The year 2010 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2010 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2010 in World ⚡

05 MayIndira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU announced waiving the fees of sex workers and their dependents in all courses.
06 MayAjmal Amir Kasab, convicted for the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, was sentenced to death.
24 JuneThe longest match in Tennis history at Wimbledon lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. This historic match took place between John Isner of Marika and Nicola Mayu of France.
02 JulyThe tanker truck explosion in Congo killed 230 people.
22 JulySri Lanka's Muttiah Muraligharan, the world's greatest bowler, retired from Test cricket. He has the highest record of 800 wickets in this name.
31 July900 people died in the floods in Pakistan.
25 SeptemberSenior Hindi journalist and litterateur Kanhaiyalal Nandan passed away.
30 SeptemberThe Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court ruled in the disputed Babri Masjid case, dividing the land into three parts and giving one part each to Ramlala, Nirmohi Akhara and Waqf Board.
01 NovemberThe neighboring country China announced the census for the first time in 10 years.
06 AugustNearly 255 people died due to flash floods in Jammu and Kashmir.
19 AugustOperation Iraqi Freedom came to an end with the last brigade of the US Army moving to Kuwait.
31 AugustUS military encroachments in Iraq since 2003 were officially ended.
22 DecemberUS President Barack Obama signed a law related to homosexuality, paving the way for homosexuals in the military.
12 JanuaryThe earthquake in Haiti killed 2,30,000 people. A large part of the city was destroyed in this.
28 JanuaryThe five convicts were hanged for the assassination of Bangladesh President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
02 MarchThe event, hosted by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, saw more than five thousand people take their clothes off the stairs in front of the Sydney Opera House and pose for an American photographer named Spencer Tunic.
04 AprilA landmine blast by Maoists in Koraput district of Odisha killed 10 security personnel.
05 AprilThe explosion at a coal mine in the US state of West Virginia killed 22 people.
14 AprilAn earthquake of 6.9 magnitude occurred in Kiggai, China, killing about 2700 people in this disaster.
30 AprilHindi film evergreen actor Dev Anand was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in Mumbai and Pran with the "Phalke Icon" on Friday.
04 JanuaryBurj Khalifa the tallest building was built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
12 FebruaryThe 21st Winter Olympic Games began in Vancouver, Canada.
07 March82nd Academy Award: "Hurt Locker ", won by Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock.
18 April45th Academy of Country Music Award: Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert won.
07 MayChile became the 31st member of the OECD.
06 June109 Men's French Open: Rafael Nadal defeated Robin Soderling (6-4, 6-2, 6-4).
14 July18th SP Award: Won by Drew Breece and Lindsey Vaughan.
14 AugustThe first Summer Youth Olympic Games were started in Singapore.
12 September27th MTV Video Music Awards: Lady Gaga and Eminem won.
21 November37th American Music Awards: Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber won.
09 DecemberEstonia became the 34th member of the OECD.
01 JanuaryA suicide bomber killed 95 people in Pakistan, injuring over 100 and destroyed 20 houses at a volleyball game in Lakki Marwat.
02 JanuaryA 28-year old Somali male was shot for breaking into Jyllands-Pasten Muhammad cartoonist Jurt Westergaard's home and threatened his family with an axe.
03 JanuaryAustralian researchers discovered the first plane taken to Antarctica in 1912.
04 JanuaryVAT of the United Kingdom raised from 17.5% to 2%. It is the highest rate ever in the country.
04 JanuaryKathryn Gray of Canada becomes the youngest person to discover a supernova. She is only 10 years old.
05 JanuaryThe World Food Program announced as it will suspend operations in Somalia due to increased instability in the region.
06 JanuaryExtreme cold temperatures across Europe led to 122 deaths in Poland and 7 died in Switzerland as a result of an avalanche.
07 JanuaryMuslim gunmen opened fire on a crowd of Coptic Christians leaving church after celebrating a midnight Christmas Mass, killing eight of them as well as one Muslim bystander.
08 JanuaryThe Parliament in Portugal has given an approval for same sex marriage. The Parliament has legalized the bill.
08 JanuaryGunmen from an offshoot of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda attacked the bus transporting the Togo national football team to the Africa Cup of Nations, killing three.
10 JanuaryChina has become the world's largest exporter. It has surpassed Germany.
11 JanuaryIn 2007, January 11.Vietnam became the 150th member of the world trade organization. The discovery of new tombs near the great pyramids proves that the Egypt's pyramids were built by free worker, not slaves.
12 JanuaryDue to an earthquake of magnitude of 7.0,Port-au-Prince the capital city of Haiti suffer from a destructive earthquake and it was estimated that 15000 people were killed.
15 JanuaryAn army colonel and a military commander of Bejaija were killed by the Muslim fundamentalists in north Algeria.
17 JanuaryAli Hasan al-Majid, Former Iraqi minister is found to death because of a poisonous gas attack at Halabja. He was also known to be as chemical Ali, the chemical man.
17 JanuaryThe first spate of violence between Muslims and Christians Began in Jos, Nigeria, and would end in more than 200 deaths.
18 JanuaryChina begins text message surveillance by blocking customers from the country's two largest operators and or lewd messages.
19 JanuaryUnited States Navy troops had landed near the Haitian presidential palace. The troops have arrived with food, and other equipments to aid the victims of the earthquake.
20 January6.1 magnitude aftershock stroked Haiti just after heavy earthquake.
21 JanuaryToyota Company announced recalls for just about 5.2 million vehicles for a pedal entrapment and floor mat problem.
