The year 2007 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2007 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2007 in World ⚡

06 MayNicolas Sarkozy won the French presidential election.
12 MayDuring the Karachi visit of Pakistan Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, 50 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the rioting.
16 MayNicolas Sarkozy became the 23rd President of France.
25 MayThe Government of Sri Lanka granted in-principle permission on the citizenship of Tamil refugees.
29 MayRio Mori of Japan became Miss Universe 2007.
14 JuneFossils of the large dinosaur, bird-facing, were found in the Govi ​​desert of China.
16 JuneSunita Williams became the longest-lived woman in space.
27 JuneGordon Brown became Prime Minister of Britain.
28 JuneApple's first smartphone known as iPhone came on the market.
01 JulyThe ban on smoking in public places took effect in England.
07 JulyAmerica's telecommunications satellite Direct V-10 was launched by Russia's Protan-M rocket.
08 JulyThe 9th Prime Minister of the country Chandrasekhar died.
16 JulyEight people were killed and 800 injured when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Japan's Niigata coast. A nuclear power center also collapsed.
25 JulyThe country's first female President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil was sworn in.
26 JulyPakistan successfully test-fired nuclear-powered cruise missile Babur Htf-7.
04 SeptemberFormer Iranian President Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani was elected the head of the country's highest religious institution.
09 SeptemberAt the Venice Film Festival, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was awarded Best Actor and Cate Blanchett for Best Actress.
11 SeptemberA nearly 2000-year-old tunnel was discovered in the city of David, adjacent to Israel's capital, Jerusalem.
12 SeptemberRussia tests non-nuclear vacuum bomb (Eco-friendly bomb).
13 SeptemberBurj Khalifa, based in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, became the largest building in the world.
16 SeptemberThe plane crashed in Thailand killing 89 people.
20 September15,000 to 20,000 protesters marched in Louisiana, USA, in support of six black youths convicted for harassing their white classmates.
22 SeptemberNASA's Air Craft detected seven caves-like shapes on Mars.
26 September62 workers died as a construction bridge collapsed in Vietnam's southern crest of Cannatho.
06 OctoberThe Australian-American television satellite was tested using the Ariane-5 rocket at Kuru.
08 OctoberFormer Bangladesh Home Minister Mohammad Nasim was sentenced to 13 years in prison.
14 OctoberThe International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA) approved Nepal for the use of nuclear technology in the medical and agricultural sectors.
18 OctoberA suicide attack at a motor car rally of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutte in Karachi city of Pakistan killed 139 people and injured 450 others. Bhutto survived safely.
20 OctoberUS President George W. Bush announced a new embargo against Myanmar's military rulers.
22 OctoberChinese President Hu Jintao commanded the ruling Chinese Communist Party for the second consecutive time.
26 OctoberUS space agency NASA's vehicle Discovery successfully landed at the International Space Center.
05 NovemberChina's first spacecraft Change 1 orbited the moon.
14 NovemberDenmark's Prime Minister André Fag Rasmussen took charge of the country for the third consecutive time.
16 NovemberThe plane crashed in Thailand killing 89 people.
24 NovemberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived home after eight years of exile.
02 AugustA super market in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, caught fire, killing 300 people.
03 AugustThe Russian spacecraft Progress M61, which left for the International Space Station, successfully reached its orbit.
03 August100 people died in a train accident in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
04 AugustAmerica's space agency NASA launched Phoenix Spacecraft for Mars.
04 AugustThe US launched the Phoenix Mars Lander, an American spacecraft whose job was to search for Mars.
11 AugustThe great British musician Anthony Wilson died.
14 AugustYeno Minagawa of Japan, the world's oldest woman, passed away.
15 AugustAn 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the central coastal region of the South American country of Peru killed more than 500 people and left many homeless
23 August30 manuscripts of the Rigveda were included in the UNESCO World Memory Register-2007.
08 DecemberThe US-led coalition forces and NATO forces attacked Taliban militants in Musa Kala district in southern Afghanistan.
