric pressure of 882 mbar.
20 OctoberThe United States, Ontario to live with its leading trading partner, declares that he would become the first Canadian province to expand the day's savings time.
21 OctoberAccording to an investigation conducted by the United Nations, it is discovered that Rafiq Hariri, a former Prime Minister of the Syrian and Lebanon governments, was involved in the murder of Lebanon.
22 OctoberAvian Influenza 'outbreak has been discovered for the first time in the UK from a South American parrot, who died in Quarantine as he was tested.
26 OctoberA historical monument is discovered in Bosnia, a historical monument to become a pyramid for the first time to become a pyramid.
27 OctoberMost of the ninth African descent youths in various parts of France created a furore for four months due to the death of three Muslim youths in the Clichchi-Su-Boybab of Paris.
27 OctoberThe death of two Muslim youths in the Clichchi-Sus-Bois suburb Paris in various parts of France had been four months after the riots by most of the youth of North African origin.
01 NovemberNorth Korea and South Korea have decided to come together and form an Olympic team in the next Olympic Games.
02 NovemberAbout 80 squares of the world's best radio astronomers come together in Pune, how and where to decide to establish the world's largest radio telescope, to make decisions, Square kilometers are called Eri.
03 NovemberAccording to the revelation by measles initiative (MI), about 200 million children in Africa have been vaccinated since 1999. This was done as a protective measure against measles, reducing the infection rate by 60 percent.
04 NovemberU.K. Old Bailey has convicted five white racists with a 15 -year sentence for spreading communal hatred.
05 NovemberPope Benedict XVI plans to approve new rules that ban gay men from entering the institution. According to him, this action will help prevent the scam of sexual abuse of Roman Catholic Church.
06 NovemberAccording to reports, the tenth night of the 2005 French riots is the most serious incident ever. French President Jacques Shik has asked to take the rioters into custody and punish them.
07 NovemberChina shuts down all the poultry markets of Beijing. Authorities ordered the closure of all poultry markets in Beijing and in an attempt to extend their fight against avian influenza, he seized chickens and ducks from homes.
08 NovemberAccording to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the Institute of Sitasian Research in Tokyo is about to start a debate in the name of scientific research. It can probably kill about 940 whales by misusing rights under the International Whaling Convention.
09 NovemberSwaziland is facing the world's highest HIV infection rate, drafting a sexual offense and domestic violence bill that proposes a death penalty for deliberate broadcast of child rape, incest and HIV. Amnesty International later expressed concern.
09 NovemberThe European Space Agency began the first long -term observation of the Venus Express mission (artist's impression painted), the Venavian atmosphere.
10 NovemberThe United States House of Representative Republican leadership drops a provision from budget plans that will open the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee for drilling due to protest against liberal Republican and expected in the Senate.
11 NovemberSaudi Arabia has finally been accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization after twelve years of discussion and talks.
12 NovemberUnited Nations Secretary -General Kofi Annan pays a surprising visit to Iraq and supports support for a Arab League Conference, which discusses cooperation with several Iraq's parties.
14 NovemberDiplomatic sanctions for Uzbekistan have been renewed by the United Nations, which were continuously dissolved by the UK and German governments. These restrictions ban the sale of Uzbekistan or vice verses from European Union officials.
15 NovemberAt least 3 people were killed and 8 others were injured in a bomb blast outside a KFC outlet in Karachi, Pakistan.
16 NovemberThe first suspected case of avian flu in humans has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health of People's Republic of China in Hunan.
17 NovemberAn item of debated chemical safety has been passed by members of the European Parliament. It is known as registration, evaluation and authority chemicals (access) law.
17 NovemberIl Canto Degli Italian officially became a national anthem Italy was temporarily chosen after the birth of the Italian Republic.
18 NovemberIn East Iraq, 74 Shia soldiers were killed in several suicide bombings in 2 mosques, while two bombings in Baghdad exploded a car and destroyed a hotel wall with foreign journalists.
19 NovemberThe Maoist rebels in Nepal, after several negotiations and discussions, have decided to work with the opposition's politicians against the rule of King Gyanendra.
19 NovemberIraq War-e Group of United States Marines allegedly massacred twenty-four people in Haditha city of Iraq.
20 NovemberOn his visit to the People's Republic of China George W. Bush, the President of the US participates in a church service as he asks for more freedom of expression and faith during his East Asian tour.
21 NovemberAriel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, announces his intention to resign from Likud and form a new party, asks the President of Israel to call a general election.
22 NovemberIn Kenya, voters disastrously formed a new constitution, which gave more power to the President.
22 NovemberThe assembly of the International Space Station began when Zarya, its first module, was launched from Baijonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.
23 NovemberAn explosion in a chemical factory on the Songhua River in Northeast China leads to a high level of poisonous benzene in the river water.
23 NovemberEllen Johnson Sarlif won the Liberian general election, making her the first democratically elected woman head in Africa.
24 NovemberTwo people were injured after an accident at Messi's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, in which the M&M balloon got entangled in a light pole and fell near Times Square.
25 NovemberThe European Commission initiated legal action against the Bank of Italy and its President Antonio Fazio, who allegedly favored the Italian Bank Banka Popolare Italiana in the race to achieve Banka Antowaneta, thus punishing the Dutch group ABN AMRO.
27 NovemberThe leader of the Democratic Action Party Lim Kit Siang demanded the resignation of the Deputy Inspector General of Malaysian Police for his work in the Malaysian prisoner abuse case.
27 NovemberFrench oral and maxillophysical surgeon Bernard Davuchelper made the world's first partial face implants on a living human, placed placed in the face of Isabel dinoare, which was bitten by his dog.