22 JanuaryThe policies surrounding energy shortages and currency revaluation of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez made the people demonstrate against him.
23 JanuarySix Venezulean cable television channels are banned by the government for refusing to transmit government messages.
25 JanuaryChina has discovered new traces of melamine in milk products. Thousands of children became ill from melamine in milk in China.
25 JanuaryEthiopian Airlines Flight 409, en route to Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after takeoff fromBeirut, Lebanon, killing all 90 people aboard.
26 JanuaryJames Cameron's film Avatar becomes the highest grossing film of all time. It has crossed the record of collection of his own film, Titanic.
31 JanuaryAvatar became the first film to earn over $2 billion worldwide.
01 FebruaryBarack Obama, the US president proposed a $3.8 trillion budget for fiscal 2011 which projects to be high record budget deficit of $1.6 trillion in fiscal 2010.
02 FebruaryThe World food programme reported that 4.3 million people were suffering from hunger in Sudan. This number has quadrupled since 2009.
03 FebruaryA North-Korean flagged cargo ship in south of Yemen was seized by the Somalian pirates.
03 FebruaryA cast of L'Homme qui marche I by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti sold for £65 million (US$103.7 million), setting the record for most expensive sculpture sold at a public auction.
04 FebruaryThe company of Yahoo! sold Hot Jobs to for a reported $225 million.
05 FebruaryThe Danish special force stormed a ship which was captured by Somalia pirates and fearing 25 crew members on board.
06 FebruaryIn Pakistan the Taliban blew up a girls’ school in Kuwait and fortunately no one was killed.
07 FebruaryMahmud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President commanded Iran’s atomic agency to states enriching uranium at a higher level.
08 FebruaryUS space shuttle Endeavour launched from The Kennedy Space Centre has successfully begun a two week mission to the International space station.
08 FebruaryA freak storm in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan triggered a series of at least 36 avalanches, that buried over two miles (3.2 km) of road, killed at least 172 people and trapped over 2,000 travellers.
09 FebruaryThe Framer Philippine President Guerin Macapagal- arroyo and 196 others are charged with murder case relating to the Maguindanao massacre in November 2009.
10 FebruaryIn the earlier week of February 10, 2010, the Afghan officials removed 150 dead bodies of people who were killed by avalanches in the Salang pass in the Hindu Kush Mountains.
11 FebruaryA European Union Summit which was held in 2010 discussed about the possibility of bailing out the Greece’s economy.
12 FebruaryA ceasefire was been declared in Northern Yemen by the Houthi fighters and the Yemen government.
13 FebruaryGeorgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili dies in a fatal crash during a tracing run for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics before the opening ceremonies.
14 FebruaryVictor Yanukovyeh was declared as the official winner of Ukraine’s presidential elections.
15 FebruaryAlexander Boolean who was the Men’s freestyle Skiing moguls competitor won the first gold medal in Canada and also won on the home soil at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
16 FebruaryThe Queen Mary 2 make her first port call in China at the Port of Shanghai, since her maiden voyage in 2004.
18 FebruaryYvo de Boer, the top climate change official at the United Nations along with the Executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change resigns.
18 FebruaryRebels attacked the presidential palace in Niamey, Niger, and replaced President Mamadou Tandja with a ruling junta, the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy.
19 FebruaryThe Vatican city approves Australian Mary Mackillop as their first saint for canonization on February on February 19, 2000.
20 FebruaryAt least 32 people died and 68 were injured from floods and mudslides on the island of Madira, Portugal on February 20, 2010.
20 FebruarySevere flooding and mudslides on the island of Madeira,Portugal, killed 42 people.
21 FebruaryThe foreign direct investment into China has risen for the sixth consecutive month, up $8.3 billion year-on-year.
22 FebruaryPlanning for a 20 – 25 billion euro financial aid plan for Greece was denied by Germany and the European Union.
24 FebruaryTengzhong's bid to purchase Hummer from General Motors is rejected by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
25 FebruaryVictor Yanukovych is sworn in as the 4th president of Ukraine, after being delayed by supreme administrative court of Ukraine.
26 February17 people were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan due to number of attacks by suicide bombers.
27 FebruaryA tsunami warning went into effect in Chile as after an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude hits near conception Chile.
28 FebruaryEgypt announced the discovery of a granite lead from statue of Tutankhamun’s grandfather, Amenhotep III. It was buried at a temple in Lukor.
02 MarchAgathe Habyarimana, the widow of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana is arrested in France. She has been accused of helping plan the 1994 genocide.
03 MarchMultiple suicide bombers in Baquoba, Iraq killed at least 33 people and more than 50 people were wounded.
04 MarchA magnitude of 6.4 earthquake hit Taiwan. Twelve people are injured. Communications and rail services are disturbed.
06 MarchTalibian Commander of Pakistan, Faqir Mohommed, reportedly died due the drone striking in Pakistan.
07 MarchIraqi voters had taken part in parliamentary election.
08 MarchThe French navy caught 35 suspected pirates in the off coast of Somalia. It was the most successful mission of European Union’s.
09 MarchA Japanese insect, named Alphalara Itadori that combats invasive Japanese knotweed, is the first bio control agent approved by the European Union.
10 MarchThree men are detained in relation to the theft of former Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos' corpse, December 11, 2009.
14 MarchNo reports of damage or casualties are reported after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in central Japan.
15 MarchAccording to MIcheal Oren, Israel Ambassador visited America. The reason is clear, for maintaining good relationship among the both countries as the relation wasn’t good for last 35 years.