10 DecemberChristina Fernandes was sworn in as Argentina's first elected female president.
11 DecemberRail service resumes after 50 years between North and South Korea.
12 DecemberA Peru court sentenced former President Alberto Fujimaro to six years imprisonment and a fine of $ 13,000.
14 DecemberRail service resumed after 50 years between North and South Korea.
15 DecemberEmergency civil law implemented in Pakistan.
19 DecemberTime magazine honored Russian President Vladimir Putin with the title of Person of the Year.
20 DecemberPakistan's federal Sharia court called the Pakistan Citizenship Act discriminatory against women.
27 DecemberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi.
09 JanuaryThe first state ministry was formed in Japan.
14 JanuaryThe Interim Constitution was approved in Nepal.
18 JanuaryJulie Winfred Bertrand, the world's oldest woman, died in Canada.
19 JanuaryThe decision to confer the Jawaharlal Nehru Award on Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed bin Timur al Saeed of Oman.
28 JanuaryFamous musician O.P. Nayyar died.
03 FebruaryA bomb blast in a market in Baghdad, Iraq's capital, killed 135 people.
09 FebruaryPakistan's opposition party Jamayati Ulema Islami removed Jinnah from the list of freedom fighter.
17 FebruaryThe then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
18 February68 people were killed in the Samjhauta Express going from Delhi to Lahore.
23 FebruaryPakistan tested Shaheen-2.
26 FebruaryIt was announced by the Government of Nepal to nationalize the property of the King.
01 MarchAmulya Nath Sharma became the first bishop of Nepal.
03 MarchPakistan test-fired the Hatf-2 Abdali ballistic missile.
11 MarchSunita Chakraborty completed the 2,012 km journey from Kolkata to Wagah in reverse gear in seven days.
16 MarchHerschelle Gibbs of South Africa set a world record by hitting six sixes in an over.
18 MarchPakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in a hotel bathroom in Kingston.
22 MarchPakistan test-fired the Hatf-7 missile.
02 AprilA powerful tsunami occurred in Solomon Islands.
06 AprilBangla writer Leela Majumdar passed away.
13 April60 years of Indo-Russian diplomatic relations complete.
19 AprilThe Wizard of ID series cartoonist Brand Parker passed away.
23 AprilFormer Russian President Boris Nikolaiyevich Altasin died.
28 AprilAustralia became the world champions for the fourth time after defeating Sri Lanka.
30 AprilBlind pilot Pilot Miles Hilton made a record by circling half the world with a plane.
09 JanuaryApple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone.
28 FebruaryA truck bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, killed 135 people and injured 339 others.
24 MarchThe Australian Labor Party was re-established after the election of the state of New South Wales.
11 AprilTwo bombings in the Algerian capital killed 33 people and injured 222.
16 MayNicolas Sarkozy became the 23rd President of France.
01 JuneSmoking is banned in public places in the United Kingdom.
03 JulyAmerica's Cup: The Alingi team defeated New Zealand 5–2 to win in Spain.
04 AugustNASA built the Phoenix spacecraft.
02 SeptemberThe 11th World Championship of the game was concluded in Osaka, Japan.
06 OctoberJason Lewis completes world's first manned voyage.
05 NovemberThe first high-speed channel tunnel in London opened to passengers.
27 DecemberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber.
01 JanuaryThe newly formed state Slovenia began using the Euro as its official currency.
04 JanuaryThe Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the world's tallest structure, officially opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
07 JanuaryNewly appointed Archbishop of Warsaw Stanislaw Wielgus Resigned amid allegations that he collaborated with the Polish communist government secret police.
10 JanuaryA general strike, an attempt to force President Lansana Contéto resign which eventually resulted in the appointment of two new prime minister, began in Guinea.
11 JanuaryIn 2007, January 11.Vietnam became the 150th member of the world trade organization.
12 JanuaryComet McNaught reached perihelion and became the brightest comet in over 40 years with an apparent magnitude of -5.5.
19 JanuaryTurkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated by a Turkish nationalist for his statements on the Armenian Genocide.
20 JanuaryA three-man team, using only skis and kites, completed a 1,093-mile (1,759 km) trek to reach the southern pole of inaccessibility for the first time since 1958, and for the first time ever without mechanical assistance.