28 NovemberSeveral days of water cuts due to poisonous benzene spreads, the water flowing in the city of Harbin in Hilgjiang, China is restored. Yilan County, Heilong Jiang, however, is still without flowing water.
29 NovemberThe Lesotho government provides free HIV tests to all its citizens. With the aim of preventing and bringing back the spread of AIDS, it is considered the first program of its kind in the world.
30 NovemberA new campaign against Iraqi rebels begins with the United US-Iraqi soldiers operating Operation Iron Hammer in Western Iraq.
01 DecemberInterest rates have been increased for the first time in 5 years from 2.0% to 2.25%. The European Central Bank took this decision.
02 DecemberScientists of the Gabon and the Republic of Congo discovered three species of fruit bats to be an animal reservoir for Ebolavirus. It is believed that the virus was first spread from animal to humans in 1976 due to local predators who eat bats.
03 DecemberPakistan's Information Minister claims that Pakistani services have killed al-Qaeda operational commander Abu Hamza Rabia in a fight on the border of Afghanistan.
04 DecemberFormer Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser called for a ban on death penalty worldwide.
05 DecemberAfter the earthquake, Pakistan has re-presented the SOS Children's Village as a guardian of all orphans and non-alected children.
05 DecemberThe Civil Partnership Act came into force, giving citizenship with the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage in the United Kingdom.
06 DecemberThe World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has revealed a new species of photographs in Borneo. A carnivorous mammal like lemon refers to Mangoz and Civate that makes it a member of the Vive Ride family.
06 DecemberMembers of the People's Armed Police shot and killed several people in Dongzhu, Guangdong, China, opposing government schemes to build a new power plant.
07 DecemberThe Nobel Prize winner, Herold Pinter, has been accused of involvement in the state terrorism in Iraq by Herold Pinter and a case has been filed against George W Bush and Tony Blair.
07 DecemberSpanish officials captured the General Anthegovina of the Croatian Army, who wanted the war crimes committed during the war of freedom; He was eventually freed from all the allegations.
09 DecemberAccording to the report, demonstrations were performed by police forces in Dongzhou, Guangdong, China to drive away the protesting farmers and fishermen. The protesters are believed to have disappointed the government schemes to build a new power plant in the region.
10 DecemberSocoliso Airlines flight 1145 crashed from Abuja to Port Harkourt killed about 103 people and injured 7 others.
11 DecemberThe ongoing strike in Korea affects both national and international Korean air, which has shut down.
11 DecemberA demonstration by Australians in a riots in Chronullah, New South Wales against recent violence against local people turned into a riot.
13 DecemberThree people died and smoke flew into the air due to the collapse of a residential building in New Jersey.
14 December11 Hindus are condemned with life imprisonment to involve Muslims in the 2002 Gujarat violence.
15 DecemberThe F -22 raptor, a stealth fighter aircraft that the United States Air Force claimed that is unmatched by any known or approximate fighter, entered the service despite a long and expensive development period.
18 DecemberThe most recent Chadian civil war began when rebel groups, allegedly supported by neighbor Sudan, began attacking in Adre.
20 DecemberUS District Court Judge John E. Jones III ruled against the teaching of 'intelligent design' in its ruling Kkmiller vs. Dover Area School district.
30 DecemberTropical Storm Zeta was declared a tropical depression, which recorded the record-breaking thirteren tropical cyclone of the 2005 Atlantisuricen season, which is the most active in recorded history.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2005 in India ⚡

12 JanuaryFamous actor and villain of Indian cinema Amrish Puri passed away.
14 AprilIndia and the United States have entered into a historic agreement to open their flight zones to each other's airlines.
18 AprilIndia agrees to give Mumbai-based 'Jinnah House' to Pakistan.
10 AprilWomen's Cricket World Cup: Australia defeated India by 98 runs.
01 MarchThe Supreme Court of India in its historic verdict ruled out the death penalty for those who committed crimes before age of 18 and it called its unconstitutional.
18 JulyIn a joint statement, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and U.S. President George W. Bush announced the US-India Civil Nuclear Griss, a bilateral treaty on civil nuclear cooperation among his respective countries.
18 JulyIndian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President George W. Bush announced the Indo-United States Civil Nuclear Agreement, which was a unilateral treaty on civil nuclear cooperation between his two countries.
06 AugustIndia and Pakistan announced that they had agreed to give preliminary information about future nuclear missile trails to each other.
19 AugustBetween the most serious conflicts on the Indo-Bangladesh border in recent months, Bangladesh Rifles set open fire from India in West Bengal. About 500 rounds were fired in the dispute, but there was no reason.
25 AugustIndia's Foreign Minister Natwar Singh called upon Pakistan High Commissioner Aziz Ahmed Khan to advocate the case of Sarabjit Singh.
09 SeptemberOn September 12, citizen culprits who have fulfilled the sentence between India and Pakistan on the Wagah border will be exchanged.
20 September4 Indian soldiers died after a terrorist attack in the eastern state of Manipur.
21 SeptemberAt least 50 people die after a series of storms and floods in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh and India. Currently many more people are missing, and the authorities fear the safety of more than a hundred fishermen who depend on going to the sea for their livelihood.
29 OctoberIn a wave of terror, a series of explosives stop in New Delhi, the capital of India. 61 people have been killed, many of whom are injured. Three bombs flew in busy markets within a few minutes of each other.
13 NovemberIndian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has requested Nepali king Gyanendra to take measures to restore democratic rule.
26 NovemberVijaypat Singhania of India set a world record for the hottest air balloon flight, reaching 69,852 feet (20.29 km).

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