16 MarchRed blood is spilled at the gate of govt. it was done by Thai red shirts who did it on the third day of the protest.
17 MarchGanathan became the acting president of Nigeria but he dissolved the Nigerian cabinet.
18 MarchAfter 5 years research by Orieden Historian’s commission a report in 1945 Oresden bombing.
19 MarchIran's former Vice President, Hossein Marashi, has been sentenced to prison for spreading disinformation.
20 MarchNepal declares national mourning day in honor of Girija Prasad Koirala. He was the 'Elder statesman of South Asia' who died at the age of 86 in Kathmandu.
21 MarchTen people were killed and seven wounded in a suicide bombing in Geresh, Helmand province, Afghanistan.
22 MarchHealth Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 US Passed by the House of Representatives.
23 MarchWashington, . C. In 2010, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a lobby that Jerusalem is not a settlement and that Israel has every right to build and settle there.
23 MarchThe 75th Academy Awards Oscar ceremony was held in which Steve Martin from Chicago won Best Picture and Adrian Bodie and Nicole Kidman won the lead acting awards.
26 MarchIn response to Israel's plan to annex East Jerusalem, Iran has called on Muslims around the world to take action in protest.
28 MarchBritish broadcasts reveal evidence of a massacre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo carried out by Lord's Resistance Army last December, in which 321 people, including children, were killed.
29 MarchTwo female suicide bombers attacked the metro station Lubyna and Park Route of Moscou. 38 were killed and 60 were injured in this suicide.
29 MarchIslamist Chechen separatists detonated two bombs on the Mosmetro, killing at least 40 and injuring over 100.
31 MarchMore than 200 Palestinians and their colleagues have been run by tear gas when they were protesting outside the gate of Offer Jail due to recent custody of colleagues.
01 AprilElectricity knocked in Northern Ireland and about 25000 houses were devoid of electricity.
02 AprilBrazilian land reform activist Pedra Alakantara de Suja was shot on his head five times, while he tried to ride his bicycle Sarai Para.
03 AprilThe rescue team in Shanxi, China entered the flood mine to help more than 153 workers.
05 April60 countries were invited to attend the two-day nuclear disarmament conference to be held on 17-18 April in Tehran. China says it will participate in the year 2010.
06 AprilScientists announce the discovery of three new animal species that spent their entire lives without oxygen; The species are the Filum Loricifera.
07 AprilKyrgyzstan riots continued as the President of Kyrgyzstan flying from the country. The government left the post. The protesters took the Parliament House.
07 AprilThe Kurmanbek Bakiyev government collapsed as a result of the riots in the capital of thousands of Bishkek.
08 AprilKrygyzstamirots leader Roza Otun Bayer killed more than 100 people that he would lead the temporary government for six months.
09 AprilAbout 200 people were buried under their homes due to landslides at Muro Do Bumba near Rio de Janeiro. The rescue operation was conducted immediately.
10 AprilTucholev TU -154M aircraft is taking the President of Poland Porch; Ski and other Polish officials Smalansk, near Russia, crashed while trying to get into a heavy fog at the Smogenc-North Airport near Russia, killing all 96 people.
11 AprilTen thousand poles go to the streets to witness the procession of President Polzinski, who will lie in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Warsaw, where he lies in the state.
12 AprilThe Left Hungarian Socialist Party on 28 regional seats in Hungary Parliamentary elections, and a better Hungary in 26 regional seats, is the result of a distant movement for Hungary.
14 AprilAshfajaljokul in Iceland flows towards Europe from the volcano, causing air traffic. It has to be closed in Northern Norway.
20 AprilAn outfitted oil rig deepwater in Gulf, Mexico caused an explosion on the petroleum industry's largest marine oil leakage.
23 AprilShia mosques have a series of bombings. Dozens of people and others were killed in it.
23 AprilArizona Governor Jan Brever signed the controversial anti -illegal immigration bill SB 1070 law.
24 AprilPrime Minister Advocate Vajjajwa dismissed the demand. He did this by his protector. He did this to dissolve Parliament in 30 days.
25 April80 school girls participated in Hindus' school, poisoned.
29 AprilEconomic losses Mount and Class Action are filed as the American Coast Guard made a controlled burn plan to extract oil from the Deepwatter Horizon disaster.
30 AprilDeepwatter Horizon oil spreads to Louisiana coast; Weather cleaning efforts are expected to be interrupted.
05 MayA series of demonstrations began in Athens and general attacks in response to penance measures imposed by the government as a result of debt crisis.
07 MayA team of researchers presented a complete draft sequence of Niendarthal Genome, showing that modern humans today have Niendarthal ancestors.
11 MayDavid Cameron took over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 11 May 2010 after the hung parliament election. Since World War II, it was the first coalition government in the United Kingdom to be formed between Conservative and Liberal Democrats.
11 MayDavid Cameron took over. The country's first coalition government was formed since Second World War II as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as a conservative and Liberal Democrat.
19 MayIn Bangkok, the Thai military concluded a week-long crackdown on widespread protests by forcing the surrender of opposition leaders.
21 MayThe Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launched its spacecraft IKAROS aboard an H-IIA rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan on 21 May 2015. It was the first successful aircraft to demonstrate solar-sail technology in interplanetary space.
23 MayJamaica's military and police force began a manhunt for drug Lord Christopher Coke, with a three -day armed conflict with Shower Pose Cartel.
31 MayDuring the attempt to break the ongoing blockade of Gajastrip, Israeli Navy, MV Mavi Mumara's crew into an armed conflict with the crew, resulting in nine civilians.