30 JanuaryMicrosoft released its new operating system Windows Vista in 2007.
31 JanuarySuspects were arrested in Birmingham, UK, accused of plotting to kidnap, and eventually behead, a Muslim British soldier serving in Iraq.
23 FebruaryA Virgin Trains Pendolino express train from London Euston to Glasgow Central derailed near Grayrigg, Cumbria, UK, killing one person and injuring 22.
25 FebruaryThe movie “The Departed” is awarded with the best picture award in the Academy Awards in 2007.
04 MarchFourteen-year-old English schoolgirl Charlotte Shaw drowned onDartmoor, becoming the first person to die in connection with the annualTen Tors challenge.
06 MarchThe Mega Millions has the highest lottery jackpot. The decided amount of money is $370 million dollars for the winner.
11 MarchGeorgian authorities accused Russia of orchestrating a helicopter attack in the Kodori Valley of the breakaway territory of Abkhazia.
23 MarchIranian military personnel seized 15 British Royal Navy personnel from HMS Cornwall, claiming that the British ship had ventured into Iran's territorial waters.
02 AprilThe intensity of the earthquake in the Solomon Island measured IN.1, which caused a large scale tsunami.
03 AprilTexas Law Enforcement Officers raided Jesus Christ's Fundamentalist Church of YFZ Ranch of Later Day Saints, eventually 533 women and children removed from the campus.
12 AprilThe canteen of the Representative Council of Iraq's building was attacked by a suicide bomber, killing a Member of Parliament and injuring 23 others.
16 AprilOne of the most deadly shooting incidents in the United Stateshistone, a gunman committed suicide by more than 20 people at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blackberg, Virginia and killed more than 32 people.
26 AprilDisputes around the transfer of Bronze Soldier of Telin of Estonia, a Soviet Red Army erupted in Telin, Estonia as a monument to the Second World War II and erupted in riots.
03 MayFour -year -old Medalin McCan was kidnapped
04 MayOn May 4, 2007, the outbreak of dangerous EF-5 Tornado in the city of Greensburg, Kiowa, almost completely destroyed. It was the strongest tornado among Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota in the same night.
05 MayKenya Airways Flight 507 crashed on 5 May 2007 after taking off from Doula International Airport due to pilot error, in which no one, including the crew members, survived.
07 MayThe Tomb of Herod The Great was discovered by an Israel of archaeologists on 7 May 2007. Herod the Roman customer of the Great Judea was the king known for his huge building construction projects.
07 MayA team of Israeli archaeologists discovered the tomb of the first century BC of Judiya Herod The Great.
17 MayTrains from North Korea and South Korea crossed the 38th parallel in a test run on 17 May with the permission of the two governments. This was the first time that trains have crossed the demilitralized area since 1953.
03 JuneMyanmar and Laos borders led to an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude in southern China, causing people casualties.
04 JuneA giant soil flow destroys the unique geyser valley of Eurasia.
08 JuneSpace shuttle Atlantis was launched on Mission STS -117 with a crew of seven on an assembly mission for the International Space Station. Atlantis is 4th operational and second-to-last space shuttle.
08 JuneA major storm in New South Wales, Australia, took the wholesaler ship MV Pasha Bulkar to the beach.
09 JuneUS President George W. Bush called for the United Nations action on Kosovo's independence despite Russian and Serbian opposition. Kosovo is a disputed region in southeast Europe that claims freedom from Serbia.
13 JuneFormer Iraq official Hatham Al-Badri did the second bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque, which is one of the most sacred places of Islam.
14 JuneThe Shanghai cooperation of the Central Asian countries includes the People's Republic of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which are found in the capital of Bishkek to talk on security issues.
14 JuneFour coordinated suicide bomb attacks exploded at Irakitown in Kahatania and Jazeera, killing 796 people and injuring 1,562 others.
29 JuneApple Inc. Released his first mobile phone, phone. The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. They run Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The most recent iPhone models are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
29 JuneApple Inc. Promoted the first generation iPhone, which promoted the smartphone industry and made the company one of the most valuable companies doing publicly trading.
