The year 2002 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2002 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2002 in World ⚡

09 MayA remote controlled bomb explosion killed 130 people and injured 43 others during a holiday parade in Russia's Kaspisk region.
10 MayThe famous Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi died.
11 May378 people died in a ferry accident in Bangladesh.
19 MayEast Timor emerged on the world map as the first new nation of the new millennium after four centuries of slavery.
20 MayPortugal recognized the independence of East Timor.
24 MayRussia and the US signed the Treaty of Moscow.
10 JunePakistan renamed the world's second highest peak K-2 to 'Chogori' or 'Shahgori'.
12 JuneWorld Child Labor Prohibition Day began.
22 JuneA massive earthquake in northwestern Iran killed 261 people, injuring a large number of people.
24 June281 people died in train accident in African country Tanzania.
02 JulySteve Fossett became the first person to travel the world through balloons.
06 JulyAfghanistan's Vice President Abdul Qadir was assassinated in Kabul.
09 JulyEstablishment of African Union in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. South African President Thabo Mbeki became its first president.
26 JulyThe first Chhattisgarh State Shooting Championship started.
10 SeptemberThe European country Switzerland became a member of the United Nations.
12 OctoberA terrorist attack at a nightclub in Bali killed 202 people.
13 OctoberThe horrific explosion at Bali nightclub in Indonesia killed 200 people and injured over 300 people.
07 NovemberIran banned the advertisement of American products.
18 NovemberIraq Disarmament Crisis: A UN arms inspector led by Hanes Blix arrived in Iraq.
21 NovemberBulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia invited NATO to become a member of the organization.
12 AugustRussia's nuclear submarine sank after a blast that killed all 118 people on board.
30 AugustConoco Inc. and Philips Petroleum merged to form ConocoPhillips. It was the third largest integrated energy company in America and the second largest refining company.
13 DecemberThe European Union was expanded. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovakia were included.
04 JanuaryIn the Sardinia island of Italy, the world's oldest man, 112-year-old Atonia Tode, died a few hours after the world's oldest 110-year-old female Maria Grazia Broccol died in a town south of the Italian capital, Rome. .
14 JanuaryThe British government announced that the foot and mouth disease that had been spreading in the country for nearly 11 months would be considered to end at midnight.
16 JanuaryThe Security Council of the United Nations unanimously passed a resolution banning al-Qaida.
20 JanuaryPhotographs of inmates of Cuban US military base Guantanamo Bay in prison became public for the first time. There was a lot of controversy about it.
29 JanuaryUS President George W. Bush, in his message to the nation, called Iran, Iraq, North Korea the axis of wickedness in the world.
12 February119 people were killed when an Iranian plane crashed while landing at Khurramabad Airport.
20 February373 died due to fire in a moving train in Cairo, Egypt).
27 FebruaryA mob of Sabarmati train near Godhra railway station opened fire, killing 59 people. These deaths led to communal violence in Gujarat.
04 MarchLandslides in Afghanistan killed 150 people.
13 MarchRobert Mugave was re-elected President of Zimbabwe.
22 MarchIn Britain, a woman with a paralyzed lower neck was given the right to die.
30 MarchRenowned musician Anand Bakshi died.
09 AprilIn Bahrain, women were allowed to participate in the corporation elections.
15 AprilChina's plane crashed in South Keria, 128 dead.
16 April120 died in a plane crash in South Korea.
24 AprilBank in Argentina closed indefinitely.
28 AprilThe Booker Prize was renamed the Man Prize for Fiction.
30 AprilIn Pakistan, referendum was held to increase President Pervez Musharraf's tenure for the next 5 years.
09 JanuaryMichael Jackson was awarded the Century Award at the American Music Awards.
08 FebruaryThe 19th Winter Olympic Games were held in Salt Lake City Utah, United States.
27 MarchPassover Massacre: A suicide bomb bomber killed 29 people in Tanya Israel.
11 April21 killed in Tunisia by al Qaeda due to Garibah synagogue bombings.
24 MayRussia and the United States signed the Moscow Treaty.
11 JuneAntonio Messi was accepted by the United States Congress as the first inventor of the phone.
02 JulySteve Fossett became the first person to fly solo continuously around the world with a balloon.
04 AugustThe 17th Commonwealth Games ended in Manchester, England.
10 SeptemberSwitzerland, a traditionally neutral country, was merged with the United Nations.
11 OctoberSeven people died in Finland from a bomb attack in a shopping mall in Wanta.
07 NovemberIran prohibits advertising of United States products.
01 December91 Davis Cup: Russia beat France 3–2 in Paris.
03 JanuaryIsraeli forces seized the MV Karine A, which was carrying 50 tons of weapons being smuggled in on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.