02 JuneA single gunman went to a shooting race in Cumbria, England, killing 12 people and injured 11 others.
03 JuneThe British Airways released an apology for a picture in a staff magazine, which contained that Osama bin Laden had a continuous flying boarding pass for the first class.
04 JuneMcDonald's recalled 12 million campaigner glasses due to the presence of cadmium in the painted design after the film Shrek Forever.
09 JuneIn Arangandab district of Kandhar district of Afghanistan, a boy carried out a suicide attack by wearing a bomb, killing at least 40 people, while 70 others were injured.
13 JuneA capsule of the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa, which has asteroids 25143, returns to Earth. Hayabusa was a unmanned spacecraft developed by Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa), which would return a sample of the material from a small earth from a small earth named 25143 Etokawa for further analysis.
13 JuneThe Japanese Hayabusa became the first to return samples of an asteroid (25143 Etokawa) on Earth for space mission analysis.
13 JuneJapanese Hayabusa (model picture) The space mission was formed to return samples of an asteroid (25143 utoca) to the Earth's forest.
14 JuneThe United Nations says that there is a hungry crisis worse than 2005 in the history of Niger, which killed thousands of people from hunger.
14 JuneThe inaugural youth Olympic Games in Singapore took place between 14 and 18 years.
15 JuneBhutan became the first country in the world to impose total tobacco ban.
16 JuneBhutan has become the first country to ban tobacco. The Tobacco Control Act controls tobacco and tobacco products, banning cultivation, harvesting, production and selling tobacco and tobacco products in Bhutan. The Act also states that the government of Bhutan provides consultation and treatment to facilitate tobacco prevention.
19 JuneVictoria was married, Sweden's Crown Princess and Daniel Westing were married in Stockholm Cathedral's Storkykan. Westing acquired the title of Duke of Victoria, which became the Swedish prince and the Duke of Vetergotland. The wedding is described as Europe's largest Royal wedding as The Prince of Wales married Lady Diana.
19 JuneThe royal wedding took place between Victoria, Sweden's Crown Princess and Daniel Westling (both painted) at Stockholm Cathedral.
24 JuneAfter 11 hours, in a 5 -minute game of over three days, John Isnade defeated Nicholas Mahut in the longest match in tennis history at the 2010 Wimbledon Championship.
24 JuneJulia Gillard took over as the first female Prime Minister Australia.
13 JulyOn January 2011, the European Union announced that Estonia would be a seventeenth member of the Euro. Euro members are increasing day by day.
14 JulyAndre Kagwa, Senior Rwanda Opposition politician Raviska has been found. His disappearance was reported. He was found almost closed with his head.
15 JulyA devastating thing has happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The entire village is burnt and 40,000 people run away from their homes.
16 JulyAmerica-born Muslim religious leader Anwar al-Avalaki is placed in the US in the 'Black List'.
17 JulySouth Korea develops a long -range cruise missile that is allegedly able to compete with North Korea, Japan, Russia and China.
18 JulyU.K. Afghanistan will increase assistance to poor countries, including 40% increase, while Russia, China and other Eastern European countries such as 'Powerhouse' will reduce help.
19 JulyAn Tel Aviv judge ordered a safe deposit boxes in a bank opened in Zurich; The box may have pictures and manuscripts of writer Franz Kafka.
20 JulyUS Foreign Secretary William Hague says that British soldiers should be out of Afghanistan by 2014.
21 JulyThe US has threatened to ban North Korea, continuing its attempt to prevent alleged nuclear weapons ambitions.
22 JulyThe Stonehenge World Heritage Site declares the biggest discovery on a major monument in 50 years.
23 JulyVenezuela seizes diplomatic relations with Colombia after Colombia that Venezuela is a 'shelter' for guerrillas.
24 JulyRallies are held in Paris, New York City, Ottova and other places to release the Iranian woman Sakina Mohammadi Ashtiini, facing hanging for adultery.
25 JulyAmerican Treasury Secretary Tim Gethner announced his interest in allowing a set of tax deduction in the 2003 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Recognition Act to end in the end of 2010.
25 JulyWikiLeaks published 75,000 classified documents about the war in Afghanistan, one of the largest leaks in American military history.
26 JulyIn Afghanistan, more than 92,000 classified documents that details the war -related events are issued by Wikillas; This is the biggest leak in American military history.
28 JulyCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has responded to the Emergency in the financial position. He responded to most state employees' need to take unpaid leave of three days per month.
29 JulyThe ruins of Airblue Flight 202 could not be saved due to monsoon rains. The aircraft crashed in Margala Hills outside Islamabad, Pakistan. It has killed all 152 people aboard the ship.
29 JulyAt least 80 people died due to a overloaded passenger Pheri in the Kasai River Bundundu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
30 JulyTwo American embassy cars are set on fire in Kabul. This happened after hitting the US vehicle's citizen vehicle.
03 AugustIran dismissed the Brazil's proposal to give political asylum to Sakkinah Mohammadi Ashtani, which was condemned to death for infidelity in Iran.
05 AugustThe South Korea begins a large anti -submarine exercise in the yellow ocean, near the maritime border with quarrels, which he sees as a demonstration of power against North Korea and 'fully prepared for war'; North Korea condemns this practice.
05 AugustIn the war, activists of the International Assistance Mission of Afghanistan-ten foreign aid workers were killed by unknown persons in Kuranwa Munjan district of Barkhal province.