30 JuneIn an attempt to attack a terrorist, a car -laden car entered the terminal of the Glasgion International Airport in Scotland and set it on fire.
01 JulySmoking in England is banned in all public indoor places. Prior to the ban, several businesses had voluntarily banned smoking as a result of public reaction. Pub chain vetorspons were the first major series to impose a complete ban on indoor smoking.
07 JulyThe first live meaning profit concert was conducted in 11 places around the world.
07 JulyPope Benedict Sixteenth released the appostolic letter Samormponticum, lifting the ban on celebrating the old Latin month.
10 JulyThe first single human world passage tour was started by Eurdon Eruk. It was known for human powered circulation. No motorized vehicle was used by Erden ERUC. It took him about 5 years to complete the tour. He is a Turkish courageous.
12 JulyTwo US Army AH -64 Apache helicopters launched several attacks for air strikes in Baghdad; The classified cockpit profit footage was released on the Internet in 2010.
16 JulyA 6.6 MW earthquake occurred in Nigata province of Japan, leaking radioactive gases from the Kashivazaki-Karva nuclear plant.
21 JulyHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallos, J. Of. The last book of the unpopular Harry Potter series by Rowling was released for a record of 15 million copies in the first 24 hours, making it the fastest selling book in history.
26 JulyFollowing a widespread controversy across Wales, Shambo, a Blackfrishian bull adopted by the local Hindu community, was killed due to concerns about bovine bovine tuberculosis.
01 AugustNew Zealand launched it for the first time at the easily available bio-fuel counter, made from 90 percent fuel as well as ten percent bio-ethanol produced from cow's milk.
01 AugustBridge 9340 carrying interstate 35W in Mississipirivar in Minnesota, Minnesota, USA, 13 people killed and 145 injured in Minnesota province of America.
02 AugustTwo of Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters have been convicted at various places in Pakistan.
03 AugustMexican archaeologists proudly declare to find out what Aztec king's grave is considered, Ahuitzotal.
03 AugustFormer Deputy Director of Chile's secret police, Raulituriaga, was caught running after an allegation for kidnapping.
04 AugustWith the completion of a natural gas pipeline between Turkey and Greece, the gas will be transferred to Europe from Middle East.
04 AugustAirport police officer Maria Dale Luzan Telpuk discovered Essitcase containing US $ 800,000, as it went through an X-ray machine in Buenos Aires, with an international scandal related to Venezuela and Argentina which was exposed to ' Maltinazo is known as'.
05 AugustMozambic officials have captured thousands of boxes of fake toothpastes, which believe that they may have dangerous chemical de-ethylene glycols.
06 AugustAccording to NASA, the three galaxies that are galaxy -shaped, the galaxy galaxy CL0958 + 4702 colliding with the size of Milky Way three times more than the size of the Milky Way. The last galaxy can be up to ten times the size of the Milky Way.
07 AugustPakistan's army attacks a terrorist base in the Degan region near Meeran Shah in North Waziristan.
08 AugustAccording to scientists, a rare type of dolphin was close to extinction. In the survey of the river researchers, the dolphins of the Yangtzi River called Baijis were not found. The extinction of the Dolphin of the Yangtzi River was the first extinction of this race in almost fifty years.
10 AugustThe spacecraft, Endeavor's stomach loss has been observed by NASA after docking with the international space station.
11 AugustThe city of New York has been placed on a red alert after the threat of Al Qaeda on the Internet.
12 AugustThe fossil residue of an ancient ul forest of about 8 million years old is found in a coal mine in Bükkábrány in Hungary.
13 AugustArchaeologists, using radar imagery, said that Angkor, the former capital of the Khmer Empire, was a 3,000 square kilometer area covered and was the largest preindsterial urban center with a population of 5000000.
14 AugustThe Shanghai cooperation of the Central Asian countries includes the People's Republic of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which are found in the capital of Bishkek to talk on security issues.