23 JanuaryAmerican journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and latermurdered by Al Qaeda agents.
27 JanuaryAn explosion at a military storage facility in Lagos, Nigeria, killed at least 1,100 people and displaced over 20,000 others.
03 FebruaryNew England beats St. Louis Rams by 20-17 runs in Super Bowl XXXVI in Louisiana Superdome at New Orleans.
04 FebruaryCancer Research UK, the world's largest independent cancer research charity, was formed from the merger of two competing cancer charities.
09 FebruaryThe XIX Winter Olympics opens in Salt Lake City called Utah or Quebec City in the year 2002.
12 FebruaryIran air tours flight about 950 crashes into a mountain in Iran killing 119.
27 FebruaryU2, Alicia Keyes, Nelly Furtado, and James Taylor won major awards in 4th Gammy awards.
03 MarchNorth of Kabul, Afghanistan is hit by Earthquake. It brought major devastation.
21 MarchBritish schoolgirl Amanda Dowler was abducted on her way home from Heathside School in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.
24 MarchWhoopi Goldberg hosted the 74th Academy Awards Oscar ceremony. A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture. Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won lead acting awards.
27 MarchA suicide bomber killed nearly 30 Israeli civilians and 140 others at Netanya's Park Hotel two days later, triggering a large-scale Israeli anti-terrorist military operation in the West Bank.
31 MarchThe 21st NCAA women's basketball championship was held at San Antonio.
01 AprilThe 64th NCAA men's basketball championship took place at Georgia Dome Atlanta.
01 AprilAfter the Dutch government allowed and allowed people to marry, he decided that it was acceptable to kill someone's spouse.
04 AprilThe Angaolan government and UNITA rebels signed a peace treaty, agreeing to follow the 1994 Lusaka protocol and end the decades -old Fords.
15 AprilAir China Flight 129 crashed into a mountain near Pusan ​​in Korea, killing 128 people.
26 AprilThe expelled student Robert Steinhuser killed 16 people and injured seven others before committing suicide at Gutenberg-Jimaniazium Erfart at Germany's Erfart.
06 MayDutch politician Pim Fortuin was murdered by animal rights and environmental activist Volcart van Der Graf at Hilvermm, the first political murder on Dutch soil since 1672.
07 MayOn 6 May 2002, China Northern Airlines Flight 6136 crashed into the yellow sea on 6 May 2002 after the pilot offered his message on fire. All 112 people of the crew were killed, including 9 crew members. This was the second accident related to the PRC aircraft in less than a month.
10 MayFormer US Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Robert Philip Henson was sentenced on May 10, 2002 to 15 consecutive life imprisonment in a prison without parole to sell American mystery and diamonds. He was spying against the United States for Soviet and Russian intelligence services from 1979 to 2001.
20 MaySoutheast Asian country East Timor was internationally recognized as an independent nation on May 20, 2002. East Timor was invaded by Indonesian occupation for more than two decades after self declaration of independence on 28th November 1975 from Portugal Colonization.
20 MayEast Timor gained independence from Indonesia, becoming the first new sovereign state of the 21st century.
22 MayWashington .C. Police announced that the remains of the skeleton of the Federal Jail Bureau of Inner Chandra Levi were found in Rockcreek Park.
25 MayRussia and the United States signed the Moscow Treaty. The United States and the Russia Federation on Strategic Active Cut (SORT), also known as the Treaty of Moscow, was a strategic weapon reduction treaty between the United States and Russia that was applicable from June 2003 to February 2011 It was acquired by the new Start Treaty.
28 MayTo allow Wimbledon FC, an independent commission appointed by the English Football Abhiyan voted two-to-One. To move from London to Milton Kanes.
29 MayNATO declared Russia a limited partner in the Western alliance. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as the North Atlantic alliance, is an inter-governmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed. The organization forms a system of collective defense under which its member countries agree to mutual defense in response to the attack by any external party.
29 MayMars Odissi finds signs of large snow accumulation on Mars. 2001 Mars Odyssey is a robotic spacecraft that is orbiting Mars. The project was developed by NASA, and Lockheed Martin was contracted. Its mission is to use a spectrometer and a thermal imagery to detect evidence of the past or current water and ice, as well as to study the geology and radiation environment of the planet.
06 JuneAn asteroid near the Earth explodes over the Mediterranean Sea. This phenomenon occurs between Libya and Greece. The asteroid was about one diameter. 10 meters. The explosion was about 26 kilotons an estimated force that was slightly higher than Nagasaki's nuclear explosion.
12 JuneInternational Labor Organization (ILO), the UN body which controls the world of work', launched World Day in 2002 to focus on efforts to fight against child labor and inaugurated World Labor in 2002 . The day brings together governments, local authorities, civil societies and organizations to define guidelines to indicate child labor problem and help child laborers.