06 AugustThe Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, banned the export of flour and wheat from 15 August to 31 December due to the worst drought in Russian history.
08 AugustOfficials say the World Sauna Championship will not be again again after the death of Vladimir Ladiesnski, a Russian contestant in Henola, Finland.
08 AugustA huge landslide of mud and 1.8 million cubic meters (2,400,000 QD yard) of rocks in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous province of China killed 1,471 people.
12 AugustScientists announced the discovery of a chemical compound that destroys the fertility of bacteria, which are antibiotic-resistant.
13 AugustCanadian officials rode on MV Surya Sea and detain 492sri Lankan Tamil refugees, who criticize the International Civil Rights Group.
13 AugustAfter the board was boarded by Canadian officials, MV Sunasia docked and 492 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees claimants were taken into custody.
14 AugustThe United Nations says that there is a hungry crisis worse than 2005 in the history of Niger, which killed thousands of people from hunger.
14 AugustThe inaugural youth Olympic Games in Singapore took place between 14 and 18 years.
16 AugustAccording to United Nations officials, 3.5 million children may suffer from waterborne diseases due to floods in Pakistan.
17 AugustIn Afghanistan, archaeologists get ancient objects of a Buddhist site to the south of the capital Kabul.
18 AugustThe two Israeli groups start a course in the online encyclopedia project 'Wikipedia' 'Jonist Edit'. The Israeli groups start a course in the online encyclopedia project Wikipedia's 'Geonist Edit'.
19 AugustThe Oxford dictionary of English connects new words and phrases to the language including Vuvuzela, carbon possession and storage, toxic debt, and quantitative ease.
20 AugustA new method for dealing with mood disorders, such as depression, is found in the study of ketamine activity with nervous system, especially MTOR-free synaps formation.
21 AugustA Vincent Van Gogg Painting - Flower with Popi flowers and flowers is known as Mohammad Mahmud Khalil Arts Museum in Cairo, but is said to have been found later at the Cairo Airport.
22 AugustAfter talking about working on monkeys, United States officials allowed Ebola drug to test humans.
23 August2 tonnes of elephant ivory and five rhino horn were hidden as Nairobi, leading to Avocado Malaysia, is occupied.
23 AugustA former Philippine National Police Officer kidnapped a touristbus in Manila and kept those killed by the police hostage for about 11 hours.
25 AugustA solar system is found for Star HD 10180, including 1.4 times the Earth -shaped 1.4 times potential planet.
26 AugustGerman HIV positive pop singer Nadja Benaisa is convicted of damaging a person infected with HIV who had unprotected sex with him, without knowing his situation.
29 AugustSumatra's Sinabung volcano exploded for the first time in 400 years, killing one and the citizens of Indonesia left in large numbers.
30 AugustConcern has been reported about 500 women who have disappeared on the disappearance of Canada on International Day.
31 AugustBelur Genus Dinosaur's fossils are discovered in Romania.
02 SeptemberThe ICC made Pakistan captain Salman Butt of corruption with Pakur Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amer and expelled them from international cricket on provisional basis, the hearing is pending.
03 SeptemberThe unemployment rate in the United States for the month of August this year increases to a dangerous 9.6%.
04 SeptemberEmergency and curfew has been declared in Christchurch, New Zealand after the disastrous earthquake of Cantorbury.
04 SeptemberA 7.1 MW earthquake occurred in South Island of New Zealand, causing a loss of $ 3.5 billion to NZ in compensation.
05 SeptemberA group of Danish rockettors postponed the projection of their rocket as a valve was found jammed.
06 September23 Shia Muslim protesters are accused of trying to handle terrorism and Bahrain government.
07 SeptemberThe outbreak of wild animals in Colorado has forced around 3500 people to vacate their homes in the boulder country.
08 SeptemberThe New South Wales Parliament voted in favor of adopting the couple of the same gender in Australia's most populous state.
09 SeptemberWang Huanuan, the anti -corruption chief officer, has been sentenced to death in China's Shandong province for taking a bribe of $ 1 million.
09 SeptemberA natural gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, California, USA, leading to a wall of fire '1,000 feet (300 m) high.
13 SeptemberAt least 18 people were killed after protests in Jammu and Kashmir after reporting a Quran burning in the United States.
15 SeptemberIn 1999, an ancient necropolis pieces taken from Egypt have been discovered in an ancient object shop in Spain.
16 SeptemberThe poverty rate in the United States reached a 15 -year high of 14.3 percent, which is equivalent to about 43.6 million people.
18 SeptemberA large storm in New Zealand leaves 100,000 people without electricity. It also takes a roof from Southland on a large scale stadium in Inverterkil on the South Island.
20 SeptemberThe brightest object in the night sky next to the moon is Jupiter. It reaches the closest to the Earth since 1963, as a result of which it also appears to the naked eyes.
22 SeptemberU.N. According to the Security Council proposal 1929, Russia has banned the sale of weapons and ammunition to Iran.
23 SeptemberTeresa Lewis became the first woman to be executed by the USSTAT of Virginia since 1912, and the state's first woman through deadly injections.
24 SeptemberThe African Union appealed for funds to increase its military forces from 8,000 to 20,000 in Somalia.
25 SeptemberThe Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) states that the number of animals in the national parks and sports reserves of the country has doubled since 1999.
26 SeptemberThe US Defense Department confessed to buying about 10,000 copies of a memoir by the US Army Reserve Officer Anthony Shafar, later destroyed them in an attempt to destroy secret information.
26 SeptemberScotland aid worker Linda Norgrove and three Afghan colleagues were abducted by members of the Taliban in Kunar province of Afghanistan.