14 AugustFour coordinated suicide bomb attacks exploded at Irakitown in Kahatania and Jazeera, killing 796 people and injuring 1,562 others.
16 AugustAbout 200 people in Iran have been convicted of going to an 'illegal rock concert', including alcohol and female singers.
18 AugustPakistani President, Pervez Musharraf says that he will contest the upcoming presidential election 'because the country needs him.
19 AugustA week-long heat wave in the southeast and midwest of the United States caused 49 deaths.
20 AugustNASA cleaned the Space Shuttle Endeavor for an initial landing in Cape Canvarts yesterday.
21 AugustSpace Shuttle Endeavor land safely at Kennedy Space Center at 12:32:29 EDT
21 AugustHurricane Dean landed landslides on the Yukaan Peninsula as a 5 -class storm, causing 45 deaths and losses of US $ 1.5 billion.
23 AugustThe European Union lifts the ban on the export of British livestock, meat and dairy products, which was recently implemented in Surrey after legs and mouth disease.
23 AugustAlexi Nikolavich, Tsrevich of Russia, and his sister Anastasia's skeleton remains found near Yakaterinburg in Russia.
26 AugustGreece announced emergency due to several forest fire, over 200, having havoc in different parts of the country. By the time there was a fire in September 2007, 84 people died. Many fire was considered to be on fire.
28 AugustThe full lunar eclipse occurs during pissing in most regions of North America and Eastern Pacific Ocean region.
28 AugustSix nuclear warheads were accused of incorrectly loading by a huge bombers of an United States Air Force, which flew from Minotier Force Base in North Dakota to Barkdel Air Force Base in Louisiana.
29 AugustNASA's internal investigation regarding heavy drinking among astronauts before the mission finds no evidence.
30 AugustFormer Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, claims that he will return from Pakistan after winning a case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
31 AugustThe World Health Organization announced the elimination of an unexplained disease, which has high mortality, a form of hemorrhagic fever in the area of ​​the butcher is considered to be the cause of outbreak.
01 SeptemberArtists of eleven WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) have been suspended on charges of doping.
02 SeptemberIn a conversation with North Korea, US representative Christopher R Hill said that the autocratic nations have agreed to declare all its nuclear plants by the end of the year.
04 SeptemberThree militants in Germany were suspected of being a part of al-Qaeda in Germany after allegedly planned to attack both Frankfurtereport and Ramstein Air Base.
05 SeptemberApple Inc. Has launched a type of a cross between an iPhone and an iPod.
06 SeptemberThe People's Republic of China has again blocked Wikipedia, apparently due to the upcoming Communist Party Congress.
10 SeptemberAccording to CNN report, former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has arrived in Pakistan after seven years of separation.
10 SeptemberThe current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, returned the country after the coup and exiled eight people.
11 SeptemberThe World Health Organization confirms that the Ebola virus has again come alive in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
12 SeptemberRussia tested what they claim to be the largest non-nuclear explosives in the world. The bomb is said to be four times more powerful than the USA's Moab device.
13 SeptemberBurj Dubai becomes the largest structure in the world.
14 SeptemberJapan successfully started its first lunar examination. The investigation called Seel was first prescribed for the Earth's circumambulation and then traveled to the moon and collected information with two small satellites for a year.
14 SeptemberIn the late 2000s, the Financial Crisis-Over-Rock Bank featured specific assistance from Bank of England, which sorted the first banking of the United Kingdom in 150 years.
17 SeptemberFrench Foreign Minister Bernard Covers spoke about the possibility of war on Iran's nuclear program.
18 SeptemberHundreds of villagers are still falling ill for unknown reasons due to the effect of an alleged meteorite in Peru.
19 SeptemberSince the number of rocket attacks for the purpose of Israeli citizens is increasing, the Israeli government has declared the Palestinian controlled Gaza Patti as a 'enemy unit'. It also decides to cut the services in the region.
20 SeptemberThe Canadian dollar arrived briefly with the US dollar for the first time since 1976.
21 SeptemberDrinking poisonous liquor has killed at least 27 people in Karachi area of ​​Pakistan.
22 SeptemberTurkish Foreign Minister Ali Babakan condemned the American support of the PKK terrorist group, which is responsible for attacks on Turkish forces.