22 JuneA 6.5 MW magnitude earthquake shocked a area of ​​northwest, killing at least 261 people and 1,300 others were injured, and gradually a widespread anger in the public due to a slow government attack. born.
29 JuneNorth and South Korean patrol boats collided with a disputed border near YeonPyong Island in Yellow Sea.
01 JulyBashkirian Airlines flight 2937 and DHL's flight 611 collided with the air in the cities of Germany's Owening and Germanyberlingen and killed all 71 people in both the planes.
02 JulySteve became the first to fly Solo around the world's nonstop in the Foster Balloon. James Stephen Fosate was an American businessman and a record setting flyer, adventurer and sailor. He created his prosperity in the financial services industry and was known for many world records, including the Earth's five nonstop circulation.
02 JulyAmerican Aviator Steve Fauset, in balloon, became the first person to blow Solo Nonsstop worldwide to complete a 14 -day journey after Australia landed in Queensland.
22 JulyThe Israeli defense forces dropped a bomb at the house of Salashede, the leader of the Hamas military branch, killing him and his brothers.
22 JulyAfter a trial that took Brazil prisoners, a court of Sao Polyceant Suzanne Von Richthofen lodged a 39½ year jail on charges of killing his parents.
24 JulyAfter being found guilty of taking bribe, theft of income tax and threatening, James Traffic was expelled from the United States House of Representatives.
31 JulyHamas carried out a bomb blast at the Mount Scopus complex of Hebreway University, Jerusalem, killing nine students and injured 100more.
08 AugustThe International Monetary Fund has made public the details of a $ 30 billion loan to Brazil to help stabilize its economy; This is an additional $ 15 billion dollars. Brazil has recently faced an impact on South American economies due to super inflation in South America, which began in 1999 and moved up to 1,000% to 5,000% per year.
26 August60,000 representatives and politicians from 174 countries around the world have come together for the latest Earth Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.
10 SeptemberSwitzerland became a part of the United Nations which is making it the 190th member.
06 OctoberAl Qaeda bombed the oil tanker Limburg, leaking 90,000 barrels (14,000 m3) in the Gulf of Aden.
23 OctoberChechen separatists seized a crowded theater by holding around 700 patrons and artists hostage in Moscow.
13 NovemberPesties oil tanker Galician is broken into a heavy sea from the coast, causing a large -scale oil leak, French, Spanish and Portuguese officials broke the ships in half, refusing to enter the ship on 19 November and 20 in the sea. Million gallons drowned by sending oil and pollutes more than a thousand beaches on the Spanish and French coast.
16 NovemberThe first case of respiratory disease Caivary Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was registered in Guangdong, China.
17 NovemberA kidnapper armed with pencane tried to kidnap an aircraft from Israel to Istanbul, Turkey. However, he was caught in a turn of events and the aircraft was safely landed.
27 NovemberPresident George W. On the first day of Bush's order, the US government was working to prevent the flow of money for terrorists. It was being applied on a worldwide basis-especially in Saudi Arabia. Many more work was yet to be done.
28 NovemberSuicide bomber blew up an Israel -owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, but his colleagues failed to make their efforts to bring the Arkia Israel Airlines Charter flight with surface -to -air missiles.
10 DecemberFormer US President Jimmy Carter has been presented with the Nobel Peace Prize to help him solve the Middle East crisis in the 1970s using diplomacy.
27 DecemberCompany Cloned announced the birth of a clon human child, although no evidence has been presented to it yet.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2002 in India ⚡

01 OctoberIndia won its first gold medal in snooker competition at the Asiad Games.
05 AprilIt was agreed to complete the More-Kalawa-Mandalay road project between India, Myanmar and Thailand.
27 FebruaryA Sabarmati Express train was set on fire right after it left the train station in Godhra, India, killing more than 55 Hindu pilgrims.
27 FebruaryA violent riot in Gujarat, India, where at least 1,000 people(mostly Muslims) were killed, was triggered by a train fire.
28 FebruaryDuring the 2002 Gujarat violence in India, mobs of Hindusattacked Muslims in Naroda Patiya and Chamanpura, resulting in 166deaths.
03 MayAn Indian Air Force aircraft, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG 21, crashed into a bank in Jalandhar, Punjab, on May 3, 2002, in Jalandhar, Punjab. In the accident, pilot FLT Lieutenant SK Nayak was evacuated safely from the aircraft, but eight people were killed and 17 others were injured on the ground.

Famous People's Birthdays in 2002 😀

04 AugustAnushka Sen / Actress / India

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