27 SeptemberUnilever PLC, a giant company of Anglo-Dutch consumer products, has signed an agreement to buy Alberto-Kolver. Alberto-culvert is the manufacturer of hair and skin care products for $ 3.7 billion.
28 SeptemberBusiness-software giant Oracle Sain Francisco files a case in the US District Court in Francisco. It is being alleged that Micron Technology, the company making memory chips, connivated with other manufacturers to fix the prices.
29 SeptemberGermany pays finally to the revaluation of its First World War.
01 OctoberNorth Korea and South Korea agree to resume a family reunion program for families suffering in the Korean War.
03 OctoberArchaeologists search on a site on a site on the Egyptian-Gaja border. He has trouble due to untoward due to Gaza's blockade.
04 OctoberThe intention of Afghanistan's NATO forces is due to death and injuries in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on a group of more than a dozen oil tankers. It follows disagreement on the NATO helicopter strike that killed 3 soldiers in the Pakistan region.
04 OctoberThe dam having a useless reservoir in Western Hungary collapsed, 1 million cubic meters (1,300,000 CU YD) freed from red soil, flooding the surrounding communities and killed at least nine people.
05 OctoberBank of Japan reduces interest rates in Japan between 0 and 0.1%.
06 OctoberA free trade agreement between South Korea and the European Union has been signed.
07 OctoberThe United States apologized to Pakistan for a helicopter strike at the Pakistan Army border post, killing 3 soldiers.
08 OctoberThe International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ended on Friday at the 37th Assembly Montreal, where the development emissions were done.
09 OctoberA senior Taliban commander, along with two other revolutionaries, was killed in a shelling in Murgab district with NATO and Afghan forces.
12 OctoberFacebook has received a letter from Greenpeace that has half a million signatures that are asking the company to cut their relations with coal -based electricity.
14 OctoberUnited Nations scientists claim that they have wiped out the RinderPest virus, making it the second virus eradicated by humans.
16 OctoberOn World Food Day, the United Nations called for united against the lack of food, as one billion people are still hungry.
17 OctoberMary McTi was prescribed to become the only Australian tribe recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint.
18 OctoberOn his visit to Iran, Iraqi Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki asked to "get rid of America".
20 OctoberChina repeats reports that claim that it has banned the export of rare earth minerals to the United States and Europe following similar measures against Japan.
22 OctoberIndonesia has eventually confessed that the men were soldiers of the Indonesian National Armed Forces torturing Papuan villagers in a video.
23 OctoberThe US monetary ease has been accused of manipulating the USD exchange rate by the German Economy Minister, Rainer Bruderle,.
25 OctoberAt least eight people were killed and twenty injured, a bomb fell in Pakistan in Punjab province, Pakistan.
25 OctoberAn acute series of explosions began in Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia that lasted for a month.
26 OctoberIran has started stocking fuel at its first nuclear power plant Bushahar plant.
27 OctoberHuman beings have been discovered by the largest neutron star, astronomers.
29 OctoberThe New Zealand parliament has successfully amended New Zealand labor laws as part of an agreement with Warner Bros. to maintain the production of The Hobit Film Project in the country.
30 OctoberA large oil area has been discovered on the coast of Brazil that may have 8 to 15 billion barrels.
31 OctoberHuman Rights Watch has expressed concern that Iran and Saudi Arabia, who have been criticized for their records on women's rights, are expected to join a new UN agency dedicated to women and the agency Can interfere with work.
04 NovemberToyota has sent back 135,000 vehicles to Japan and Europe.
04 NovemberIn the first aviation incident for Airbus A380, Quantas Flight 32 faced failure without engine and safely caused no casualties at Singapore Changi Airport.
05 NovemberKeeping in mind the Chinese Embassy in Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize for Liu Shiaobo will not attend the Nobel Peace Prize Awards ceremony.
06 NovemberArmenia and Azerbaijan came together to exchange dead soldiers and bodies of a citizen. This action was taken through the support of the International Committee of Red Cross.
07 NovemberFor the use of force, Balton, black pepper sprays, tear gas and water cannon are used, which was done by activists who were communicating their apprehension about the security of a temporary warehouse in Goraben to create disruption in protests by activists. Was. Apparently, atomic waste is transported from France to Germany via train and lies in this warehouse.
09 NovemberAccording to a UN report, North Korea has provided nuclear technology to Burma, Iran and Syria. This has violated the sanctions passed by the United Nations.
10 NovemberA teenager prison caught fire in the city of Elobasco, Al Salvador. This killed 16 people and injured several.
11 NovemberSomali pirates in Horn of Africa have captured a Paman-Divasic Chemical Tanker.
12 NovemberIn an attempt to cut it into cultural budget as a part of severity measures, the government has discontinued major cultural attractions in Italy.
14 NovemberSebastian Vetail of Red Bull Racing won the Drivers Compienships, who became the most Formula One champion after winning the final race for the season.
17 NovemberGermany has strengthened to identify the presence of its security at its airports as "solid signals" that there is a possibility of a terrorist attack in the month of November.
18 NovemberPolice find a detonator, battery and a tick watch at Namibia's Windhok Airport, which was scheduled to load in an aircraft leaving for Munich, Germany.
19 NovemberIn Haiti, the epidemic of the cholera allegedly killed about 1,100 people due to the alleged spread in the largest prison ever.
19 NovemberThe first of the four blasts, the Pike River Minine in the West Coast region of New Zealand, took place in the country's worst states in a century.