26 SeptemberThere has been an outbreak of cholera due to lack of chlorine for water hygiene in Iraq. This contagious disease has spread and has now reached Baghdad.
27 SeptemberThe spacecraft Don has been launched by NASA on a mission to detect the main-belt asteroid vesta and crescent.
27 SeptemberNASA launched the Donf Investigation (Mission Patch Patchrat), to use the ion priority from Cape Provisional, Florida, its purely searching mission.
29 SeptemberIran declared the US Army and the CIA as 'terrorist organization', fighting the US claims about its own armed forces.
02 OctoberThe 2007 Summer Special Olympic began in Shanghai, China.
02 OctoberSouth Korean President Roh Mo-Hune stepped on the military demarcation line for the second Inter-Korean summit along with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.
05 OctoberMarion Jones confessed to using banned substances during her athletic career and snatched five of her Olympic medals.
11 OctoberJohn Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia offers a valid referendum, which identifies the original Australians in the Australian Constitution, only when it is revised.
13 OctoberAbout 11 people have been killed and 23 injuries after a natural gas explosion in a building of dnipropetrovsk of Ukraine.
17 OctoberThe Dalai Lama received the Congress gold medal by the United States Congress; The decision is being firm by George W. Bush.
18 OctoberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister (Benazir Bhutto) returned to Pakistan after an 8 -year self -immolation. However, within a few hours of his arrival, suicidal attackers tried to assassinate him, killing 100 of his supporters in the process, but he escaped unheard of.
18 OctoberIn Karachi, a motorcycle carrying former Prime Minister Pakistan Benazir Bhutto took a suicide attack, killing at least 139 people and 450 deaths.
19 OctoberEuropean Union leaders compromise on the Lisbon Treaty after the last minute concessions for Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.
21 OctoberThe world's largest bank approves a plan to restore the world's financial system. It also has the support of United States Treasury.
22 OctoberThe United States President George W. Bush requested $ 189.3 billion from the US Congress for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
23 OctoberThe spacecraft was successful in unloading Discovery. It was carrying the STS -120 crew that was on an assembly mission and was sent to the International Space Station with a Harmony module.
24 OctoberBenazir Bhutto, the leader of the Pakistan People's Party and the head of the state is forbidden to leave the country.
24 OctoberThe first satellite Chang 'A1 in the Chinese Lunar Exploration) was launched from the Zichang Satellite Launch Center.
26 OctoberRussian and European Union leaders meet for their annual summit in Lisbon.
28 OctoberIsraeli PM Ehud Olmert apologized to his Turkish counterpart, Rispa Tayyip Erdoan for violating the Turkish airspace.
29 OctoberThe earthquake with a intensity of five on the Richter scale destroys the central part of Nepal.
01 NovemberA suicide bomber attacked a bus carrying Pakistani Air Force employees in Punjab. About five people died and 40 people were injured.
02 NovemberAt Tabilisi, Georgia, 50,000–100,000 people allegedly demonstrated President Mikhil Sakashila in a corrupt government.
03 NovemberPresident Pervez Musharraf has declared an emergency in Pakistan due to rising terrorist violence.
03 NovemberPakistani President and Chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf suspended the Pakistani Constitution in view of the emergency situation in Pakistan.
06 NovemberAccording to officials, about 35 people were killed and several injured in a suicide bomb blast in northern Afghanistan.
07 NovemberThe 15 -day mission of the spacecraft Discovery ends with landing at the Kennedy Space Center.
07 NovemberA student of high school in Finland shot and killed eight people at Jokela High School in Tusula before committing suicide.
08 NovemberAsia's markets recorded a huge decline for the third time in five sessions. The unstable hanging index fell nearly 1,000 points a day, while the Shanghai Composite Index closed down about 5%.
09 NovemberThe People's Republic of China ban the export of toys that were covered in a toxic chemical 1,4-butaneol. Toys have been withdrawn from both the United States and China.