20 NovemberThe Vatican has decided to publish guidelines for bishops to fight sexual abuse on the church.
21 NovemberA chemical factory was killed in a chemical factory in Yush County, Shanxi province, Northern China.
22 NovemberTen Somalis pirates are being tried to attack Germany. This is the country's first pirate test in 400 years.
23 NovemberQantas announced that his fleet of Airbus A380 Super Jambose would start coming back in service on Saturday.
23 NovemberIn response to the artillery exercises conducted near the border two countries, North Korea bombed the island of YonionPyong, killing four Korean soldiers and injuring 19 others.
24 NovemberThe Brazilian police shot and killed at least thirteen people in Rio de Janeiro following a wave of violence by suspected drug smugglers.
26 NovemberThe third explosion within a week occurs in the Pike River Mine on the South Island of New Zealand, where 29 people have been killed.
27 NovemberHundreds of Pakistani Muslims demonstrated in Lahore against a possible apology for Christian woman sentenced to death for Ish condemnation against Islam.
28 NovemberThe United States Navy and South Korean Navy practice in water to the west of the Korean peninsula despite the warnings of North Korea.
29 NovemberThe Gay and Lesbian alliance of David Kuria of Kenya criticized Kenai Prime Minister Rela Oiding after announcing the adjacent arrest of the country's homosexuals.
30 NovemberThe United Kingdom continued to face snowfall with closing several schools, long queues on the M8 motorway in Scotland and closed Edinburgh Airport.
01 DecemberA US Army drug has been imprisoned for 9 months after alleging two weaponless Afghan farmers shooting for no clear reason.
02 DecemberPeace talks between the government and the National Democratic Front MLAs have been recommended in the Philippines.
03 DecemberA Lahore court appealed to an appeal to ban the WikiLeaks website, in which the judge described such a ban as "unacceptable" and said that "we should tolerate the truth, no matter how harmful it is. ".
04 DecemberEcuador officials ordered people to be removed from the slopes of Tungurhua volcano after starting to leave the ash.
05 DecemberAn American university has warned its political science students that if they use the WikiLeaks website, their possibility of getting a job of the state department is in danger.
07 DecemberThe US judge filed a case against the US government against the list of some American citizens in the list of "occupying or killing".
08 DecemberThe Japanese experimental spacecraft Ikaros (painted model) was passed by Venus at a distance of about 80,800 km, which is completing its planning to display solar sail technology.
10 DecemberSomali pirates a Liberian ship in 80 natical miles east of the border between Pirates Tanzania and Mozambique, in the most spectacular attack yet.
11 DecemberBolivia's retirement age has been reduced from 65 to 58 while retirement age has been increased in other countries.
12 DecemberTwo deaths, road closure, flight cancellations and Hubbert H. About three feet of snow fell in the flat roof of Humphord Metrodomin Minianpolis, Minnesota.
13 DecemberEurope has confirmed its desire to accept the Palestinian kingdom on "appropriate" time, preventing the lack of complete recognition despite increasing pressure to break the Middle East deadlock.
14 DecemberThe Philippines government has claimed to have abolished the long -running communist rebellion "within three years", as it announces continuing peace talks with the rebels.
15 DecemberGhana began pumping oil after searching an offshore oil area three years ago.
15 DecemberA Japanese salmon sub-species, Black Kokni (Ooncorehinus Nerka Ka2014 Apple Inc. wins an antitrust case, which accuses it of blocking competitive music providers in its iTunes 7.0 update; the company proved that its upgradation product improvement and Consumers were still able to use music. Bought elsewhere.
15 DecemberThe Gallongla tunnel of Tibet, which is built at an altitude of 3,750 meters, is completed, which connects the Medog County to the outside world.
15 DecemberThe Republic of Ireland is approved by the International Monetary Fund, a 22.5BN euro loan.
15 DecemberA boat of about 90 asylum seekers, mostly from Iraq and Iran, crashed into rocks and drowned on the coast of Christmas, Australia, killing 48 people.
16 DecemberThe Gallongla tunnel of Tibet, which is built at an altitude of 3,750 meters, is completed, which connects the Medog County to the outside world.
16 DecemberThe Republic of Ireland is approved by the International Monetary Fund, a 22.5BN euro loan.
17 DecemberHIV infection has been announced for the first time in Cook Island.
17 DecemberTunisian road seller Mohammad Buzi set himself on fire for police harassment, triggering the Tunisian revolution.
18 DecemberVenezuela President Hugo Chavez is provided temporary powers to pass the law by decree, neglecting any necessary reviews or support from the National Assembly.
18 DecemberThe Tunisian revolution began, and initially a series of protests took place, with a set of demonstrations across the country, in which the rule of 23 years of rule of Zeen al Abdin Ben Ali's rule eventually stood at the top of 23 years of rule.
19 DecemberDubai holds the closing ceremony for its 7th International Film Festival.
20 DecemberThe Ministry of Chinese Sciences and Technology has announced that it has developed a circular robot for the first time with binoculars weapons.
21 DecemberRagby Union player Mike Tyndal's queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Philips has been announced by the Commonwealth of independent states.
22 DecemberAn important colleague-conservative study of the spatial memory of Bambalbes has written to the Royal Society's Biology Letters Journal by two eight years old.
22 DecemberThe United States reiterated its controversial 'Dont Ask, Dontel' policy on homosexuals in the army.
23 DecemberA male Algerian was fined by a court in Nice for insulting the French national flag; This was the first punishment that was administered.