10 NovemberPolice in Iran have convicted about 180 Sufi Muslims who were responsible for attacks in a Shia Mosque in Boruzard when a cleric described their religion as "illegitimate".
10 NovemberAt the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile, King Juan Carlos I of Spain asked Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, "Why don't you shut up?" gave a speech.
11 NovemberAccording to a survey, a large number of French citizens will easily support a union with the Valonia region of the French-speaking Belgium if combination is present.
12 NovemberA 16 -year -old Spanish anti -racism liberalism was murdered amidst an anti -immigration protest in Madrid.
13 NovemberAfter the oil leakage in the strategy of Kerch, the cleaning campaign is in full swing. 10 ships were drowned due to oil leakage and 3 sailors died, out of which 20 are still not found. 2,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 6,000 tonnes of sulfur have also been dropped.
13 NovemberCongress Wahab Akbar was killed and at least wings in an explosion at the Batsang Pambansa complex in the city of Quazone in the Philippines.
15 NovemberClass 4, originating from the Bay of Bengal, moves towards the coastal districts of Sid Bangladesh, which makes thousands of people empty.
16 NovemberThe Nepali Supreme Court, claiming an appeal to hold a Constituent Assembly election on 22 November, said that the scheduled date is a moral concern rather than a legal concern.
17 NovemberA roadside bomb in Panjavi killed two NATO Canadian soldiers with one interpreter and injured three more.
18 NovemberThe 2007 OPEC meeting in Saudi Arabia has been opened by Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. The meeting warns the United States against attacking Iran.
19 NovemberPervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan, does not comply with the United States Deputy Secretary John Negroponte's petition to raise the situation in the Emergency.
20 NovemberThe Pakistani government has freed 3,400 prisoners who went to jail during the Emergency.
21 NovemberThe Nigerian Army has been organized in Kano state after six people were killed in conflicts during local elections.
22 NovemberThe charity of the rehabilitation organization of Tamils ​​has been banned by Sri Lanka, as it is funding "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Emm"
23 NovemberAn Israeli psychiatrist and the Reserve Officer have been accused of providing classified information to Russia, Hamas and Iran.
24 NovemberTyphoon Mitag remains stable on the Philippine Sea but changes the curriculum, and due to very slow and unusual motion, landslides are expected to occur in the Arora-Isabella provinces of the Philippines on Monday.
25 NovemberPolice fired tear gas and chemical cannon to disperse the rally of about 30,000 people organized by Hindraf in Kuala Lumpur.
26 NovemberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced that he would file nomination papers in the Pakistani General Election, 2008. However, he will not work as Prime Minister under the current Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.
27 NovemberPolice said about 80 French police officers have been injured during the second night of riots by the youth in the suburbs of Paris.
28 NovemberGoogle announced a plan to invest millions of dollars on renewable energy research including solar energy, wind energy and Jio thermal power.
29 NovemberPresident George W. Bush welcomed Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, urged him to remove emergency rule.
29 NovemberPhilippine troops led by Senator Antonio Trillion for the 2003 Oakwood Mutin tested for testing Filippine Antonio Trillion seized a rebellion and temporarily secluded room at The Peninsula Manila Hotel.
30 NovemberThe DNA test confirms that "Baby Grace", the deceased two -year -old, who was found floating on Galvestone Bay in Texas, is actually relay en sety. Earlier in the week, his mother and stepfather had confessed to beating the child.
30 NovemberThe Hindu religious leader Swami Rambhadracharya released the Braille version of the Bhagavad Gita Granth.
02 DecemberThe free-to-air digital television starts broadcast in Brazil Sao Paulo, but broadcasting companies will have to broadcast signals by June 2016 in both analog and digital formats.
03 DecemberThe United States of November 2007 states the National Intelligence Estimate Ensure and "Higher confidence" that Iran had terminated its nuclear weapon program in the 2003 collapse and possibly not resumed since then.
04 DecemberThe United States has agreed to a free trade agreement with Peru by 77 to 18 votes with Peru, which is allowed to implement.
05 DecemberEight people were killed before committing suicide by a person in a mall in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States.
06 DecemberFrance has begun to construct the world's second European pressure reactor on the third unit of the Flemanville nuclear power plant after signing an extraordinary agreement with China for new nuclear power.
07 DecemberSweden's prosecution lawyer asked to conduct a criminal inquiry after the Sweden prosecution was exposed to the food security irregularities systematic in the grocery store chain ICA, prosecuted in Sweden.
08 DecemberThe United States Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asked to check the oblivion of two CIA tapes, who interrogate two al-Qaeda suspected militants.
08 DecemberA crane barber that crashed into an oil tanker, freed from a tugboat near Dr. Dr. South Korea, causing the worst situation in the country.
09 DecemberRobert Pickton has been held responsible for killing the second degree of six women of Vancouver's Downtown Eastuside.
10 DecemberRussian President Vladimir Putin announced at the party meeting that he would support Dimitri Medvedev as his successor in the March 2008 presidential election.
11 DecemberAl-Qaeda organization Alziers in Islamic Magreb takes full blame of two concurrent bomb blasts in Algeria, killing at least 62 people.
12 DecemberThe International Olympic Committee stripped Marin Jones, who won five medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics, when it admitted to taking a banned substance.
14 DecemberKing Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia, invites Iran's President Mahmud Ahmadinejad to come to Mecca for Haj pilgrimage.
20 DecemberPablo Picasso's Portrait of Suzanne Blowch was stolen from SOAO Paulo Museum of Art.
25 DecemberA tiger escaped from his enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo and killed the three patron before shooting.
27 DecemberFormer Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated when he was leaving a political rally of Pakistan Peoples Barship supporters at Liaquat National Bagh in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2007 in India ⚡

25 JulyPratibha Patil became the first woman President of India.
19 SeptemberYuvraj Singh of India set the record for the fastest half-century off 12 balls by hitting six sixes in an over off Broad in a T20 match against England in Durban.
01 AugustThe International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in which 6 members of the Indian team won three silver medals.
21 DecemberFirst joint exercise between India and China commences at Kunming Military Academy in Southern Yunnan Province of China.
31 JanuaryIndian steel company Tata Anglo became the fifth largest company in the world after the acquisition of Dutch steel company Corus.
05 FebruaryIndian-origin Sunita Williams became the most spent woman in space.
08 FebruaryThe King of Bhutan came on his first Indian visit.
14 MarchKargil and Skardu agreed to start a bus service between India and Pakistan.
26 AprilJapanese company Sony set a business target of $ 2 billion in India by 2010.
18 FebruaryTerrorist bombs exploded on the Samjhauta Express train inPanipat, Haryana, India, killing 68 people.
25 JulyPratibha Patil was sworn in as India's first female president.
09 AugustIndia celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Quit India Movement on this day.
15 AugustAustralian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer confirmed the agreement with Australia to sell India's uranium and nuclear technology.
25 AugustTwo blasts in Hyderabad, India sent people to panic. 27 people were killed, 50 injured in a gas cylinder explosion in food mart. Another explosion in the park killed at least 14 people.
27 AugustPakistan and Bangladesh dismissed the allegations against India, about the terrorist act in Hyderabad, in which 42 were killed and more than 60 injured, there was no fault of terrorist organizations in their country.
04 SeptemberUS Navy, Indian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and Republic of Singapore Navy conducted joint exercises and training exercises in the Bay of Bengal.
30 SeptemberThe Jewish community in India is angry after producing bedspread under the title "Nazi Collection" by a company. The brand included a swastika symbol next to the name. The owner of the company Kapil Kumar Todi argued that the word Nazi was used as a brief name for "India's new arrival area" and the swastika symbol was also a symbol used in Hinduism.
14 OctoberA film theater occurred in a film theater in Ludhiana, the state of Punjab, India, killing about six people and injuring at least 30 others.
16 OctoberIndia's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh informed the United States President George W. Bush that India is suspicious about signing an agreement with the United States about civilian nuclear cooperation.
13 DecemberBomb blast on Rajdhani Express near Chungajan in Assam, India, killing 5 passengers.

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