23 DecemberA monsoon trough brought torrential rains to Queensland, flooding largely, killing 38 people and loss of $ 2.38 billion.
25 DecemberIn the last 128 years, the first snowfall occurs in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA; 500 flights are affected.
25 DecemberVanuatu experiences an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude; A tsunami warning is issued to the area and later canceled after a minor tsunami arrives.
26 DecemberFormer South African President Nelson Mandela will have a road named after him in Cape Town.
27 DecemberBolivia President Alwaro Garcia Linera indicated the bus drivers to strike after an increase of 83% in the price of petrol and a 73% increase in diesel fuel.
27 DecemberAlan Stanford's lawyer, a man accused of running a $ 7 billion Ponzi plan, demanded postponing his case for two years.
28 DecemberIn Haneburg, Germany, scientists discovered the grave of a Celtic princess's bronze era, including amber, gold, bronze, and coal.
28 DecemberA human remains that lived 400,000 years ago were discovered in Israel, challenging the principle that humans originated in Africa.
29 DecemberIn Beijing, the minimum wage increased by 20%, in the second time in six months.
29 DecemberA prisoner of the last death line in Cuba sentenced his death to his death; The nation is against the death penalty and has been sentenced to death since 2008.
30 DecemberIn Thailand, 79 pro -government 'yellow shirts' protesters were imprisoned in 2008 for a storm at a state -run television station.
31 DecemberIn Tunisia, a guard dies during the ongoing protest on unemployment and living conditions.
31 DecemberItaly's plan to ban plastic bags applied; The country was using 20 billion plastic bags per year - about 300 per person.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2010 in India ⚡

17 MayIndian boxers won all six gold medals of the Commonwealth Boxing Championship.
22 MayAir India Express Boeing 737 crashed while landing in Mangalore. In which 158 people died.
23 MayThe Supreme Court of India did not consider it a crime for women and men to live together without marrying.
25 May59-year-old Indian-born Kamala Prasad Bisesar was elected the first woman Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, defeating outgoing Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
27 MayIndia successfully test-fired the Dhanush and Prithvi 2 missile equipped with nuclear technology at Balasora district in Chandipur, Odisha.
30 NovemberIndian scientist and Swadeshi movement pioneer Rajiv Dixit died.
29 JanuaryThe flight of the fifth generation war plane being produced under a joint project between India and Russia was successfully tested for the first time in the far eastern part of Russia.
05 FebruaryIndian shooter Abhinav Bindra won gold in the Netherlands International Shooting Championships by scoring 596 out of 600.
25 AprilThe Indian Navy began the process of purchasing new light utility helicopters (LUH) in place of the old Chetak helicopters.
29 AprilIndian engineer Harpal Kumar invented a camera that could inspect the stomach of the cancer victims in London instead of detecting the disease by examining their stomach.
03 OctoberThe 19th Commonwealth Games began in Delhi, India.
13 FebruaryA terrorist bombing at a bakery popular among foreigners in Pune, India, killed 17 people and injured 60 more.
30 MarchShips of 8 Indians are hijacked and 120 vendors are abducted by petty pirates and off the coast of Kismayo.
06 AprilCommunist Party of India (Maoist) rebels attacked the police team convoy after killing 76 CRPF officials in Dantewada district, India.
22 MayAir India Express Flight 812 crashed on May 22, 2010 after falling on a rock in Mangalore, India, killing 158 people. This was the third most deadly aviation disaster in India and the deadliest of 737Aircraft.
22 MayWhile landing in Mangalore, the Air India Express flight climbed on the 812 overhot runway and fell on a rock, causing 158 deaths of the board of 166 people in the accident and caught fire.
28 MayAt least 141 passengers died due to the derailment and collision of a train in Pashim Medinipur district of West Bengal in India.
04 AugustAbout 70 Indian police people are considered missing in the forests of Chhattisgarh amid a major engagement with the Maoist prints; However they are found later.
06 AugustDue to cloudburst and heavy rains overnight, floods, musledides and debris were swept away in a large part of Ladakh, the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, killing at least 255 people.
09 AugustThe United Nations described the 2010 floods in Pakistan as an epidemic as an epidemic of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Kashmir earthquake of 2005 and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. This is because the estimated 15 million people are affected, and floods and land slides are overshadowing the country.
15 AugustPrime Minister of India Manmohan Singh organizes a ministerial committee as he intervene to save the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi.
24 AugustIndia announced plans by digging the group Vedanta to remove bauxite in Orissa due to environmental concerns.
27 AugustThe Indian police killed Umakant Mahato, who was a Maoist raids, who is also suspicious of derailing the Dnyaneshwari Express train.
28 AugustChina and India claim that military relations between the two countries will not be affected despite the latest visa struggle.
21 SeptemberThe Commonwealth Games Federation demands that India improve the condition of athletes living in Delhi in Delhi.
23 SeptemberThe Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, called an emergency meeting. This is to discuss problems with his ministers, Commonwealth Games facilities to be held in India.
10 OctoberAbout 36 people died after a boat overturned in the Ganges river in Bihar, India.
24 OctoberSomali pirates seize two ships in the Indian Ocean.
08 NovemberUnited States President Barack Obama has won a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council.
16 NovemberThe collapse of an apartment building in the Indian capital New Delhi has allegedly killed 66 people. However, the search for the victims continues.
08 DecemberThe house of former Telecom Minister of India and his partners has been raided by the Central Bureau of Investigation of India regarding a corruption scam.
09 DecemberAfter misbehaving at Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar's US airport, India has to oppose the United States.

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